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The next day, we arrived at the vicinity of the cave.

From here on out, we will be attacking the cave that had become the Goblins’ nest.

However, I was a little exhausted.

Yesterday, we set up camp at a location that was a distance away from the cave.

Actually, it would’ve been great if it was near the water or a somewhat open space, but we were inside the forest, so I had to give up on that, and I had realized that I wouldn’t find it in the cave area.

The cave’s reconnaissance was done in turns, with two people at a time.

This continued until nighttime, but there were a number of Goblins coming and going, so it was confirmed that it was a goblin nest.

「As expected, it’s a goblin nest! We’re going to flatten the nest tomorrow, right」

「Yes, Ojii-san said it as well, and this would be a good experience.

But, we need to be on our guard.」

「Of course.

Since Cruz is reckless.」

The adventurer group was warning Cruz-kun as well.

「For now, why don’t we keep watch in turns and prepare for tomorrow.」

At the adventurer group’s direction, we split up into three groups for the night watch. 

The adventurer group had camped in this area many times, so they were very reliable.

However, they had not camped in the forest before, so I was a little worried.

The groups for the night watch were divided into:

Ojii-san, my younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and Ilya-chan in the first group,

The three male vanguard adventurers in the second group,

Cruz-kun, the female adventurer who used the bow and arrow, and I in the last group.

The night watch would be carried out in this order and the adventurer group was in charge of the most troublesome time slot, the one in the middle. 

Incidentally, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan would keep watch until they fell asleep, so in actuality, Ojii-san and Ilya-chan were the ones who were doing their best.

We would switch when the incense that was marketed for adventurers was burnt out.

It was of a certain size, and it measured a certain amount of time. 

The incense was basically insect repellent, but the expensive ones would ward off wak monsters.

This one was a homemade monster repellent. 

「Shuu, sorry, but wake up!」

I was sleeping and was woken up by a child from the adventurer group.

「Nn…, is it already time to switch」

「No, it’s not time yet, but there’s something that’s a bit troubling….」



Perhaps it would be faster for you to see it for yourself, come with me.」

Having been told that, I came out of the tent.

「So, what’s troubling you」

「You’ll know soon.」

When I looked around, the other adventurers seemed vigilant of our surroundings.

Queen and one of the wolf cubs were just as alert..


「It seems that they’ve come.」

Having been told that, I tried using Detection on the surroundings and I received a response that indicated that there were monsters.

A short while later, the monsters made their appearance.

What had come out was a bunch of bones walking on two feet.

It was the so-called Skeleton and the other was similar to a will-o-wisp, a Ghost. 

The Skeleton had a small build and it was perhaps not a human skeleton but the skeleton of a Goblin.

Looking closely, there was also a Skeleton walking on all fours behind them.

「What’s troubling you is that you aren’t able to defeat the monsters」

「No, we can.

The Skeletons are not a problem, but the issue is the Ghost.」

「What’s wrong with the Ghost」

While we were talking, the other adventurers, Queen, and the others were taking the Skeletons down.

However, looking closely, the adventurers were facing off against the Ghost, and Queen and the others were attacking the Skeletons.

「Huhh Why are they fighting against the monsters separately」

「That’s what’s troubling.」

「What do you mean」

「Look at the two people closely.」

Having been told that, when I took a look at the two people, they were focusing on fighting the Ghost, but they were also attacking the Skeletons.

「Huh Taking another look, the two of them are fighting both the Ghost and the Skeletons.」


The two people are fine, but Queen and the others aren’t able to defeat the Ghost and it turned out like this.」

Come to think of it, I think I heard about it when I was studying up on the monsters at the guild previously.

There were monsters whose combat strength was not great, but even though they’re not that strong, they could not be defeated without using magic….

「I see, so that’s why Queen and the others were not fighting it.」

「So, it’s not that we can’t defeat it, but to be honest, I wish we had someone who could use magic.

Usually, there is someone, but today, they’re on duty with you, right So, can we exchange someone with you guys」

I see.

Certainly, the magic sword could defeat it easily, but you wouldn’t be able to if you’re not close enough.

If it’s magic, you would be able to take it down even from a distance away.

That’s a big difference.

Maa, it would have been nice to have another adventurer take over, but there wouldn’t be any Skeletons or Ghosts in the morning, so I had to consider the matter of mana recovery. 

After that, the monsters were defeated without any problems, but there were quite a number of them, so I ended up helping them even after the time to switch had passed.

Such a thing had happened, and I didn’t get much rest. 

Incidentally, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan in Ojii-san’s group were putting in great efforts in the beginning, but they fell asleep in the middle of it, and it seems that Ojii-san had defeated most of them.

The first camping experience in the forest wore me out, but now, it was time to exterminate Goblins.


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