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At Ojii-san’s place, we did not enclose the familiars within fences and let them move around freely.

To begin with, there was nothing but forest around us, and it was dangerous if they went in, so they didn’t.

So we didn’t need to worry.

In that spacious land, the Steppe Horses energetically ran around.

They were so lively that it made me consider making horseshoes for them some other time since this place was not as grassy as the meadows.

However, that would have to wait.

Although our Steppe Horse’s stomach had just begun to get bigger, it shouldn’t be running around.

In the first place, they weren’t wearing red scarves on their bodies and I didn’t recognize them.

Then were they wild Steppe Horses Although a lot of the herbivorous monsters were docile, I wondered why they didn’t pay any attention to the nearby Milhorns.

「Hey, Shuu, what is that」

「Those aren’t our horses, are they」

Cruz-kun and the others, who also saw the Steppe Horses, asked this.

「No, I have no idea.

But, I can take a guess.」

That’s right, something like this could only be because of one person.

「Oh, you saw them so soon, huh!」

Speak of the devil, and Ojii-san appeared.

「Ojii-san, are those Steppe Horses yours」

「Umu, the long-awaited child will be born.

It needs friends!」

As I thought, the culprit was Ojii-san, huh.

However, friends, he said, did that mean that this horse was also pregnant

「Teacher! Then, that horse also has a child!」

「No, it doesn’t.

But someday, it might.

Besides, you need horses to pull the horse-drawn carriage.」

Certainly, new horses would be welcomed.

「But, how come they don’t run away even though I didn’t turn them into my familiars」

「Fumu, maa, I brought them over here.

That is one of the reasons, but it’s because they are herbivorous monsters.

If it’s not dangerous, then they wouldn’t run away.」

I see, sure enough, perhaps herbivores were docile Maa, there were energetic Horned Rabbits as well though….

「Rather than that, won’t you hurry up and turn them into familiars Since I took the trouble to catch them.」

Having been told that by Ojii-san, the adventurer group also helped us chase after the horses.

Perhaps the horses thought that we were playing tag, as they were not afraid of us and kept running while keeping a fixed distance. 

Perhaps the horses were satisfied, as they approached us by themselves after an hour had passed and just like that, I was able to turn them into familiars.

This incident was unexpected, but the familiars were living their lives without any problems.

Would it be alright to call it a farm

If that was the case, then there was the question of what we should do with the eggs and the milk.

Up until now, we would be at the orphanage and Ojii-san’s place and we would eat and drink some at each place.

Rather, there was not enough of it at the orphanage.

This time, they were all produced at Ojii-san’s place, so I needed to think of a way to transport them to the orphanage.

It seems that eggs could be kept at room temperature, so what I needed to consider was the milk.

And, what came to mind was, as expected, the『Refrigerator』…. 

TN: in the US, eggs have to be refrigerated, but in Europe, that is not the case.

However, in Japan, some people do it, some don’t.

From what I can tell, Japanese supermarkets typically do not keep their eggs refrigerated.

In this world, a magic tool similar to a refrigerator was rarely seen.

This was because they were not necessary. 

Most magic tools produced water and fire and illuminated things.

This was because this was what most people needed them for.

However, refrigerators were different.

This was because we rarely needed to cool things down.

No, perhaps it was better to say that there was nothing that was chilled 

Grains and vegetables were fine at room temperature and drinks were not chilled either.

The meat and fish that weren’t eaten and should be refrigerated were turned into jerky and dried fish.

To begin with, no one would buy more meat or fish than they could eat.

This was a practical matter as up until now, I had never needed any other magic tools other than the fire, water, and illumination magic tools as well as the magic bag.

It would be convenient if I turned the devices from modern society into magic tools, but it didn’t really seem necessary, and I didn’t want to increase my workload any more than this, so let’s consider that later.


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