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As the childbirth rush calmed down and the fields have all been cultivated, the two adventurers also had work to do.

They were completing requests at a leisurely pace, but they soon fulfilled the requirements to rank up to Rank 7.

Only, there was nothing like an examination for it, but it seems that they were advised by the receptionist onee-san that they should quickly take on an escort request.

Certainly, we only accepted harvesting and subjugation requests, so it might be good to do escort requests as well.

It seems that when one’s rank was low, you could take on easy escort requests, so it seems that it would be better to do them quickly to accumulate experience.

She also said that when one’s rank was high, the retaining fee would increase and you wouldn’t be able to accept the easier requests anymore.

「So, we were thinking of accepting an escort request this time, but is there anything that we need to take heed of」

「Escort, huh….

Sorry, but I didn’t accept much of those requests.」

The two people tried asking Ojii-san who was also a senior adventurer, but the response they received was not very helpful.

「Ojii-san, you became a Rank 3 adventurer properly, right」

「Ah~, I subjugated nothing but high-ranked monsters, so that’s what I’m known for, and I basically didn’t do any escort requests.

I didn’t stay in any one place for long, so I didn’t do any designated requests either.」

「Um, so in other words, you hunted monsters regardless of your rank and then you ranked up」

「Maa, something like that.

But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do any escort requests, you know I would occasionally travel with peddlers that I got along with.

Though it wasn’t for the requests.」

「Ah~, then, you have experience with being an escort.」

「More or less.」

「That’s fine too, so please teach us!!」

「I don’t mind, but it wouldn’t be very helpful, ok Maa, I can at least teach you how to make camp….」

「That’s plenty!」

「We’ll be in your care!」

And so, it was decided that Ojii-san would teach us how to make camp.

Actually, you’re supposed to ask a senior adventurer, but we didn’t know any….

Perhaps we should’ve gotten somewhat acquainted with those at the guild But, it seems that the bad adventurers have increased….

Before learning how to make camp, we first needed to prepare the tools.

In the first place, we only ever went to Dragon Forest, so we did not have the necessary tools.

When we checked with Ojii-san, the necessary items for making camp were:

a tent

a sleeping bag or a cloak or a robe


food (preserved foods)

kitchen utensils (pot)

illumination tools

In addition, it seems that things differed depending on whether the client was traveling by carriage or on foot, the distance, and the number of people.

We didn’t even have tents, sleeping bags, or illumination tools, so we could only make them or buy them.

For the food and water, it would be best to check the request information and confirm with the receptionist onee-san.

Come to think of it, for carrying our luggage, I couldn’t use my Item Box, but if I used space magic on a bag or a pouch like with the hut, it would be quite convenient, wouldn’t it

「You had better not do that.

Certainly, there are magic bags, but those are high-class items that only royalty, nobles, wealthy merchants, and high-ranked adventurers have, so if it’s found out that you guys had them, then you’ll be targeted.」

「Ah~, that’s troubling.

But, it’s unfortunate that it can’t be used….」

That’s right, what about using it in a way in which it wouldn’t be exposed

For example, making the tents a little more spacious than they look, or making the bag’s inner pocket bigger.

Maa, it seems that it would take a lot of time and effort to do so, but if we did it ourselves, then it would work out somehow

Let’s discuss it with Ojii-san and Obaa-san later.


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