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「Wind, come out~!」

「Water, come~!」

「Light up~!」

The orphanage was currently welcoming an unprecedented magic boom.

Because, a child was now able to use magic. 

After obtaining the Treants, we began production with it as our material. 

The woodworking group made bows and arrows and attempted to make accessories, with the prerequisite that they were enchanted. 

The blacksmithing group used the Treant scraps, leaves, and charcoal and were also working hard to make improvements on the magic iron goods.

I made firewood and charcoal using the Treants, and was responsible for enchanting them.

The woodworking group was doing their work, even at the orphanage, but that was no good.

Because of us and the adventurer group, there was an increase of children who wanted to become adventurers at the orphanage.

And, one needed to train in order to become adventurers, but using real weapons was dangerous, so we let them use wooden ones. 

Because of that, some children mistakenly thought that it was alright to use weapons made out of wood.

Coincidentally, there were wooden staffs.

There was no reason not to try them out.

I was at fault as well.

On top of the fact that I didn’t have any knowledge about magic in the first place, because of my previous life’s knowledge and『Mana Manipulation』, I was using magic without any chants.

I had practiced my magic at the orphanage many times.

Because of that, the younger children misunderstood that magic was easy.

Of course, the older children understood that that wasn’t the case at all….

In the end, I don’t know if they were lucky or unlucky, as those children had talent in magic.

It was good that they had succeeded with『Lifestyle Magic』, but if it had been『Fire Magic』, then it would’ve been a little scary.

Incidentally, whether or not you had talent in magic seemed to be if it was likely for the skill to manifest or not.

I had thought that it was strange because at the time of my reincarnation, God had said that everyone had the talent for magic, yet there was no skill….

Anyway, because of this, I had come to wonder if it would be easy to have the skill manifest if one were to use the Treant staff, and the woodworking group and I rushed to produce many staffs that were enchanted with『Decreased Power』and『Reduced Consumption』.

They weren’t using them for combat, but for practice, so they were small yet sufficient and we were able to make enough of them.

『Wahh It’s shining!』

『Water came out!』

『Wo~w! There’s wind!』

The results of the Treant staff strategy were better than I had expected.

Honestly,『Lifestyle Magic』was not the only magic that existed and even if there was magic of different attributes, it wouldn’t hurt to learn them.

Especially for the children who aim to become adventurers.

The children who were practicing were mostly girls.

As expected, it seems that rather than magic practice, boys preferred learning how to use swords.

Contrary to the children, the older children, including the adventurer group, focused on practicing with the boys.

There were only younger children and practice was dangerous, so they’re watching over them, but the adventurer group understood the importance of magic, so they took the opportunity to practice together.

Well then, originally, the goal was to make staffs for Lin-chan and the girls from the adventurer group, Sakuya-chan, and while we’re at it, one for me as well.

The woodworking group went to make them, thinking that to an extent, this was good practice. 

They saw several staffs in the weapons shop and used them as a model, so they made two types of staffs that had a similar designs, long staffs and short staffs.

The longer ones could have more enchantments and the shorter ones were easy to use, so both had their advantages and disadvantages. 



An arrow clad in fire, and an arrow clad in ice pierced into their respective targets.

The ones who shot the arrows were the girls from the adventurer group.

We had succeeded in making bows and arrows out of the Treants, so I had them test them out.

Actually, I planned on enchanting them to strengthen the bows and arrows, but there was a sudden change of plans because the girls were feeling depressed when they found out that the children started using magic, so I decided to enchant them to assist with magic.

Even if there were no enchantments, just it being made of Treant materials made it easy for them to use magic, but thinking that it was pitiful if it was just that, so I made it so that they could use magic other than the『Wind Magic』that they were learning.

Honestly, it was difficult, but I remembered that there were magic tools that had the same effect as『Lifestyle Magic』, and with those as reference, I cooperated with Oji-san and Obaa-san and succeeded in creating a bow and arrow that gave the arrow magical effects. 

Thanks to this engineering, we were able to create a magic tool that allowed you to release magic even if you didn’t have the skill, but obviously, this was something that surpassed the current standard, so we weren’t able to popularize it much….

Maa, the girls were also pleased with it and no one was complaining, so that was good.


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