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「Hey, Shuu, in the end, you’re not going to turn those Kolbolds into your familiars」

「Those children, isn’t it fine even if I didn’t Besides, they are attached to Queen and Cruz-kun, not me, so it would be strange for me to be their master.」

「Come to think of it, it seems that they have finally gotten used to Queen, those children.」

It had been a few weeks after discovering the Kolbolds, and fortunately, none of them were missing and they were all gathered.

And, just like that, they built a new village at the farm and started living there.

There was Ojii-san’s barrier and Queen and the others were patrolling the surroundings, so they were delighted that they could live here with peace of mind and in return, they helped with the fields and the farm, so we had a good relationship with each other.

If it was just the original Kolbolds, I considered turning them into my familiars, but the Kolbolds that came later also liked Cruz-kun for some reason and they were afraid of Queen, so I left them in her care.

Since Cruz-kun was like Queen’s subordinate as well.

And currently, the Kolbolds’ matter had been settled and we continued as before, going fruit harvesting.

Time had passed since then, so the fruits that we collected had changed, but even so, the forest had a lot of fruits.

The places where we harvested them were mostly far away from the paths used by adventurers, so it was rare for us to meet people.

No one coming also meant that the fruits wouldn’t be picked, so we were always able to pick a large amount of them.

Honestly, I thought that there would be other people if I could pick this much, but the medicinal herbs sold for more money compared to the fruits, and the forest’s main pathway () was enough for the townspeople.

To begin with, it was a habit from a long time ago to move while avoiding others.

And so, it was extremely rare to meet anyone when we were harvesting fruits.


「Ohh, someone’s here」

「Is it an adventurer」

「For them to come over here, how unusual.」

As before with Pii-chan, adventurers rarely come over here to explore.

That time, Queen and the others were quick to notice them, so we were able to hide and they passed by.

Today as well, we noticed them early, so we were hiding, but we realized that they were different from the usual adventurers.

This was because it seemed as if there was only one person.

「Is it one person」


「I don’t think this area is dangerous, but it’s rare for someone to come here alone.」

Me coming to the forest for the first time was an exception, but normally, few people would come because they were not familiar with this place.

Even so, for those who were by themselves, they would normally harvest around the main pathway where there were a lot of people.

That’s why, it was unusual for a person to be on the outskirts by themselves.

「What should we do」

「As usual, let’s hide and let them pass by.」


We erased the traces that we left behind and decided to wait until they passed by.

However, this person, for some reason, was walking in our direction.

(Oi, aren’t they coming this way)

(They’re coming straight over.)

(Do we move)

(It might be too late.)

「O~i, is someone there」

As we were hesitating on whether we should move or not, the mysterious person stopped in their tracks and called out to us.

(What should we do)

(The other side is only one person and we need to answer.)

(It seems that they’ve noticed us.)

(Then I will go out.

Cruz-kun and the others, if anything happens, help me.)

(Leave it to us!)(Be careful.)(Woof!)

As a result of our discussion, I gave them a reply.

This was because I was usually in charge of the negotiations.

The others made preparations in case I was attacked.

「I’m here~, who is it~.」

I spoke as I came out of my hiding spot.

If I was too loud, monsters might come over, so I needed to be careful.

「Aah, great.

I want to talk to you about something, is that ok」

Saying that, the one who had appeared was a bear.


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