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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Arriving at the orphanage, I went to report the results of the hunt to Director-sensei and Char-chan.

The reason why I went by myself was because, when we arrived at the orphanage, Pii-chan went to my younger sister, Miu went to Ilya-chan, and Queen went to where the children were.

I went outside together with Director-sensei and Char-chan and confirmed the prey.

The children in the orphanage were gathered as well and were happily yelling,『Meat, meat!』.

I left the dismantling to Char-chan, and Director-sensei and I went back into the building.

I reported the actual outcome of our hunt.

She was surprised by how much we hunted, but when I consulted with her about what to do with them, she started to worry.

We could dismantle the birds and rabbits inside the building, but it was a bit tough for those that were bigger than the deer.

Not to mention, the Fanged Boar could only be dismantled outside.

To begin with, I did not carry it back, so we couldnt take it out, but….

Besides, only Char-chan and Director-sensei could dismantle them and there were too many of them, so it was troublesome.

Also, rabbit fur being made into winter coats was something that was indispensable within the orphanage, but if we dont treat them correctly, they would spoil.

And, this treatment process was also something that only Char-chan and Director-sensei could do.

Director-sensei was worried about how to solve this problem.

It was problematic simply because there was too much prey, and not enough help.

The solution would be for everyone to learn how to dismantle them and tan fur.

Especially if the four of us who go to Dragon Forest learn it, we could discard the unnecessary parts in the forest.

We immediately went outside and began to practice dismantling prey.

We called the other members.

I took out several prey from my Item Box and we learned from Char-chan and Director-sensei.

The children in the orphanage gathered around as we dismantled them.

Other than being excited about the meat, they were wondering why we were dismantling them when we usually didnt do that.

When I told them that we couldnt eat meat because there was no one who could dismantle them, the children were all fighting to do it.

As expected, when meat was the topic, everyones bite was amazing (lol).

However, there were only so many knives used for the dismantling, so it was decided that the older kids would help out.

Still, the older kids would go to work during the day, so it was decided that the children who always helped out with the cooking would do the dismantling.

As expected, if youre not familiar with it, you would not be able to skillfully dismantle the prey.

However, it was for the orphanage, so it was fine, even if it was a little crude.

Also, after dismantling several of them, I was able to do it to some extent.

However, with this level of skill, the big prey would be difficult.

Maa, this kind of thing, you can only practice it over and over as experience spoke for itself.

I wonder if I could ask the butcher-san to teach me next time

Tonights dinner was a little fancy. 

We were too caught up in our dismantling practice and most of the birds and rabbits we caught were dismantled.

If I put them in my Item Box, they would not go bad, but it was a secret from the children, so if this large amount of meat was not made into our dinner, they would not show their dissatisfaction, but they would probably feel disappointed.

Because of that, there was an addition of a meat skewer to the usual dinner.

Although it was one skewer, for those in the orphanage, it was a treat, so the children were extremely delighted.

Also, the older children were motivated to do the dismantling as well.

There was bird meat and rabbit meat in the skewers to deceive them, but I had attempted to dismantle a deer as well.

When I went outside after speaking with Director-sensei, I had already dismantled a deer, so I secretly exchanged it with the one that had yet to be dismantled, had them demonstrate it, switch it back out, and then practice. 

The children were confused because the deer was fresh before they knew it, but they did not care about the mana that was infused in the meat. 

For now, I had, somehow or another, learned how to dismantle birds, rabbits, and deer, but there were still the wild boar and the Fanged Boar, so I needed to find an opportunity to dismantle them somewhere.


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