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Speaking of the devil, it seems that the merchant group had returned.

「Welcome back!」

「The same to you, welcome back!」

After greeting each other, we asked about the orphanage.

「Indeed, there’s a lot to discuss.

But, before that, let’s have dinner.」

Come to think of it, it was getting late.

After such a long time, I wanted to eat some fresh seafood.

As expected, there were a lot of people, so dinner was simple, consisting of seafood soup and bread, but it was hearty and there was a lot of it, so we and the children were able to eat it deliciously. 

「So, you weren’t thinking about anything」

「After all, I felt that I needed to help those children, and I could think about it afterwards, right」

We asked them about it during dinner, but it seems that the orphanage plan was a spontaneous decision.

It seems that going to the Commerce Guild to buy land was also what they came up with after thinking about solving their immediate need for the necessities of life.

「But, Shuu and the others have returned, so we can discuss it.」

Firstly, we all understood that we had to help the children.

We agreed on this.

We were orphans ourselves, but a few of us were working, so we could definitely do something about it!

They had asked about the land at the Commerce Guild, but if it’s this area that’s far away from the town, then we could buy it at a cheap price.

There were various worrisome things, such as it being an inconvenient location as it was far away from the town, and it seems that there was damage from the salt since it was near the sea, as well as the fact that there was no wall protecting the town, so we needed to take these things into consideration as well.

After confirming that, we continued to talk.

Clothing, maa, they were currently wearing clothes, and what they were missing could perhaps be substituted with pelt If there were any children who could sew, then they would be able to make new clothes.

Food, for now, they had food to eat.

It seems that the fishermen sell it to them cheaply and there were no problems with the seafood.

However, they had fish, but meat and vegetables were insufficient, so I was a little worried about their nutrition.

There was a forest somewhere far away from the town, so it would be great if they could get meat and vegetables there….

And their home.

This was the biggest problem.

The plan for the land had somehow commenced, but as expected, we couldn’t build the building immediately.

Maa, I had small huts in my Item Box, but as expected, not all the children would be able to live in it.

Fortunately, we still had tents, so if we used the huts, tents, and the horse carriage, we should be able to at least keep out the wind and rain

「So, can we build the orphanage ourselves」

The adventurer group asked about building the orphanage.

Sirius Orphanage and the orphanage in this town were both managed by the lord, so we didn’t know if we could build one privately.

「Just in case, I asked them at the guild, but they told me that they didn’t know either.

They also said that there was already an orphanage.」

As expected, if we built an orphanage even though there was one already, wouldn’t that be going against the lord

「What if we had everyone working Even though it’s an orphanage, we plan on asking them to make dried fish for us, so why don’t we make them employees」

We’re building a shop, not an orphanage.

I suggested this.

We could have the children be something like live-in apprentices.

Originally, we came here to buy fish, and if there was a counter, then it would definitely be useful for doing business. 

To begin with, our clan name was『Sirius Orphanage』, and even if we built a shop, the company name would be『Sirius Orphanage』, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


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