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Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

Heres the last chapter for today, enjoy.

Happy Holidays~

It had been several months since I met the wind dragons.

There were many changes during that time.

First of all, my familiars had increased.

Having seen that Sakuya-chan was happily playing with my familiars every time we came to the wind dragons home, Ojii-san went to catch monsters.

In the beginning, Ojii-san had caught the bear-type monster, Murder Grizzly.

Catching it was fine, but I wasnt there and no one, including Ojii-san, could tame it, moreover, Sakuya-chan was scared into tears, so it seems that the Murder Grizzly was a failure.

The one he caught after that was the wolf-type monster, Forest Wolf.

This time, he caught it when I was there, so Ojii-san put it to sleep using magic, and I poured my mana into its demon nucleus (core).

However, even though I did it several times, my mana did not flow into the demon nucleus properly.

Was it because it was not a child No, there was Queen as precedent.

In that case, was it ineffective for higher ranked monsters No, this was also doubtful….

Was it because it was not weakened

Maa, no matter what the reason was, the second one also ended in a failed taming. 

For the third one, he caught a young Horned Rabbit like Miu.

It seems that he was wondering if a monster like the one that was already a familiar could be tamed. 

I was also curious about the conditions under which I could tame a monster, so I tried it with the Horned Rabbit as well. 

Just as Ojii-san predicted, the Horned Rabbit splendidly became my familiar. 

I did not fully know what the conditions were yet, but for now, it was for certain that I could make monsters my familiars.

After that, I tried to tame several more of them as an experiment and because he said that just one Horned Rabbit seemed pitiful.

As a result of the experiment, Ive come to understand several things.

It seems that to obtain a familiar, the basic condition was for the target to be of a lower rank.

This meant that I had to be able to defeat the monster.

Of course, there was also an exception.

Just like that time with Queen, if they were injured or something and weakened, I would be able to tame them, even if they were of  a higher rank.

In regards to the result, the ones who became my familiars were the Horned Rabbit, Shadow Owl, Poison Snake, Blue Tiger, Wood Monkey, and Silver Squirrel.

On the blacksmithing side, I learned the basics of blacksmithing as well as how to take care of my knife, and today, I am making a nail as practice. 

It seems that Ojii-san earnestly wanted to make a horse-drawn carriage, no, a wolf-drawn carriage and had decided on it.

On the carpentry side, honestly, nothing happened.

That was because there were no materials.

According to Ojii-san, for the blacksmithing, he had a lot of broken weapons and armor that he dubbed as scrap iron, so he let me recycle them.

(No matter I looked at it, they werent scrap iron and it should be the things that belonged to the people who came to exterminate the dragons.)

The wood for carpentry couldnt be used immediately after cutting down the tree, and had to be dried, but that took time. 

It couldnt be taken back to the orphanage, so it was being dried at Ojii-sans place, but because theres not much sunlight in the middle of the forest, it was not a suitable place to dry them.

Because of that, we had cut down a lot of trees, but we couldnt use any of them.

With regards to magic, I was able to do well in learning it.

The magic of this world, its good if you recited the incantation, but if you didnt have the magic skill, then it seems that it couldnt be used.

It seems that the people of this world all had their own unique attributes, but figuring it out was difficult and obtaining the skill was not easy either.

In my case, I could use mana, so I could do it, somehow or another.

Incidentally, it seems that reading the incantation was difficult as well.

Different World Language banzai!!  

Because I could use Magic Manipulation, I could understand the flow of mana when I used elementary level magic, so I could make various adjustments to the power of the magic.

Thanks to that, I could use chantless magic, which was a happy miscalculation.


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