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「Sleepover, sleepover.」

Heading to the hut, my younger sister was in a good mood.

「You’re looking forward to it that much」


My younger sister was smiling.

We were able to make the preparations to a certain extent, so everyone except for my younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and I will go camping starting today for three days and two nights.

In the meanwhile, the house-sitting group will have a sleepover party at the hut.

Arriving at the hut, Ojii-san was waiting and he took everyone flying using magic.

He was probably looking forward to it very much.

Incidentally, I asked where the camping grounds would be, and it seems that it was in the vicinity of the village on the other side of the mountain where he usually received wheat and fodder for the chickens and cattle.

On this side, you wouldn’t be able to do it.

Now then, maybe we should make our own preparations as well

「Then, why don’t we first set up the tent.」


My younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and I set up the tent that we made.

Today’s sleepover was not in the hut, but in the tent.

As expected, we couldn’t go camping with everyone else, but we will be able to experience it, even if it’s just the mood.

It was made in a way where we would be able to put it up as quickly as possible, so even with the three of us, we completed the task in about fifteen minutes.

We put up a four-person tent, including Obaa-san, but we used space magic to expand it, so it was spacious enough that even five~six people would be able to fit in.

「Now then, we set up the tent, so why don’t we finish our work first!」


The reason we were staying over was because of the management of the fields and taking care of the familiars, so the three of us immediately began our work.

While eating the lunch that Obaa-san made, we were able to finish in no time at all because the fields were not that big to begin with and the familiars were intelligent.

「Alright, we’ve finished our work, so let’s make the preparations for camping!」

「Ya~y.」「Y, ya~y」

Sakuya-chan was starting to get infected by my younger sister’s energy,

「Then, firstly, let’s look for slightly larger stones to build a cooking stove.」


First, we walked to the vicinity of the forest, collected several stones, stacked them up near the tent, and built a cooking stove.

It was our first time doing that, so the structure was strange, but let’s adjust it later.

「Next, can the two of you go look for dry wood」


「Queen, can you go with them」


As expected, I would be worried if it were just the two of them, but if it’s within the exterior of the forest, then it should be safe if Queen’s there.

While the two of them went to collect wod, I went to go draw water.

Obaa-san was watching over the tent with the other familiars.

Now then, for drawing water, if we were traveling in a carriage, then I would use a bucket, or rather, a pail, but I’m assuming that we’re traveling on foot today, so I poured the water into a small pot and the water flask and then returned to the tent.

After the meal, it might be better to go get more water.

Returning to the tent, Obaa-san and I adjusted the cooking stove to fit the small pot.

Meanwhile, the two people came back with firewood.

「We’re back~.」「We’re back….」

「Welcome back~.」「Welcome home.」

I used the kindling that the two people brought back at once and started the fire.

However, at first, I tried to light it using the flint, but it was difficult….

Come to think of it, recently, I started the fire using magic, but I used to do it this way.

Or rather, even if this was impossible, it seems that the fire magic tool would become a necessity.

I wanted to, to a certain extent, try it, but it seemed that it would take time, so I started the fire using magic.

「Alright, then why don’t we all go look for food!」


I left the managing of the fire to Obaa-san and we headed towards the forest.

We bought the standard foodstuff, but if we could procure food on-site, then doing that would be better.

Arriving at the forest, the usually popular things were also there, several types of edible herbs (vegetables), fruits, additional firewood, and Pii-chan, queen, and the others went hunting for birds and rabbits.

With this much, it was enough.

We returned and began preparing the food.


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