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I headed to the stables to park the carriage and I found myself in a spacious area.

It seems that you could let your horses graze freely here and the stable was surrounded by a fence.

We were told to take care of it ourselves, but if it’s this, then we barely needed to do anything.

As evidence of that, the Steppe Horses, Queen, and the others started running around in the open space.

In the stable, there was already some straw there and it seems that there was not much we needed to do.


While I was checking out the stable, the wolf cubs, who came along, were also peeking out from behind me, looking curious.

「What’s wrong」

「Woof woof!」

「Aah, it’s true.」

The wolf cubs were saying that there was no food.

Certainly, the people at the inn would expect that there would be horses, but as expected, wolves would be a stretch, huh.

And so, just as I was thinking that I needed to take out the things from my『Item Box』,

「Was there something」

Cruz-kun came along, so when I talked to him about Queen and the others’ meals,

「Then, I’ll go hunting now! The sun hasn’t set yet, so there’s still time.」

he said this and ran off.

Certainly, we arrived earlier than scheduled, but as expected, the time to go hunting was…he’s already gone….

Nn Behind Cruz-kun was Queen and the others Looking closely, even Ojii-san was going with them.

Really, it couldn’t be helped.

However, I needed to think about Queen and the others’ meals for when we stay in the inns in the future.

They already went, so it couldn’t be helped, and the remaining members made arrangements for the stable and conducted maintenance on the carriage.

On the trip this time, there was the bear peddler, Ojii-san, Sakuya-chan, my younger sister, Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, and I.

Also, two people from the merchant group, and six people from the adventurer group.

The familiars were the three parents and child Steppe Horses, Queen and the wolf cubs, and Pii-chan.

Unfortunately, Miu was taking care of her children, so she’s house-sitting.

The carriages were the large, box-shaped horse carriage pulled by the Steppe Horses and the wolf cart that had become slightly larger.

We made it so that the Steppe Horses’ child could also pull this wolf cart, so it was pulling it while alternating with Queen and the others.

「Alright, then why don’t we take a little look around.」

「I’ll show you around.」

「Is that alright」

「I want to g~o!」

There were a large number of people, so the work was completed quickly, and just as we were wondering about what to do, the boys from the adventurer group said that they would show us around.

Of course, that would be great.

My younger sister was also somewhat excited.

「Wo~w! 」

「Un, it’s amazing.」

My younger sister was looking at the wheat fields with her jaw dropped.

Next to her was Sakuya-chan.

There were wheat fields and cultivated land in Frey Town as well, but it was not on the same scale, so the scenery was wonderful.

Originally, the farming villages just got larger, so there was nothing else to see other than the fields, and when we walked around the village and arrived near the gate, Queen and the others’ barks could be heard.

The gatekeeper oji-san was surprised by the wolves’ barks and was vigilantly brandishing his spear, but seeing Queen and the others approaching from afar, he dispelled his cautiousness. 

「Oi, if I remember correctly, that wolf is yours, right」

「Ah, yes, she is.」

「Then, that prey was hunted by the wolf」

「Ah~, that probably is the case.」

The gatekeeper oji-san confirmed it with us who came closer, and questioned us about the things that Cruz-kun and Ojii-san were holding in their arms.

The two people were carrying prey over their shoulders and running for some reason.

「Why are those two people running」

「Who knows」

The oji-san was also curious.

One thing after another, Queen and the others returned to the village.

「We hunted them!」

「We got a big haul.」


The two of them were each carrying a wild boar and two rabbits that were tied up with ivy were dangling around the necks of Queen and the others.

「It certainly is a big haul, but it’s for Queen’s meal, isn’t it Isn’t there too much」

「If there’s any remaining, you can just give it to the village or something.」

「That would help.

We have hunters as well, but ever since the inns were built, there tends to be a shortage of meat.」

The oji-san who heard us also joined in our conversation.

「Perhaps it was because of Dragon Forest, as monsters rarely appear around here, so it is easy to go hunting.」

I was told that a long time ago, they could hunt for enough meat to supply the village, but because there had been an increase recently in the number of people who passed through this village, it seems that the meat was somewhat insufficient.

As for the food itself, this was a farming village, so it seems that there’s a surplus.

As we were talking near the gate, the people who were returning from the fields saw the wild boars, and unable to bear the village children’s greedy eyes, I discussed it with Ojii-san and we had a feast in the village’s public square.


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