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Chapter 394: Shocking Charm

Chen Anzhi was a director who could balance business and artistic pursuits, so in his movies, viewers could see thought-provoking instances of human nature as well as rich and exciting scenes.

It was the same for his new movie.

The genre of the story was suspense, but it also discussed the mutation of people in modern society, and the plot and theme complemented each other.

“An Ran, whom youre playing, is a woman whos been forced into a corner by pressure.

Shes willing to take risks and commit crimes.

It looks like shes heartless, but she still has a conscience,” Chen Anzhi said as he put the script on the coffee table.

“This is a very complicated character.

Its a huge challenge for any actress.”

Ye Shengge was already attracted to the story.

She took out her hand, and this time, the man didnt stop her.

He picked up the script and flipped to a certain page, mumbling.

“Can I try a portion” She looked at Chen Anzhi.

Chen Anzhi nodded and said, “Of course.”

Ye Shengge smiled and immediately turned her attention to the script.

She memorized some lines and closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she had a completely different look in her eyes.

“He has to die,” Ye Shengge said.

“Listen, now that things are at this stage, he has to die now.”

Her voice was low and emotionless.

Her face was as cold as ice, and every expression on her face was forceful and impatient.

Chen Anzhi played along and said, “No, I cant.

Thats… murder!”

“You dont have a choice.” She suddenly raised her voice, and her eyebrows twitched as she smiled.

“Only the dead can keep secrets! Well all be doomed otherwise!”

Her tone became more intense, but she was hiding the fear of being on the verge of despair.

She seemed aggressive, but in reality, she was like a drowning person, calling for help as if she couldnt wait for someone to stop her.

Chen Anzhi continued, “No… Do it yourself if you must!”

Ye Shengge looked at him and shivered.

The salvation she had been waiting for had never appeared, so she had to take this step in the end.

“Alright, Ill do it.” She opened her eyes and said.

Her smile was like a mask on her face, as if she had finally killed herself.

Ji Shiting was sitting beside her, staring at her as if he didnt want to miss any of her expressions.

This was the first time he had seen Ye Shengge in character.

He had never expected that this woman, who usually seemed heartless and didnt care about anything, would show such amazing charm during a performance.

That charm had nothing to do with her character, but it was related to the huge contrast she showed.

At this moment, she seemed to have abandoned herself and completely immersed herself in the role, forming a huge whirlpool that made the audience follow her into the show and feel her emotions.

Ji Shitings pupils contracted, and his eyes were burning.

It had only been a minute, and Chen Anzhi saw what he wanted to see.

“Thats enough.” He smiled.

Ye Shengge blinked blankly and took a while to recover her senses.


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