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「「「「We’re back~.」」」」

「Sakuya~, Ojii-chan is back~.」

「「Welcome back~.」」

「Welcome back….」

「My, my, welcome home.」

We greeted everyone who returned, and they said that they had not had lunch yet, so we made everyone’s portion as well. 

「That’s right, we have presents as well! Teacher! Take that out!」

「That, huh.


Prompted by Cruz-kun, Ojii-san took out a lump of meat using magic.

We had been eating monster meat, but I had not seen such a large piece of meat before.

However, I somehow had seen the meat before.

「This, could it be meat from a bull」

「You know it! Has Shuu eaten it before」

「I have not.

It’s just that I’ve seen it before.

So, what’s with this」

「This is the monster that we hunted!」

It seems that it was a bull monster that they hunted in the vicinity of the village that was on the other side of the mountain.

I see, certainly, if it’s this, then the villagers would be happy to exchange it with wheat.

The meat looked delicious.

「Then, let’s eat this for lunch as well! …so, what’s that behind you」

「What you say, it’s a present for Shuu.」

「No, the meat is the present, right」

「That too! Previously, I said that we’ll keep horses as well, didn’t I」

「You did, but I didn’t think that you meant it….

In the first place, I have yet to use a horse-drawn carriage before, and you don’t have one either, you know」

「If there isn’t one, then we can just make it.

You’ve made one for the wolves before, so it wouldn’t be that difficult.

Besides, it’s a good idea to get accustomed to operating the carriage as soon as possible.」

「Haah…., maa, you’ve already brought them back, so it can’t be helped….

Then, I’ll try to turn them into familiars.」

I approached the horse monsters that had probably been put to sleep using magic.

They didn’t seem to have any conspicuous wounds.

I didn’t know if it was because they were originally uninjured, or it was because they were healed with magic, but they were not weak, so turning them into familiars may be difficult.

「For now, I’ll try it.」

When I poured my mana into the horse monster, it was a bit difficult to do so, but I was able to sense that my mana was being poured into its demon nucleus (core).

And, a short while later, I was able to turn it into my familiar without any problems.

「Alright! It’s a success! Then, the next one.」

That’s right, Ojii-san and the others brought back two horse monsters.

A horse carriage was usually pulled by either one horse or two horses, so it seems that they purposely captured two of them.

Like with the other one, I poured my mana in, and I was able to successfully turn both of them into familiars.

Perhaps it was the results of the various trainings, or perhaps I was able to skillfully and efficiently pour my mana in them, as I used up quite a bit of mana and was a little sluggish.

「Onii-cha~n, the food is ready~.」

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan came to call us for lunch.

「I’m going now~.」

「A horse-san~!」

「So big….」

The two of them were surprised when they saw the two new familiars.

「They’re new familiars.

They’re still sleeping, so when they wake up, let’s greet them.」


The three of us left the horses there and went to eat.




The beef was being grilled on the cooking stove that was constructed near the tent, but it was delicious.

Unlike the meat from Japan, the meat was lean, but it was juicy and not tough.

Not just us, but it seems that the familiars were also satisfied with the taste.

After the meal, I received the beef, the materials, the horns, and the hide of the bull monster Fighting Bull from Ojii-san.

The hide would look good as a bag, so let’s ask the girls later. 

There were more than ten of them, so Cruz-kun and the others were quite terrifying.

After that, I asked Ojii-san to raise the horses, and gave my farewells. 

Actually, I wanted to make a stable for the horses, but there was no time, so for the time being, they will live together with the cattle and the Milhorn.

It wasn’t something that I needed to do right away, so we returned to the orphanage. 


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