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The day after we returned to Ojii-san and the others’ house, we processed the Treants.

We pruned off the branches and leaves, and cut the trunk up into pieces of a certain size.

It might’ve been better to cut them up smaller when I thought about having to transport them, but we might need to use the sturdy Treant for something next time, so we couldn’t really modify it much, though it would be alright if it were the supple Treant.

The staff, the bows, and the arrows, which were our original goals, seemed as if they could be made from the branches, so it wasn’t a problem.

「The leaves, do we throw them away」

「Who knows I wonder」

「They are, more or less, part of the Treant, so perhaps they could be used for something」

Everyone processed the lumber together, so I understood the gist of it, but this time, they were Treants, so there were some things that I didn’t know.

The leaves, which seemed like something that we would normally throw away, were also part of a Treant and they could be used as fuel for the kiln, so they were kept.

However, there was quite a large quantity of them, so people who didn’t have the『Item Box』would usually throw them away…..

「「We did it-!」」

Grasped in the hands of the children from the woodworking group who raised their voices were a staff, bows, and arrows.

They were weapons made from the materials of a Treant.

We’ve made bows and arrows before, but we didn’t have a staff.

Since it was the long-awaited Treant materials, we had Ojii-san and Obaa-san teach us how to make them so that we didn’t mess it up.

Meanwhile, the remaining members processed the Treants.

There were three Treants, and knowing that it would take some time, we divided up the work.

「If you use this, it will also raise the effectiveness of the magic iron, wouldn’t it As for this, we will be in charge of it.」

The children from the blacksmithing group were directing those who were processing the materials.

Thanks to that, those from the woodworking group were able to concentrate and do their work.

Incidentally, the Treant that they used was the supple one.

It was easier to use and it would be fine even if it was a failure.

The completed staff, bows, and arrows looked exquisite.

Enchanting them with various effects would complete the weapons made from Treant materials.

And, unfortunately, this kind of enchantment was something that only I could do….

To begin with, there weren’t a lot of people who could use magic, including those from the adventurer group, so it couldn’t be helped.

This time, I enchanted the bows and arrows with『Increased Durability』and『Increased Penetration』, and 『Increased Power』and『Reduced Consumption』on the staff.

I tentatively gave the bow and arrows to Ilya-chan, but perhaps it was because of the『Increased Durability』, as it seems that the strength of the arrows were not much different from the ones that she normally used.

And, thanks to the『Increased Penetration』on the arrows, they penetrated into the target much more deeply.

With regards to the staff, it got a high evaluation as the power of the magic was above average and one wouldn’t get tired easily.

Confirming the usefulness of the Treant materials, we became excited about various things.

The bow and arrows were not only powerful, but they could also be enchanted with attributes.

If it was also applied to the staff, it would be further strengthened.

Depending on the situation, there might’ve been times when the bow and arrows habeen affixed with enchantments that had been used for a staff….

Today, we still stayed over at Ojii-san and the others’ house, and we were finally able to return to the orphanage.

We also planned on processing the Treants at the clan house, so when we openly transported the Treants back, the soldier who’s stationed at the gate every time was surprised.

This was because Treants were difficult to find and even supple trees were high-grade items.

It was by no means said to be a sturdy tree of a fine quality.

Arriving at the orphanage, the children gathered around us and were delighted that we were alright.

There were a few of them who were disappointed that we didn’t have any presents for them, but when I saw this scene, I was able to feel that I had come home.


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