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Everyone turned towards Zu An, their expressions clouded with suspicion.

Even Zheng Dan gave him a surprised look.

After all, both of their cultivations were sealed, so there should have been no way for them to evade that arrow.

Still, Zu An had moved far too quickly just now, even faster than she could when unsealed.

Had he managed to recover his cultivation

After this momentary, distracting thought, she immediately began to worry for him.

After all, they were facing so many experts.

It was going to be hard for him to lie his way through this.

Zu Ans heart also began to race.

However, he reacted quickly as well, and said, “I dont know what is going on either.

I dodged to the side, and this arrow seemed to deviate somehow.

Look, theres still a red mark on my nose.”

As he spoke, he nudged his nose towards them.

Liu Yao snorted.

“Who are you trying to fool Dark elves pride themselves on achieving success with a single strike.

Even a vigilant expert will find this arrow difficult to avoid.

How could you possibly avoid it when your cultivation was sealed”

Zu An shrugged his shoulders.

“How am I supposed to know Maybe the assassin got food poisoning, or suffered from heat stroke Maybe something happened to his arm as he was firing” 

King Liang frowned.

He stepped towards Zu An and examined his pulse.

A moment later, his frown deepened.

“His ki flow has been completely sealed.

The seal hasnt been undone.”

Zu An grew even more worked up when he heard this.

“Hello Im the victim here! Why are you all interrogating me Oh, I understand.

I guess you guys are feeling kind of frustrated since you couldnt catch that assassin, so you wanted to take it all out on a victim like me.”

Liu Yao exploded straight away.

“What are you saying, brat!”

You have successfully trolled Liu Yao for 345 Rage points!

He swiftly collected a series of Rage point donations from King Liang and the others.

They obviously had no idea how to deal with someone like him.

Fortunately, Huang Huihong gave him a way out.

“There was a woman in the crowd who did something.

She might have been the one who affected the assassins precision.”

“Woman” King Liang was shocked.

He quickly asked, “Where is that woman”

Huang Huihong shook his head.

“Everyone was chasing after the assassin, and that woman disappeared quickly as well.

The situation was too chaotic for us to find either one of them.”

King Liang frowned, but the other partys special status made it hard for him to reprimand him much further.

He could only say, “I wonder who that woman was.

Just what sort of relationship does she have with that assassin…”

They discussed this among themselves for a bit, and came up with all sorts of suspicions.

Zu An snorted. Why aren\'t you guys even considering the possibility that she came to save me

Hed been saddened that Pei Mianman hadnt come to send him off when they first left Brightmoon City.

Now, though, it seemed as though he could still depend on his charisma after all.

The sound of horses hooves came from up ahead, and a group of soldiers approached swiftly from a distance.

The one in the lead looked to be around twenty years of age.

He was dressed in official robes, and rode a handsome white horse.

There was no need for any introductions; this was definitely King Wu.

“Zhao Yan greets King Liang and the General.” King Wu got off his horse and walked over and offered his greeting, a humble smile never leaving his face.

“Theres no need for King Wu to show such deference.” King Liang and Liu Yao both reached out their hands to help him up.

It was one thing for him to show such respect to King Liang, but Liu Yaos own status wasnt even as high as King Wus, so he was understandably uncomfortable with this level of courtesy.

“The two of you are Little Yans seniors, so this amount of respect is to be expected.” King Wu had exceptional facial features and a handsome appearance, but his figure was slightly too thin, which prevented him from possessing the typical masculinity common to most men.

It made him look a little weak.

Both King Liang and Liu Yao were deeply satisfied by his humility.

Liu Yao quickly said, “Little Yan, the days have grown colder recently.

Your body has always been rather weak, so you need to take good care of yourself.”

“Thank you.” King Wu replied with a smile, before breaking out into a sudden fit of coughing.

Zu An nudged Zheng Dan.

“This kings constitution looks quite poor…” This man seemed to be wearing much more clothing than an ordinary person.

This really was quite strange.

Cultivators possessed bodies that were clearly superior to those of ordinary people.

Since this man had been granted the title of king, his cultivation should at least be at the master rank.

Regardless of whether this was because of the imperial familys resources or not, he was still a master.

There was no way his body should have been this weak.

Was he born with congenital deficiencies, or did his process of cultivation somehow leave him with irreversible injuries

Of course, there was another possible reason.

Even though the bodies of cultivators were superior to that of ordinary people, this didnt mean that they lived longer.

Otherwise, the current emperor wouldnt be so much closer to the grave than either Liu Yao or King Liang.

Whether or not a superior body would lead to a longer life was probably an entirely different subject that was worth looking into.

“I think hes quite handsome.

A beautiful and gentle prince like him is far better than those boorish musclemen.

Girls like this type of guy,” Zheng Dan said with a smile.

The reason she liked being with Zu An was precisely because she felt free and unrestrained while she was around him.

She always had to hold herself back by all types of etiquette and rules in other settings, but she didnt have to worry so much when she was with him.

Zu An found her comment puzzling.

The minds of women really were difficult to fathom.

They didnt like tough men, but liked these sickly-looking ones instead

He remembered how obsessed the fangirls of his previous world were over their pretty-looking idols, and immediately felt a little dejected.

“Husband, please take your medicine,” said a gentle voice, and a beautiful woman quickly ran over to him.

The noise around them quietened immediately.

King Liang, Liu Yao, many of the Imperial Guard soldiers, and the other ordinary folk who were still lingering in the area focused their attention in their direction.

Even Huang Huihong and the Embroidered Envoy, who should have been trained to the point where they were like machines, couldnt keep themselves from looking in that direction.

Perhaps  because this side of the Order Mountain Range was too cold, the woman wore a snow white fur coat around her, as well as another layer of white outside of that.

She looked like a snowy mountain goddess, beautiful and pure, as if she didnt belong to this world of mortals.

The brief exertion caused a blush to appear on her fair and beautiful cheeks.

This finally seemed to have added a bit of worldly charm to her loveliness.

She brought out a porcelain bottle, and the red pill that she removed from it contrasted with the fairness of her skin.

She gave the pill to King Wu urgently.

It was as if King Wu was the only thing in her world at that moment.

She didn\'t even give the Imperial Guard soldiers, the father and son of the Sang clan, or Zu An and Zheng Dan a single look.

“With a wife like this, what else can you ask for” Sang Qian felt as if his entire body had been struck by lightning.

He was completely beside himself, sighing in admiration.

Her beauty was truly otherworldly! In that instant, his heart was instantly captured.

Not only that, he was captivated and incredibly touched by the concern she was showing for her husband.

Zheng Dan had originally been a perfect wife in his eyes as well, with her grace and elegance.

Every single action of hers was perfect, and exactly how a distinguished daughter should be.

Recently, however, she had completely submitted herself to all sorts of unreasonable humiliations at the hands of Zu An, which left him absolutely furious.

Even though I dont have the ability to protect you, you cant just let Zu An do whatever he wants to you, right I heard that you even massaged his legs!

Look at King Wus wife! Her husband is the only man in her eyes!

Zheng Dan also sighed when she looked at these two.

“They truly are a pair of perfect lovers.”

The man was gentle, like an elegant and graceful prince, while the woman was exceptionally beautiful.

When they stood together, they truly looked like an ideal couple.

Most important of all was the deep love that existed in the way they looked at each other.

It made it seem as though they were radiating a brilliant, precious light, and in that moment, they had become the center of the entire world.


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