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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After my younger sister was satisfied, I started to give Queen food.

Wolves were carnivorous, so I gave her the rabbits and birds that we had caught just now.

At first, Queen was bewildered, but slowly started to eat a rabbit.

Just as she was about to eat the second one after finishing the first, the cubs began to wake up, having been attracted by the smell of food.

Queen did not eat the second one and took it to where the cubs were.

The cubs began to eat single-mindedly.

We only had two rabbits and Queen stopped eating, so I recommended the bird to her, but she was hesitant.

When I asked her why, it seems that she usually didnt eat it, so she didnt know if they were delicious.

Certainly, it was probably because it was hard for wolves to hunt birds. 

When I told her that birds had delicious meat, she began to eat the bird as well. 

However, I watched the wolves eat and I thought.

Theres not enough meat.

Up until now, it had just been Pii-chan who needed meat, so hunting prey was sufficient.

If we hunted surplus prey, then even those at the orphanage would be able to eat meat. 

However, there were three cubs and an adult wolf.

There would be an overwhelmingly insufficient supply of meat every day.

I might have to tell Director-sensei not just about my magic, but also my Item Box and it would be a good idea to focus on hunting.

Also, perhaps I should take Queen hunting as well.

We waited for the wolves to finish eating and then decided to return to the orphanage.

Hunting would be difficult since the cubs were here, and we were not able to harvest food at the same location either. 

On our way home, I tried asking Queen about how she got injured.

Maa, I could somehow communicate with my familiars using something similar to telepathy.

According to her, they happened to encounter adventurers at the place where she took the cubs to practice hunting, and it resulted in them running away as she protected the cubs.

Moreover, it seems that the adventurers were targeting the cubs.

What vicious adventurers.

No, perhaps these were the bad adventurers that the gatekeeping soldiers were talking about.

Afterwards, I tried asking her if the cubs had a father, but it seems that they did not.

It seems that they were wolves born from mana.

I asked her why they were by themselves since wolves lived in a pack, but it seems that she was a lone wolf by nature.

Thats kind of cool.

Incidentally, it seems that Pii-chan and Miu didnt know who their parents were.

In the first place, Im not too sure how monsters were born.

As we had such a conversation, we had came close enough to be able to see the town,

When we approached the gate, I could see that the soldiers were vigilant.

Of course that would be the case, since the number of familiars differed from when we left in the morning.

Moreover, they probably thought that they were familiars but they did not have the red scarf as a mark that indicated as such.

「Oii, kiddos, are those Grey Wolves your familiars」

When we got closer to the gate, the soldier called out to us.

「Yes! They had become my familiars at Dragon Forest today.」

「The familiars have increased again Or rather, these wolf cubs as well!」

「No, the cubs are not, but the parent is my familiar, so theyre harmless!!」

「Maa, theyre wolf cubs, so they should be alright You should, more or less, put the familiars mark on them I said it this morning as well, but the bad ones have increased~.」

「I understand.

I will do my best to keep the cubs at the orphanage.」

「That would be for the best.

Ill let our guys know that the Grey Wolves are your familiars as well.」

「Please do!!」


「Ou, then, you can go now!!」

And so, we were able to safely return to town.


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