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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Everyone ate dinner with relish too.

We received spices from Ojii-san, so we had Char-chans deluxe soup at night as well and everyone went for seconds. 

Finishing dinner, we would usually quickly wash up before the sun set, and then go to bed when it got dark.

In a normal household, they would light up the lamps or magic tools, and spend the night in front of the fireplace during the winter, but in the orphanage, in order to economize, we got up when the sun rose and went to bed when the sun set. 

However, due to the magic that I learned from Ojii-san and the others, our lifestyle had recently changed.

Due to the light that was produced by magic, we were able to keep doing what we do even at night.

There were several kinds of magic that created light, but as expected, the lifestyle magics『Illunimation』was quite easy to use. 

The brightness of『Illunimation』was fixed, but how long it lasted depended on the amount of mana was inputted.

Because of that, it became my daily task to prepare a time-regulated『Illumination』in every room before it got dark.

Also, fire magics『Torch』was, as its name suggested, magic that created the light from flames.

However, this magic produced fire, so it was difficult to use it inside the house.

However, I could use it with the fireplace and the furnace, so we were now economizing the firewood.

After I learned the『Torch』magic, I was able to make stewed dishes and make soup from the bones, so the food had gotten better.

I had also started making hot water for washing up using magic. 

When producing water using lifestyle and water magic, it changed into hot water.

However, it was difficult to control, and even now, the temperature was not always where I wanted it to be.

I didnt know if it existed in this world, but someday, I wanted to make a bath. 

I feel like I would be able to make something like a shower soon.

I was ready to go to bed, so lets sleep.

Incidentally, Ojii-san and the others said that Sakuya-chan would sleep with my younger sister and they stayed over, as planned.

The next day, after eating breakfast, Obaa-san, my younger sister, Sakuya-chan, Queen, and I headed to the Commerce Guild.

We were going to renew Obaa-sans Guild ID.

It seems that Ojii-san was bothered by the draft that came in while he was sleeping and was repairing the orphanage.

Originally, I was thinking of repairing it at some point, and I had prepared the wood, so I gave it to him.

With Cruz-kun taking the lead, the boys at the orphanage were helping Ojii-san.

At the Commerce Guild, we were able to renew the Guild ID pretty smoothly just by paying the tax.

Perhaps they had seen her past transaction records, as she was asked by the guild personnel if she could sell magic potions and armor. 

Come to think of it, Obaa-san could process leather and use alchemy. 

We completed our business at the guild, and we strolled around town a little. 

There were many things that Sakuya-chan had never seen before, which made her eyes sparkle, but the crowds of people were scary, so she was sandwiched between Queen and my younger sister and hidden. 

Obaa-san bought the bread that gave off a sweet smell from a food stall along the way.

It seems that Sakuya-chan liked sweets, so she was eating it with my younger sister as if it was delicious. 

Obaa-san told us that she would take us to the store where we bought fabric from yesterday, so we went to that store again.

There, Obaa-san and the others, the three of them, selected some fabric and purchased them.

It seems that, they were making matching clothes.

And so, we completed our shopping, and returned to the orphanage at noon.

After coming back to the orphanage, Ojii-san and the others were still fixing up the orphanage.

As expected, our orphanage was tough to tackle. 

Lunch was still the special soup.

Wasnt Char-chan too enthusiastic! Maa, everyone ate it with great joy though.

In the afternoon, I joined them and we continued to repair the orphanage.

It seems that there was a little bit left to do, and the repairs were soon completed, but according to Ojii-san, it was considerably worn out, and genuine repairs may be necessary.

As expected, I needed to earn more money….


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