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「Somehow, it’s been a while since we went on an adventure!」

「What are you saying You and Queen always go into the forest, don’t you.」

「No, the ones in the forest are too weak and it doesn’t feel like we’re fighting.」


It seems that Queen had the same opinion.

With Ojii-san as our chaperone, we were currently walking deeper into the forest than usual.

This was because the usual location wouldn’t be much training, so we advanced to the next level.

Cruz-kun and Queen were happy, but Ilya-chan was exasperated by the two of them.

The goal this time was to level up, so the veteran familiars came with us.

Using their respective inherent abilities, they stayed vigilant, and we also took the opportunity to harvest some things.

Staying alert was not the Silver Squirrel and the Wood Monkey’s strong point.

「Onii-chan, is this a medicinal herb」

「This, is it edible…」

Perhaps it was because we went deeper into the forest than usual, as it seems that the forest’s delicacies had been left wholly untouched and we were able to harvest various things.

However, the deeper we went, the more things that we’ve never seen before would appear from time to time, so my younger sister and the others came to me to identify them.

My younger sister would immediately pick them, so I would caution her, but a short while later, she would forget, so I was worried that she would develop a rash.

Should I have them make gloves for harvesting or something

When Queen and the others sensed the presence of monsters, they would go hunting without waiting for us.

There were still monsters that we were familiar with, so there were no problems, but it was about time for us to be more cautious.

Of course, there were Treants and Rock Crabs, so I didn’t forget to properly search for their mana.

「Their numbers have increased a little.」

「It seems that each one is gradually getting stronger.」

「Pii-chan seems like it’s having a difficult time as well!」

As we went further in, there were more monsters gathering in groups.

Perhaps it was because the higher-ranked creatures that assembled these groups had increased.

In the sky, Pii-chan and the Shadow Owl were continuously fighting against monsters and birds without rest.

Or rather, it seems that even the birds that weren’t monsters were all quite strong.

There were a large number of them, so Ilya-chan’s bow and arrows, my younger sister’s throwing, Sakuya-chan’s, the familiars’, and my magic supported them, but there was Cruz-kun and the others as well, so it was dizzying. 

「D*mn, they’re endless.」

「There’s no time to rest.」

「But, Queen is full of spirit.」

Perhaps it was because in this area, there were basically no adventurers, as the number of monsters were overwhelming, and even when we defeated them, new monsters kept appearing one after another.

Perhaps they had been lured here by the smell of blood, but it was truly endless.

Given the situation, as expected, since it would be impossible for everyone to be fighting at the same time, we took breaks in turns.

Queen was the only one who was fighting happily, but the wolf cubs were also being forced to fight, so I was a little teary-eyed.

Surveying the surroundings, the monsters that we had taken down had accumulated into a mountain, so I hurriedly put them into my Item Box.

If there were this many monsters, then they would hinder our movements and we might trip over them.

Or rather, what would normal adventurers do at a time like this

Putting away the defeated monsters, I used magic to produce water and wind and when I dispersed the smell of blood, the number of monsters that appeared gradually decreased, and the battle finally came to an end.

Before anyone realized it, the sun had set, so today’s adventure was over.


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