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「Haa~, it felt good.」

「It was warm.」

「The bathtub was awesome!」

Those from the orphanage all expressed their thoughts as the steam dissipated from their bodies.

Most of them had a favorable impression of it.

They had their first bathing experience at the hut, but because everyone was overwhelmingly in favor of it and the fact that they were able to use the magic tool and bathtub without any issue, it was decided that I would make one for the orphanage.

However, there were a few problems.

Firstly, the location.

Where would it be installed

Secondly, the size.

There were many people at the orphanage, so a smaller one would be inconvenient.

However, it would take up a lot of space if it were bigger, and heating it up would take time.

Lastly, the drainage.

It would be good if the water could be used for laundry or for watering the fields, but there’s too much of it and it would be troublesome if we didn’t come up with some other way.

「Now then, I need to consider the size of the bathtub and where it would go.」

I started building a small hut as I thought of the layout of the orphanage. 

「Maa, ordinarily speaking, setting it up inside the orphanage would be impossible.」

The plot of land itself was spacious, but with around fifty orphans, the building didn’t seem that big.

That was due to the increase in people, but there were no buildings that were not currently in use, so I began building a bathhouse.

I intended on using space magic on this to make the rooms more spacious, and in addition, build a bath.

Considering that there’s the bathtub, the area where you washed your body, the changing room, and the place where the water-boiler would be located, it was necessary that it would be of a certain size.

TN: in Japan, they wash themselves clean, which includes washing their hair, before entering the bathtub.

This is because the whole family would use the same bathtub full of water.

This way, they do not need to worry about bathing in dirty water and it saves on water and electricity fees. 

With Obaa-san’s help, I built the hut in a place where it was connected to the orphanage, and the bath that could service up to ten people at the same time was completed roughly a month later.

Incidentally, with regards to the drainage, I created a drain using earth magic, and created a few pipes that connected to the bathtub drain stopper, so it’s fine.

A month later, the other production projects were completed as well. 

A large backpack was given to me by the group of girls.

We also had camping practice, so they made a backpack that could be used to hold the things that we used at the time and things that seemed useful, which was very practical.

Of course, there were also hidden pockets, and it was enchanted with space magic.

They made messenger bags as well, but as expected, the backpacks held a lot more things, so it might be better to use that when traveling.

Leather jackets were made as  defensive armament.

Unlike armor, they were easy to move in, so they were convenient.  

The boys were also finished with the carriage, but I was not able to approve of their workmanship.

It was a curtain-less carriage that was pulled by one horse, and with the wolf cart as an example, they were able to build it without much difficulty. 

「Ohh, it jolts quite a bit.」

「Is that so Aren’t all carriages like this」

「So fast! So fast!」

When we tried riding on it, it shook quite a bit.

The wolf cart just transported luggage, so the comfort of the ride was not really taken into consideration, and it traveled at a leisurely speed.

However, because the Steppe Horse was a monster that was known for its speed, the velocity increased, and so did the oscillation.

In addition, the road had not been maintained, so it took quite the toll on our bottoms.

「They did well to revolutionize the carriage with other world items, but why do they know about things like suspension」

Springs were attached to the wheels, and various areas were restructured, but it was not going well. 

In that case, it would be best to do some research. 

For me who had the knowledge from Japan, the oscillation of this carriage was a difficult issue, but it was made with the carriages of this world as reference, so Ojii-san said,

「It turned out well, didn’t it!」

and Cruz-kun and the others

「Isn’t that obvious」

conversely thought that it was wonderful.

After that, they began building another carriage, so it seems that I need to restructure it by myself.


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