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Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

Heres the third chapter for today, enjoy.

After that, the dismantling continued on splendidly. 

I was also able to dismantle wild boar-type monsters like the Fanged Boar, Stamp Boar, and Big Boar and a deer-type monster called the Big Horned Deer. 

I didnt know that you needed something that proved that you defeated a monster when I became an adventurer, so I put the entire monster, including the viscera and the bones that couldnt be eaten, into my Item Box. 

TN: it was mentioned before that the kids were not adventurers in chapter 37, but Im not sure if the author forgot about that

This time, I wanted to try looking into it at the Adventurer Guild. 

After that, I received all the monsters, including the wyvern, that Ojii-san hunted, and put them into my Item Box.

Its too late to ask this now, but what was the capacity of my Item Box

In the middle of the dismantling, I was treated to the lunch that Obaa-san had made.

It was grilled meat, but how did they get this bread

When I tried asking Obaa-san, it seems that Ojii-san had bought wheat in a farm village on his way back from his stroll.

Though she said that he bought it, if it was a small sum of money, then it was closer to bartering for it with a monster that he hunted nearby. 

You could earn money, albeit a small amount, in rural villages and hunt monsters in the surrounding areas, so even a slightly suspicious person without any identification papers could buy things like wheat and clothes.

At the end of the meal, I needed to thank them, but instead of dessert, I took out the fruit in my Item Box and everyone ate it.

Perhaps they usually didnt eat fruits, as Sakuya-chan asked for another one.

Seeing that, Ojii-san was staring at me, so I took out several fruits from my Item Box and gave them to her. 

With this, Ojii-san seemed happy that Sakuya-chan could be happy.

I thought that dragons were scary, but it seems that he was just an idiotic grandfather.

TN: theidiotic grandfather here means that he is so doting and caring towards his granddaughter that he seems kind of stupid.

The dismantling had been completed as well and I decided to return while it was still early. 

Sakuya-chan was tired of dismantling, and she was saying her farewells to my familiars who got along with her and played with her.

Ojii-san, the eyes with which you were looking at my familiars were scary, but its fine, right Since theyre my familiars, right

「Come again to play.」

「The next time you come, well practice magic!!」

「…bye bye.」

「Ive been in your care.

Um, I will come again the day after tomorrow!!」


And so, we received a lot of souvenirs that couldnt be taken out, and headed back to the orphanage.

On the way back, I realized that we didnt have any prey to bring back and it was fun to hurriedly hunt several rabbits.

Returning to the orphanage, we took out a lot of the souvenir meat that we dismantled and it surprised everyone.

I was asked what kind of meat they were, but I deceived them by telling them that it was the usual Fanged Boar meat.

As expected, I couldnt tell that that I met dragons and they hunted for me, so I needed to keep it a secret. 

Even so, the amount was obviously too much and they were suspicious of me, but….

I put the meat into the Item Box and took out the hides instead.

It wouldnt be good if the meat went bad, so I decided to only take out the necessary amount.

When we occasionally bring back big game, we will make things like dried meat as well.

Recently, the orphanages children (though I say that, theyre older than me) learned how to tan the hide, so the inventory in my Item Box was decreasing.

The furs were made into blankets, and the hide would be used for clothes, so no matter how much of it we had, it wouldnt be a problem.

Rather, there was an increase in furs, so the good quality ones would be sold and become a precious source of income for the orphanage. 

In this manner, we earned money, which was fine even if it was a little bit at a time, and I wanted the orphanage to do well.

If I became an adventurer, I could earn more income than I currently am, so I was lucky to have the wind dragon ojii-san teach me various things.

After a certain amount of time passed, perhaps Ill try asking if he could teach Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan as well.


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