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Today was the day when we went to Ojii-san and the others’ hut.

On our way there, I thought about the two adventurers (provisional).

We’re not going harvesting today, so they’re going to take requests that were within town.

It’s their first time, so they should’ve left the inn early since there might not be any good requests left.

Arriving at the hut, we immediately started to work.

My younger sister and the others made medicine and potions.

They might not be necessary yet, but they’re a necessity for adventurers, so I wanted to try it this time as well.

Cruz-kun went hunting with Ojii-san and the familiars.

It seems that the goblins have increased again.

Ojii-san had controlled it, but occasionally, they would increase all of a sudden.

In my case, today was woodworking.

There was no furniture in the adventurers’ (provisional) inn, so I planned on making them.

First was a container with a lid.

As expected, shelves and dressers were too big.

There was no place to put them.

So, I decided on wooden crates that could be stacked.

There were a lot of materials remaining, so I could make them without any problems.

After about an hour, the wooden crates were completed.

Including the spares, I made five of them.  so that they could be carried around, I didn’t make them that big, so maybe they’ll use all of them.

Finishing up lunch, we continuously exterminated the goblins.

Our opponents were goblins, so the familiars that didn’t usually fight participated as well. 

The Rainbow Caterpillar and the Silk Spider each spun threads and it seems that they received experience points, but it should be more effective if they defeated monsters.

In addition, if the Big Kokko and the Milhorn’s levels rise, they might produce excellent eggs and milk.

As a result, the leveling up went smoothly.

It was already difficult for us and the battle familiars to level up from the goblins, so we captured the goblins while trying to not to deal any damage, and had just the non-combatant familiars defeat them.

Thanks to that, their levels had gone up three~five levels.

The next day was a harvesting day.

The two people arrived before breakfast.

「「Good morning!」」

「Good morning~.」

「Good morning!」

「Nii-chan, good morning!」

The children were greeting each other.

Everyone ate breakfast, and then immediately departed.

When we walked out of town, we asked them what happened yesterday.

「Anikis, how did yesterday’s request go!」

TN: aniki is an informal version of onii-san.

Before I could ask, Cruz-kun started questioning them, looking very excited.

「Ah~, it was our first time, so we were nervous, but there wasn’t anything that we couldn’t do.」

「Let’s see, yesterday, we cleaned the town and transported stuff from a small store, but it wasn’t particularly hard.」

「Is that so, that’s what I usually do.」

「Aah, also, yesterday, you did them together.

Once you’re familiar with it, you might be able to receive requests separately.」


But, the number of town requests is limited, so if you need to get there early~.」

「That’s right, going to the guild early yesterday was a good idea.

If we were any later, then they would’ve been all gone.」

「Really Then, did you eat breakfast」

「After receiving the request, we ate at a food stall.

For lunch, we had the bento that we got from the inn, and we ate at the inn for dinner as well.」

TN: bentos are boxed lunches

「Honestly, Char-nee’s cooking is delicious, but considering the quantity and the price, it’s quite good.」

TN: ‘-nee’ is the informal version of ‘nee-san’

「How was the food stall!」

「The food stall, huh~.

We’ve only gone to one, so I can’t really say.

After this, I will taste and compare them.」

「You can’t do that if you don’t have money though.」

「Then, I need to do my best to harvest today too!」

「I’ll do my best!」

We headed to the forest to do our best for the two people as well. 

And so, today as well, we harvested enough for the request and subjugated several monsters including a Fanged Boar, and we safely returned to the orphanage. 


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