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「What do you mean」

Everyone had extremely confused looks on their faces when they heard the woodworking group’s statement.

「That is to say, this is a Treant tree, but it is the same as normal trees.

Look, there are the same types of trees growing there, right」

Looking in the direction that the child from the woodworking group was pointing in, there were indeed trees that were similar to the Treant that we defeated just now growing there.

「What do you mean Then, is that a Treant as well」

Cruz-kun was racking his brains over this.

「You’re wrong, Cruz-kun.

It is probably the same variety as that tree, but it became a Treant!」

I recalled it after getting the hint from the woodworking group.

That was the birth of a monster.

The details had yet to be clarified, but there were some things that were known. 

One thing we did know about was the natural occurrence.

The pattern of being born unnoticed by anyone, just like  with Pii-chan and Miu, 

Another was the pattern of being born from a monster.

This was the relationship between Queen and the wolf cubs.

And, the sudden demonification of living beings.

It seems that this was when a living being was overflowing with strong mana and then demonified.

This time, the Treant probably fell into this category and the tree turned into a Treant.

「I see.

Then, the Treant is a Treant, but this Treant is a tree that is not suited to be timber!」

Cruz-kun had a somewhat complicated look on his face, but it seems that everyone understood when they heard my explanation.

The children from the woodworking group nodded as well.

「Then, we need to search for trees that could be used as timber while looking for the Treants.」


However, this Treant is also unsuited for making bows and arrows, but it could be used to make a staff.  Though it’s not durable.

In addition, it could be used for blacksmithing.」

It seems that it couldn’t be used if it’s too soft, but it could be made into a staff that assisted with magic.

However, because of its suppleness, it could not be used for attacks of defense. 

As for blacksmithing, it seems that you could strengthen the mana connection by using Treant for the fire in the kiln.

For us now, if we used Treant when making something with magic iron, it would be more effective. 

「Then, let’s go look for the next Treant! Looking for them takes time too.」

Having been told this by Cruz-kun, we went on our way.

We decided to do the dismantling () of the Treant later.

Cutting off the branches took time as well and I wanted to do that in an open space.

That’s why, I put the Treant in the chubby『Item Box』.

TN: chubby as in full of stuff

After that, we searched for Treants that were the types of trees that seemed as if they could be used to make arrows and staffs. 

Even though Treants were hard to find even at the best of times, it was difficult to have to consider the variety of the tree as well.

And, unfortunately, we were unable to find any more Treants that day.

The next day, we continued to look for Treants early in the morning.

Today, I focused on just looking for Treants, regardless of the variety.

Not only were the Treants nowhere to be found, it was decided that we didn’t need to care about the variety because even if we couldn’t use them to make arrows and staffs, it had other uses.

I didn’t know if it was perhaps it was because of that, but we were able to obtain a total of two Treants, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Moreover, among them, one of them seemed like it could be used to make weapons and we were able to accomplish our objective without any problems this time.

It was late when we returned, so today, we will stay in the forest, and the next day, we were able to safely return to Ojii-san’s house.


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