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Now then, if this was a manga from a long time ago, then the story would end after the new orphanage was completed, but in reality, that’s not going to work.

For now, it seems that for the clothing and shelter, we were somehow able to make do, so next was work.

The ages of the children in harbor city varied and there were also children who would reach the age of adulthood in a while.

In addition, there might be more children who will arrive, so there might be more people.

Other than the jobs, even though it had just been completed, I might have to make another addition to the building, or, build a new orphanage.

Although there was a lot of time to build the orphanage this time, the number of children was continuously increasing.

The harbor city was close to the imperial capital and there were many ships from various countries and other continents that came here, but the voyages weren’t that safe, so all the ships had at least one orphan.

Not all the orphans came here, but we were famous with the townspeople, so the beastkin and beastman orphans now gather here.

However, the materials had been used up, so until we replenished them from Dragon Forest, the carpentry group would have no work to do.

Also, I noticed this when they were playing in the sea, but there were children who didn’t like the sea, and it might be better to transfer them to Frey Town, so I considered changing their residence.

Naturally, there might be children in Frey Town who want to live near the sea, so I needed to take that into consideration as well.

Or rather, perhaps I’ll discuss this with Director-sensei

After that, with regards to the work, we needed to raise the levels of the children as well.

At the age of ten, the children in Frey Town were required to be trained by Ojii-san and the adventurer group, with their goal being to reach level 10.

Of course, those who wanted to become adventurers would begin training at an earlier age and those who wanted to be craftsmen would train in that direction.

Fortunately, there were children with different occupations at the orphanage, so they could choose whichever one they wanted.

Maa, a lot of them learned by watching others, so I would like to learn it formally somewhere though….

At any rate, it was decided that we would return, so we departed from the harbor city.

The adventurer group and the production groups who came with us stayed behind, but the children who had been here up until now will return, so there was not much change in the number of people.

No, we brought a few children from the harbor city back with us, so there were more people than the time when we came.

On the contrary, the wolves remained there, and because the bunnies took a liking to the sea, it was decided that Miu and the others would stay there this time as well.

「Hey, if we go to and from the harbor city in the future, shouldn’t we increase the number of horse carriages」

A few days after departing from the harbor city, little by little, problems arose during the trip.

The means of transportation, in particular, was the biggest issue.

It wasn’t a problem for the adventurer group and us to walk, but the levels of the children were low and we couldn’t make them walk for a long period of time.

In addition, if there were a lot of people riding in the carriage, then we wouldn’t be able to load the luggage either.

「But, if there were more horse carriages, then wouldn’t we need to increase the number of horses and wolves」

「Queen seems to be happy to increase the number of comrades though.」

「But, I wanted Queen and the others to take turns on guard duty.」

「As expected, it would be better to increase the number of horses, huh」

Currently, the Steppe Horses, Queen, and the others were pulling the horse carriage, but as expected, it might be safer for the Steepe Horses to do it Otherwise, another way was to find new familiars who could pull the horse carriage

Either way, I would not be able to turn the Steppe Horses into familiars without asking Ojii-san for help, so let’s try discussing it with him later.

Conversely, we discovered something good.



Upon arriving at the beastmen’s hidden village, my younger sister was surrounded by the children and was being mobbed.

The children from harbor city who came here for the first time were surprised by the village that only consisted of beastkin and beastmen, but there was a strong feeling of camaraderie with everyone at the hidden village, so they soon got along well.

My younger sister could not be separated from the children, so we stayed over that day, but before we knew it, it seemed that the people from the hidden village had extended an invitation() to the children from the harbor city, and I happened to hear them say that it might be good for them to live here. 

It seems that the villagers had also taken a liking to them and there might be a few people who will immigrate here.

Recently, the number of Big Kokkos and Milhorns had increased, so should I include a plan to rent the hidden village


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