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This time, our work was lively with the Goblin baby Lin-chan around, but our original goal was to mine for the blacksmithing.

Therefore, it could be said that repairing the broken sword was returning to the original goal. 

Currently, other than me, there were two people at the orphanage who were learning to be blacksmiths. 

They used to work at a blacksmith, but they quit because they were unable to keep watching as my blacksmithing work increased due to more children at the orphanage becoming adventurers, more weapon maintenances, and more kitchen utensils needed as well as the nails for when we were building the house. 

Currently, Ojii-san was teaching us as we leveled up.

Including me, there were only three people learning, so we were learning not by watching, but by practicing.

If it were my previous place of work, then we would be assistants for several years.

Still, even if we level up, he was teaching us simple self-defense and how to handle the weapons, so as a result, it seems that quitting was not a problem.

However, they were not working, and there was no salary, so they joined the clan.

Now then, I thought that I should hurry up and repair the sword, but honestly, the two people’s blacksmithing skills were better than mine.

Unlike those two who were studying blacksmithing seriously, I was involved with various things other than blacksmithing like carpentry, pharmacy, alchemy, and adventurer work, so it couldn’t be helped….

For that reason, it was decided that the two people would be in charge and I would support them. 

It was a sword that had a bestowment, so it was also affiliated with the field of alchemy.

「Then, let’s do this!」

「Let’s give it our best, ok Shuu.」


The two people were more fired up about it than me.

Because the broken sword was made of magic iron.

Magic iron was simply iron that had a trace of mana in it.

In terms of its value, it was worth more than iron, naturally, however, it wasn’t that much more expensive and if you splurged a little more, then you could obtain some. 

Besides the iron having a trace of mana in it, it was not difficult to affix a bestowal onto it, the magic swords often used these days were easy to use, and there were more adventurers who had graduated from being rookies who were in possession of weapons made out of magic iron.

In other words, those who had magic iron weapons were seen as full-fledged adventurers.

And, this could also be said of the blacksmiths, those who were able to produce weapons made of magic iron were recognized as full-fledged blacksmiths.

For these two who were aiming to be blacksmiths, this broken sword was very much a turning point for them.

Truthfully, they probably wanted to forge their own swords, but the previous time we mined ores, there was not a sufficient amount of magic iron, so it couldn’t be helped.

In the smithy, besides the three of us, there were also Ojii-san and several children who came to study through observation.

If there were anyone among them who would help with the blacksmithing, then I would be grateful.

「We did it!」

「Yawn~, I’m tired!」

「Thanks for your hard word!」

「Fumu, it’s passable.」

The sword was successfully repaired three days later.

To be honest, it was pretty difficult.

A new sword tip was made, and then we had to connect the two parts, ensure that the durability of the connection point, and in addition, the increased sharpness bestowal had to be preserved as well.

Truthfully, the difficulty was so high that I would’ve liked to attempt it after practicing it numerous times. 

We were carefully repairing it, so it took some time, but it was good that we completed the job perfectly.

With this, the both of them would be, more or less, considered as full-fledged blacksmiths

It was decided that the completed sword would be given to Cruz-kun.

When we let the adventurer group know that the repair was a success, each and every one of them said that they wanted to use it, but Cruz-kun couldn’t use mana, so he needed a good weapon, and everyone reluctantly agreed.

TN: 魔力剣(magic sword) was used here instead of 魔力(mana), but this might be a typo since ‘mana’ would make way more sense here, so it was changed.

Even if we used magic iron to make a new sword, perhaps everyone would not want it this badly~.


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