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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

First of all, I checked up on the opponent.

Everyone erased their presences and approached the Fanged Boar, confirming its location.

I had Pii-chan continue to monitor the Fanged Boar from the sky, and then we kept our distance from it.

When we came to a spacious area, I dug a hole using earth magic.

With this, the preparations were complete.

It was simple.

We will make the Fanged Boar chase after Miu and Miu will lure it to the pitfall.

Just in case, as insurance, Queen will chase after the Fanged Boar from behind.

After it falls into the pitfall, the casting net will cover up the hole and then we will finish it off.

Everyone will be vigilant, but Pii-chan will survey the surroundings from the sky.

「Alright, then, the hunt will now begin!! Everyone, be careful!!」


I said that and everyone went to their position.

When I gave Miu the signal, I received an energetic response.

A little while after that, a dreadful sound could be heard.

When I peeked out from behind a tree, I could see Miu approaching, the Fanged Boar chasing after it.

Coming up to the pitfall, Miu jumped over the pitfall.

The Fanged Boar vigorously continued to run straight ahead and fell perfectly into the pitfall. 

I threw the casting net before the Fanged Boar had fallen into the pitfall.

When the Fanged Boar plunged into the pitfall, the net had covered the hole at the same time.

I poured mana into the ground and the casting net was fixed onto it.

「Alright, now!!」

When I shouted this, Miu and Queen began to run towards the Fanged Boar.

The Fanged Boar stuck its head out, trying to get out of the hole.

Miu attacked it there with its horn.

However, perhaps it was because its level was low, or perhaps it was because the Fanged Boar was tough, as it did not deal the boar a fatal injury!

After that, Queen bit at the Fanged Boar!! Perhaps this was effective as the Fanged Boar gave a shriek and struggled.

Oh no!! Due to the Fanged Boars struggles, the casting nets ivy was ripping apart.

I hurriedly poured mana into the ground, and  buried the lower half of the Fanged Boars body in the ground in order to fill up the pitfall.

It was struggling violently, so the earth around the Fanged Boar was crumbling bit by bit.

At this rate, it may only be a matter of time before the Fanged Boar was freed.

I needed to quickly kill the Fanged Boar!!

Lets~see, the knife was useless even when up against Mius horn, so it would be ineffective.

Should I attack it with magic Fire magic might be effective, but both the meat as well as the hide would be burnt.

If its water magic, should I encapsulate its head in water and drown it No, it may be able to escape before it died.

Then earth magic Throwing stones Ineffective, huh….

Crushing it using a large boulder That wouldnt be good.

Wind magic….

Thats it!!

「The two of you, when I give the signal, move away from the Fanged Boar!!」

When I said that, I gathered my mana and created wind.

This wind rotated thinly and rapidly.

It was the wind cutter with the circular saw shape that I created before.

「Alright, disperse!!」

Miu and Queen dodged away from the Fanged Boars body and moved out of the way.


I threw the Air Cutter at the Fanged Boars neck.


Surprisingly, the Air Cutter easily cut up the Fanged Boars throat, and its blood gushed out.

It seems that I was able to defeat the Fanged Boar.

However, the sharpness of the Air Cutter was too scary.

I needed to be careful of how I use it….

I unearthed the Fanged Boar from the ground, hung it up on a tree, and began to drain its blood.

Or rather, the Fanged Boar was huge and heavy, so hanging it up was difficult.

I tried using body strengthening and wind magic, but it did not work.

I have to think in reverse here, huh

I put the Fanged Boar into the Item Box, and brought it to a tree that was a bit larger.

And then, I tied the Fanged Boars legs with rope and after looping it over the upper branch, I tied it around the trunk.

After doing that, I made a hole in the ground under the Fanged Boar.

If I could elevate it, then I can lower it.

Its great that I have magic….


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