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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Passing through the gate, we headed towards the orphanage.

The orphanage was not in the center of town, so there were only so many people, but we were the center of attention.

At any rate, that would be the case since there were 6 monsters in the vicinity.

Taking the opportunity, we introduced Queen and the others to our acquaintances as we walked. 

Arriving at the orphanage, we immediately gave Director-sensei a general explanation, and Cruz-kun, Queen, and I rushed to the Adventurer Guild together.

We had returned a little earlier than usual, so there werent that many adventurers at this time.

We heard that there were bad adventurers, so we tried to stay away from them as much as possible.

After safely arriving at the Adventurer Guild and informing the receptionist onee-san about the familiars, we were warned about the bad adventurers and told to be vigilant. 

After that, we introduced Queen to the shops and returned to the orphanage.

When we got back, Director-sensei immediately made a red scarf.

The wolf cubs already had one and they were surrounded by the children.

I was relieved that the subs and the children got along well.

Afterwards, I talked with Director-sensei about various things.

About how I could, somehow or another, use magic, how I could use something similar to recovery magic, as well as how I had an Item Box.

I tried giving her a simple demonstration with fire and water magic.

It seemed to be elementary level magic.

Director-sensei could not use magic, so it seems that she was not knowledgeable about it.

, recovery magic.

I explained to her that monsters became familiars when I used it, this time, I decided to try using it when the children get injured.

If it goes well, the number of injured people at the orphanage would decrease.

Lastly, the Item Box.

This was related to Queens food situation, so it would be troublesome if I didnt discuss it with her.

「In other words, its a problem of what we should do about Queen-chans meals, right」

「Un, shes a wolf, so she would eat meat, and unlike Pii-chan, she needs to eat meat for every meal, doesnt she In addition, there are the cubs as well, so we need a certain amount too.」

「Thats true, with the amount that Shuu and the others had hunted recently, they would be eaten in a flash.」

「Thats why, I was wondering if I should go hunting on the days when we dont do the usual harvesting.」

「Its dangerous to go hunting too much, you know! Besides, you cant bring back that much, right」

「Its fine since Queen would be there.

If we run into danger, I will get on Queens back and well run away.

The amount of prey is not a problem either! I had kept quiet about this as well, but actually, I have an Item Box.」

「Oh my, is that so However, Ive never seen you using it.」

「Like the magic, I had kept it secret.

There wasnt anyone else around who could use it, so I thought it would be bad to tell people….」

「Thats true, adventurers want to be magic users, and adventurers and merchants wish to have an Item Box.

Not to mention, if it was known that a child of the orphanage had the ability, there might be kidnappers.」

「So scary! As expected, it was the right choice to keep it a secret.」

「Yes, it would be best to continue to keep it a secret.」

「Thats right, I heard about it from the gatekeeping soldiers, but the number of bad adventurers has increased recently, so I was warned to be careful.」

「I heard about it from the neighbors as well.

Its dreadful….」

「It seems that it was because of those guys that Queen was injured, and I was warned at the Adventurer Guild as well!!」

「I will warn the children too, I need to make sure that they dont go outside on their own.」

Having such a conversation with Director-sensei, I thought about going hunting tomorrow, and asking Director-sensei to take care of the cubs, I went to tell Queen and the others about tomorrows itinerary. 

The cubs wanted to go with us, but Queen persuaded them to stay at home.

Pii-chan and Miu were determined to not lose to Queen.

Tomorrow, Pii-chan, Miu, Queen, and I will focus on hunting!!


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