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29 The Unresolve Feelings

Tension is brewing inside the bar after Justice revealed to the others about the failed forgotten spell. Vale, the one who performed the spell, is astonished by Justices confirmation. He was confident about his magica and his ability, now, he couldnt even be sure of his own capability in magica.

“Gods! Why! I was so sure that she will forget about the forest incident. How come...” Vale was panicking. This occurrence never happened to him.

For Vale, who has ninety percent adaptability, having a failed spell is out of the question for him. Justice saw everything. For him, Vale is an open book. He may be the gifted Magi that happened every hundred years in the kingdom, but for Justice, he is a friend first, and right now, Vale is doubting himself.

“Hey, dont be so hard on yourself. I dont think your spell is at fault here.” Said Justice.

Henry scoffed at Justice, “Then the fault came from Anne”

“I believe so.”

Henry, the one person that is always calmer than the others, cant even keep his cool, “What how do you even say that, Justice Do you have the proof!”

Justice glared at all of them. “Calm down! All of you! Anyway, we need to find a way to check her properly.” He glances at Vale. “Do you have a way”

While his hands clasp together, Vales eyes were staring at the table. He was focusing; he was thinking so hard. Until he asked another question to Henry, “Whats the three exam process this time I know that theyre always different every year.”


“The exams The first is written exams, the second is aptitude exams, and the third is field training. Why do you asking such a question”

“Thats it, the second exam, thats the answer, Justice.” Vale slapped the table, making the aggrus jug tumbling down.

“Seriously, Vale, calm down!” Xavier is gruntling while asking for another jug of aggrus.

Henry now smiles at Vale, the smile full of disbelief and astonishment. “So, you want us to observe Annes results on the second exam, right Wow Vale, never seen this side of yours.”

Xavier then blurted out one of Henrys secrets, “Youre one to talk, Henry. Arent you asking one of the civil administrators to hasten Annes registration documents”

Justice and Vale suddenly grew quieter. Henry never told them about a favor that he gave to Anne.

“You never told us about this, Henry” Asked Justice with his eyes focusing on his drink.

“I have told you that Ive met her on Q street!”

“That was the only thing that you have told me!”

“You never asked me anything after!”

Vale massaged his temple and shouted, “Would the two of you just shut up”

Although the bicker finally end, Vale could feel the animosity between the two of them. Only one person could warm the situation. Xavier, is a mild manner of the other three, for him, enjoying life is his philosophy, and he hates confrontation. Although he will do anything for the one that he holds dearly to his heart.

“Come on guys, do we have to fight over something so trivial” Said Xavier with a smirk on his face.

Henry looked at Xavier with a frown on his face. “Trivial Xavier, we were talking about the witch...”

“I am not talking about that, Henry. I am talking about how all of us seem enamored with one person.”

“Xavier, you...”

Xavier smile, he seems bitter but still has a smile blooming on his face, “I will admit it, the moment I saw her, I feel something that I have never felt from another girl, and I know all of you feel the same as me.”

All of them grew quieter once again, as much as they hate the fact that they were feeling the same about Anne, Vale, and Justice kept dreaming about the girl. Henry and Xavier sometimes met her coincidentally everywhere.

“She is something else, that girl,” Justice said while imagining Anne in his mind.

The others just smile at Justices remark, and after they resolved to look into Annes aptitude test for the second exam, the night becomes pleasant again. Midnight becomes their sign to leave. When all of them were ready to leave by their horses, Vale rustled his hair awkwardly, nervously looking at his best friends.

“Before we leave, I need to tell you all something.” Said Vale suddenly.

The other three looked at him with confusion on their face.

“Whats the matter” Asked Justice.

“Ive asked Anne to join me on a date after the first exam. I intend to take her as my partner at the dance party at the palace.”

While the other two become quiet, Xavier on the other hand is laughing and shaking his head.

“Oh Vale, typical you, always wanted to be the first.” Said Xavier teasing Vale.

“Shut up, at least I make the move. What about all of you”

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Justice, on the other hand, gave them a salute and leave the bar. Vale looked at him with a question mark on his mind.

“Why he doesnt say anything” Muttered Vale to the other two.

Henry feel Vale was being ridiculous. “I mean, should he say something Or be mad I know Im jealous right now.”

“You arent mad” Vale is trying to ask Henry carefully about his advance toward Anne.

“Why should I Youre taking your chances and you got a good result if only I have done it myself.”

“Thanks, buddy.”

“Although, for your information, Im going with Heirim to the palace ball.”

“What!” Vale and Xavier couldnt hide their horrified face at Henry.

The four of them finally talk about their feelings, while our heroine is sleeping soundly in her room, for a few weeks, thats the only thing that Anne does, studying, and getting a good rest, while occasionally strolling the marketplace, she even met Henry and Xavier on the marketplace or even on the road. While her daily life becomes her routine, the day of the first exam is finally here.

Chikaras purring on her chest, trying to wake her up, she awakens in a very good mood and refreshed, She is ready to take the first exam.



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