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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Not even five minutes after the two animals and I hunted and returned to where everyone else was, the wolf began to move.

「Ohh, it seems that the wolf has woken up」

Cruz-kun said this, and under everyones eyes,


The awakened wolf gave a cry.

The cubs also woke up due to that sound.

And, when they realized that their parent had woken up and was alive, they happily ran in circles around the wolf.


After watching the cubs joyfully, the wolf started licking them one at a time.

Perhaps they were feeling content after having been groomed, the cubs once again fell asleep.

After confirming that the cubs had fallen asleep, the wolf slowly stood up and walked over to us. 

And, when it stood in front of me, it rubbed its head against my face. 

I was expecting this to some extent, but when I tried using Appraisal, it could be seen that the wolf had become my familiar.

「Oi, what is the wolf doing」

「Umm, it seems that it became my familiar….」

「Haa! Again」

「It seems that if you were healed using mana, you would become a familiar.」

「Is that so Then, are the cubs familiars」

After that was said, I tried using Appraisal on the cubs.

As expected, the cubs did not become my familiars.

「As I thought, it seems that the cubs are not my familiars.」

「Then, wouldnt it be better to make them your familiars as well」

「Nn~, wait a bit and see.

The parent might discipline them for you.」

「Thats true, if the parent is a familiar, then it would make sure that they wont attack us.」

「Onii-chan, can I pet the wolf」

「Go ahead.」

When I said this, my younger sister started stroking the wolf.

As I was thinking that Cruz-kun had become silent, he started trembling. 

「Cruz-kun, whats wrong!」

「Finally, finally, I got a familiar too!」


「You guys have Pii-chan and Miu and I didnt have a familiar.

However, this time, we have a wolf familiar, so I can take care of it!!」

「No, Pii-chan as well as Miu are my familiars, and this wolf is mine too….」

「Alright! From now on, you will be the wolf king, so your name will be King!!」

「No, this wolf is female, you know」


After Cruz-kun gave the wolf a name, it started growling at him.

「Look, the wolf doesnt like the name that Cruz thought of.」

「Cruz-kun, no!!」

Ilya-chan was exasperated by Cruz-kun, and my younger sister was scolding him.

「B, but….」


「Yess!! Im very sorryy!!」

It seems that with this exchange, the hierarchical order had been established. 

「But, we need to give it a name.」

「Thats true, its female, so we need to give it a girls name.」

「Obviously not King, what about Queen」


「Ehh! Youre fine with it」

「Maa, if she herself is alright with it….」



And so, it was decided the wolfs name would be『Queen』….

「What about the names of those cubs」

「Ah~, wouldnt it be fine to name them after were a little more familiar with them Honestly, I cant tell them apart….」


「Onii-chan, they all look different, you know」

「Yeah, theyre completely different though」

「Is that so Humans might not be able to tell the difference~.」

「Then, lets think of names for them after being able to tell them apart.」

I thought that it would be difficult from now on….


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