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Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

Heres the fourth chapter for today, enjoy.

After encountering the wind dragons, every day passed by relatively calmly. 

Thanks to Pii-chan, we were able to harvest various things in a steady manner and pick fruits, and thanks to Queen and the others, we defeated monsters and gained experience, even if it was a little bit at a time.

We took care in protecting ourselves so everything was going steadily, but the problem might be that Cruz-kun was fed up with it because there was nothing exciting

In regards to hunting, there were troublesome things everyday.

The first time we planned to go to Ojii-sans place, even though I shouldve said that I needed to bring it back, the same amount of prey as last time was waiting for me.

According to Obaa-san, in the beginning, he had hunted three boar-types for us, but it seems that Sakuya-chan had praised him and getting carried away, Ojii-san overhunted. 

After that, I persuaded him and settled on several boar-types and deer-types, but occasionally, he would behave recklessly and overhunt.

Ojii-san, Obaa-san were extremely knowledgeable in various fields and I was able to have them teach me a lot of things. 

Ojii-san started teaching me how to maintain my knife first.

Although it was of poor quality, the knife was important to me, so I was extremely thankful.

I was told to hammer my own knife because he will teach me blacksmithing one of these days.

About the magic that I was looking forward to, Ojii-san taught it for one month, but it seems that Ojii-san was in the intuition faction and his explanations were nothing but sound effects, so it was hard to understand, and because Sakuya-chan hated it, the two of us were now taught by Obaa-san.

Ojii-san too received quite the shock from this.

Regarding the dismantling, I was only processing the ones that the blade of my knife could cut into.

Sakuya-chan no longer did it, but when I told her that I was hunting for food for Queen and the others, she was now making food for my familiars. 

She had almost never cooked before, so she was only helping, but she also made food for us, so Ojii-san was eating while in tears, crying「Sakuyas home-cooking~!!」.

My familiars were happily eating as well.

It seems that they were happy that they were eating something that Sakuya-chan made herself.

Other than that, he had me, who was still young and had no skills, go through simple training.

Though I say its training, it was just fitness training and simple taijutsu. 

Sakuya-chan too did not do it when she was by herself, but she would if it was with me, so Ojii-san and Obaa-san were delighted as well.

Only, Ojii-san had been warned by Obaa-san so that he wouldnt overdo it. 

After a month had passed, the wolf cubs were also able to go hunting with me.

The first time I brought the wolf cubs with me, Sakuya-chan was buried by them and they seemed to be having fun.

Or rather, Ojii-sans flames of jealousy were terrifying….

It had been Ojii-sans suggestion to bring the wolf cubs.

If there were so many wolves, wouldnt they be able to pull a small carriage, he said.

Certainly, there were dog sleds, so it might not be impossible Besides, they were monsters that were stronger than normal wolves.

However, there was no carriage or anything like that at the orphanage.

When I told Ojii-san that, 

「Then, you can just make it!!」

I was told that, as usual.

Certainly, a carriage would be impossible, but if its something like a cart, I could make it, yes Even if I couldnt, I was grateful to be taught carpentry skills. 

I asked Ojii-san to please teach me.

The part that connected the wolves and cart was needed as well, so I had Obaa-san promise to teach me how to process leather too.

It was for the wolves, so Sakuya-chan helped as well.

As usual, Ojii-san was regretting it….

Incidentally, before I knew it, the wolf cubs had become my familiars. 


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