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KT Chapter 203

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Happy Wednesday!

Here’s the chapter, enjoy.

Perhaps it was because their stomachs were full and they were worn out from crying, as the two cat beastkins had fallen asleep.

We couldn’t leave them like this, so we were going to bring them with us to the inn, but my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were carrying them, so I asked them to take care of them.

Arriving at the inn, we paid the employee the additional fees for two people.

The two of them were still small, so the extra bed was enough for them. 

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan did not separate from them, so I asked Cruz-kun and Ojii-san to continue with the shopping.

Ojii-san was with him, so there was no need to worry about carrying the goods, so they would probably buy various things.

I had also, more or less, asked them to take care of the food from the stalls.

I didn’t know if the cat beastkin children would get up in time for dinner, so this was just in case.

When the sun started to set, the merchant group and the adventurer group returned.

When we explained the circumstances of the two cat beastkins to them, my younger sister came to tell us that the two of them had woken up.

It would not be good if they were scared because a lot of people had come, so  only the members who they had met in the beginning talked to them.

「The village was attacked by monsters nya….」

「Okaa-san died because of an illness nya….」

The two of them told their sad story bit by bit while crying. 

They were still young and did not know all the details.

However, we were able to get a rough picture of what had happened.

The two of them were from a different continent.

However, the village that they lived in was attacked by monsters, and the village was destroyed.

At that time, their father passed away.

The two children and their mother who somehow survived headed towards a different continent where their companions lived. 

They were somehow able to board the ship, but during their voyage, their mother became sick, perhaps due to worry or exhaustion from the journey, and passed away.

It seems that because of this, the sailors had dropped them off here in this town.

「Their destination was not here, right」

After listening to their story, Cruz-kun raised a question.

「There’s no way it would be here, right」

「That’s true, I don’t know about other countries, but it should be difficult for cat beastkins to live in this country.」

「Then, why were they dropped off here」

Each person from the adventurer group stated their opinion. 

「They were, probably abandoned.」

Ilya-chan gave this conjecture.

「If their mother was gone, then these children would not be able to live.

That’s why, they were thrown away by the sailors.」

The boarding fees should’ve been paid in the beginning, so normally, they should’ve been able to get to their destination.

However, if their parent was no longer there, it would be necessary for someone to take care of them.

In addition, even if they did arrive at their destination, these children who had no parents had no future.

I hoped that that was a painful decision for the sailors  to make, or else these children would be too pitiful.

「What’s with that!」

Cruz-kun was indignant that the two of them had been thrown away, and the others’ faces contorted as well, either because of anger or sadness. 

「These children, were abandoned」

With a sad look on her face, my younger sister asked me this.

I gave her a clear answer.

「No, they came here to become our family.」

This time, everyone smiled at our new family.


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