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「The horse carriage over there! Stop!」

Surrounded by guards who readied their spears, we stopped walking.

The merchants and escorts who came here with us told us various things.

Of course, there were also things that the bear peddler and the adventurer group knew, but they didn’t know how to enter the town with the horse carriage, so that helped us a lot.

Indeed, we went up to the gate together, so we were able to enter town without any problems.

…that’s what should’ve happened.

The town gate was blocked by a horse carriage that was carrying crops from a nearby farming village.

However, their cargo was crops, so the inspection didn’t take long and we didn’t wait too long until it got to us.

And, a little while after getting to where the gatekeepers were, the guards holding spears ran over and as soon as they reached us, they pointed their weapons at us.

「What is the meaning of this」

Our representative, the bear peddler, called out to the guards.

Un, we needed to consider the person who would speak during such times as well.

「Umu, I wanted to ask about the wolf over there, but sorry, we’ll deal with it like this.」

「Yes, understood.」

「So, those wolves are your familiars, correct」

「Yes, they are.

They won’t attack people.」

「Aah, those wolves are smart, so they’re fine.」

「They won’t bark at us either and are good kids.」

「Is that so, however, even though they’re familiars, as one would expect, we can not let a wolf enter the town!」

The merchants and escorts who lined up with us also advocated for them but as expected, it seems that Queen and the others couldn’t go into the town.

Although I had expected it, I was troubled.

This was because the merchants, who we got along with, had cautioned us. 

In Frey Town, the townspeople had gotten accustomed to them because they saw a lot of familiars, but there were many times when we were traveling along the main road when the merchants and adventurers were surprised by them.

At that time, we explained to them that they were familiars, so no problems in particular occurred.

The villagers at the farming village were surprised as well, but there were not very many of them, so it didn’t take long to explain and there wasn’t any big problem.

It was probably a good thing to have a feast.

However, as expected, such a big town, explaining it would be difficult, and it might become a disturbance.

This was what the merchants told me.

「Then what should we do」

「Let’s see, camp somewhere away from the gate, or we will look after them in the guard room, but either way, it would be troubling if no one stayed with them.」

「Understood, then please let me discuss it with my companions for a little bit.」

「Got it.

After you finish talking, call out to someone at the gate.」

Saying that, the guards returned to the gate.

We left the line so that we wouldn’t get in the way of others.

When we left, we didn’t forget to thank the merchants.

We didn’t know if this kind of relationship would be useful somewhere.

「So, what are we going to do」

「Maa, I expected that they wouldn’t be able to enter, so isn’t it fine to camp outside」


it would be fine if two people stayed behind in turns.」

「If it’s Queen and the others, they wouldn’t be attacked.」

And so, the discussion quickly came to an end.

From the start, things had already been somewhat decided, so we were just confirming it.

「Ahh! Come to think of it, what should we do about the Steppe Horses and Pii-chan」

The guard only talked about Queen and the others, so we completely forgot.

We went to the gate, telling them that Queen and the others would camp outside and when we confirmed it with them, it was decided that Pii-chan would stay outside if possible and the Steppe Horses would be as usual.

I was told that nobles and wealthy merchants occasionally brought Steppe Horses along with them.

The cheese village had Milhorns as well, and it may be that familiars existed wherever people were.

After that, we hurriedly set up camp, and after we asked Queen and the others to be as obedient as possible, we were able to enter the town.


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