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Chapter 929: Ji Shiting Is Prepared

It was obvious what he would do after he left.

Young Master Cheng was afraid that he would hurt Xiao Ruilang if he stayed, so he smiled and said, “Youre too anxious.

I reckon you wont be in the mood to play if I let you stay here.”

“Tsk tsk, running after winning.

Young Master Huo really came here today to cause trouble,” someone said enviously.

“You must be kidding.

Put it on my account if anyone comes out to play in the future.” Ji Shiting didnt stand on ceremony and looked at Xiao Ruilang seriously.

“Thank you, Boss Xiao.”

The others looked at Xiao Ruilangs gloomy face and didnt dare say anything.

Ji Shiting didnt seem to notice how upset Xiao Ruilang looked.

He said goodbye and walked out with the woman beside him.

“Young Master Huo.” Xiao Ruilang suddenly said.

“Running away after winning the first round is a terrible bet.

Since youre confident in your gambling skills, why dont you play a few more rounds”

Ye Shengges heart sank, and she looked at the man beside her.

Ji Shiting remained calm.

He turned around and smiled at Xiao Ruilang.


Xiao, I was lucky just now.

I dont have the guts to bet another billion with you.”

“No, not a billion.” Xiao Ruilang licked his lips.

“A dollar is fine.

The bet isnt important.

Whats important is that Im suddenly addicted today.”

“Young Master Cheng and the others are all here.

You can play with them,” Ji Shiting refused calmly.

“So you dont want to do me the honor” Xiao Ruilangs voice turned cold.

“What do you plan to do if I say yes” Ji Shiting wasnt afraid at all.

The tension between the two suddenly intensified, and Young Master Cheng and the others looked at each other.

What shocked them the most was why Young Master Huo was so bold all of a sudden.

He used to be very calm…

Xiao Ruilang stared at him for a while, then looked at the woman beside him and smiled, “Of course I cant do anything to you.


Ji Shiting smirked, nodded at him, said goodbye to Young Master Cheng and the others, and left with the woman beside him.

Young Master Cheng immediately asked everyone to play their own games, and the second-generation heirs played their cards.


Xiao…” Young Master Cheng moved closer to Xiao Ruilang and said, “I can tell Young Master Huo and he wont take the one billion.

Otherwise, just pretend it never happened and no one will know about it…”

He thought Xiao Ruilang was trying to fulfill his bet because he couldnt take it lying down.

However, Xiao Ruilang snorted and said, “Sure, call him and ask him.”

Young Master Cheng was dazed.

“I want to hear it from him.

Otherwise, how embarrassed would I be” Xiao Ruilang smiled and raised an eyebrow.

“Okay.” Young Master Cheng didnt hesitate.

He immediately took out his phone and called Young Master Huo, but no one picked up the phone for a long time.

He clicked his tongue and said, “Perhaps he cant answer the phone anymore.

Ill tell him tomorrow.”

Xiao Ruilang was still expressionless.

He did suspect that Young Master Huo was Ji Shiting, and Ye Shengge was very familiar with Ji Shitings figure and eyes, so she was certain that Young Master Huo was Ji Shiting, but Xiao Ruilang couldnt do that, so he had to call to verify it.

However, no one picked up the phone.

Was this a coincidence, or was Ji Shiting prepared

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