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「Sorry, but there are no rooms to rent to you guys.」

We were once again rejected by the inn.

After that, we started to look for an inn, but since we finally arrived, we wanted to stay at an inn that had a stable, but no matter the place, when they saw my younger sister and the others, they refused us. 

「We were refused again.」

「How many inns has this been」

「Who knows」

That’s right, the number of inns that had turned us away had already exceeded ten.

All of them were just like the one from just now because when they saw my younger sister, Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, and the bear peddler, they would reject us even if there were vacant rooms. 

Up until now, we didn’t feel much discrimination towards beastmen, but after coming to the imperial capital, it was blatantly everywhere. 

It couldn’t be helped, so we tried looking for inns that catered to adventurers, but there were almost no vacancies there and we were not able to stay there.

This inn was for adventurers only and there didn’t seem to be any discrimination, but because of that, it seems that all the beastkin and the beastmen were staying here.

「Now then, what should we do」

「Can we camp outside」

「But, if we did that, we will encounter those soldiers again though」

「Then, maybe you can leave this matter to me.」

We did not have an inn to stay in and as we were feeling at a loss, the bear peddler said that he could recommend one to us.

「I have come to the imperial capital several times, so I know a few inns where we can stay at.」

He said this and started walking, so everyone hurried to follow him.

The destination where we arrived at…where was this Position-wise, it was far from the gate along the outer wall, and location-wise, it was a place that was similar to that of the slums I thought that, but the building seemed a little old, however, it wasn’t that worn-down either.

「This is」

「This is where the beastmen live.

It’s much better than the slums of other towns.」

「Then, there are no slums in the imperial capital」

「No, it’s in a different place.」

Certainly, the imperial capital had several gates, so there may be similar places in other locations.

Which meant that, perhaps this was the slums for the beastkin and the beastmen. 

「You could even think of it as a town within the imperial capital.」

The bear peddler continued on to give an explanation on this place.

As expected, this was where the beastkin and the beastmen gathered.

However, unlike the slums, it seems that it existed in the imperial capital as a small town, and it seems that it had private homes, shops, as well as inns just like normal towns.

And, we arrived at that inn.

We were able to book the rooms without any problems, but as expected, there was not enough for everyone, so we stayed in separate rooms this time as well.

I wanted to know what the inns in the imperial capital were like and this was perfect timing.

The inn for merchants was just right and this was where the merchant group and the female adventurers stayed, along with the Steppe Horses and the horse carriage.

The male adventurer group went to an inn for adventurers.

And, this was where the remaining members stayed.

Queen and the others could also stay in the vacant lot, so I was grateful.

Although I said that Queen and the others were staying in a vacant lot, I was worried that the other residents would be afraid of them, but the children who were brimming with curiosity approached, and because of my younger sister and the others, they successfully obtained their trust.

The meals for that day, we had eaten them at our respective inns, but Queen and the others, who were staying in the vacant lot, did not have food, so I took out the meat that had been left with Ojii-san, and grilled it.

If we did that, then of course the children would start drooling.

Given the situation, it fell into the same pattern that we had recently.

We gathered the people from the beastmen district and had a banquet.

However, what was different from usual was that there were a lot of married women who could cook, so we supplied them with the ingredients and we were able to ask them to cook.

I didn’t know how much of the ingredients could be used, but we should definitely be able to eat the local cuisines of the beastkin and the beastmen.

Ojii-san and the others began drinking alcohol as usual, so let’s leave them alone.


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