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Returning to the orphanage, we discussed with Director-sensei about the familiars being pregnant.

She agreed with us staying at Ojii-san’s place overnight and taking care of them and let us go while taking turns with the orphanage’s older children.

Of course, we confirmed it with the children as well.

As the one who contracted them as familiars, I hated to say this, but everyone willingly taking care of them since early in the morning was really a great help.

For that reason, everyone wanting to go was troubling.

I discussed it with Director-sensei, but raising their levels became a requirement for the children who wanted to stay over.

Although it was Ojii-san’s place, they were going into the forest, so it was necessary for them to have the minimum amount of strength.

Maa, those who go on a regular basis would probably become level 10 soon.

「Miu, when did you get pregnant! Who is your partner!」


Going to the familiars’ place after having a discussion with Director-sensei, Ilya-chan barraged Miu with all sorts of questions.

Certainly, I didn’t think that even Miu would be pregnant….

Incidentally, Ilya-chan, who was questioning her this time, had fainted on the journey home due to the shock.

「Shuu! What is Miu saying」


From what she said, it seems that her partner was the Horned Rabbit from Sakuya-chan’s place.

No, it had evolved before anyone was aware of it and it had become a Big Horned Rabbit. 

It seems that while we were attending to the stalls, Ojii-san had a lot of free time and taking the familiars with him, they were immersed in hunting.

It seems that the Horned Rabbit among them evolved.

A herbivorous rabbit evolving, just how much did it hunt

Maa, leaving aside the hunting matter, it seems that it became stronger after evolving, courted Miu who it was in love with, and they joined together in marriage.

According to Miu, it seems that it was OK since it had evolved. 

In any case, it seems that their time at the stalls was worthwhile for the adventurer group’s familiars.

「Cock a doodle! Cock a, cock a doodle doo!」


A certain day, about ten days after they started staying over at Ojii-san’s place, the Big Kokkos and the Milhorns came forth with complaints, or rather, requests.

The Steppe Horses having children was exciting, but the number of the Big Kokkos and the Milhorns was unexpectedly increasing as well.

Because of that, those living in town began to feel inconvenienced due to the location and the fodder, so they too said that they wanted to go to Ojii-san’s place.

TN: ‘they’ and later, ‘those children’ are referring to the Big Kokkos and the Milhorns

It seems that they had thought about this before, but hearing about the orphanage’s children staying over there to take care of them, they brought the issue up to me. 

「There’s no problem, right」

「Those children are intelligent, so they can do most things by themselves.」

「If there’s anything, they’ll understand if you tell them.」

Actually, I tried asking the children who took care of them, but most of them said that they were fine with it.

The familiars basically understood simple words, so it seems that they were fine with the situation that was similar to free range breeding.

This place was different from Earth’s farms.

There were monsters, so they wouldn’t let them get near the forest though.

Complying with the familiars’ request, we moved a few of them over at a time, but there were no issues in particular that popped up and this marked the beginning of everyone’s comfortable lifestyle. 

Those who had been taken care of at the orphanage went to Ojii-san’s place as well, so the stable became cramped and there was the problem of there not being enough of various furniture, but the production groups did their best to solve that.

Or rather, they were able to live at Ojii-san’s place, so the production groups’ range of activities had expanded as well and all was well.

If we had sheep here as well, then it would completely become a farm.

A long time ago, I had thought about living in the countryside when I was older, but I never thought that I would do so here.

If I did some farming in addition to that, then it would be perfect. 


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