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25 The Unresolved Feelings

Anne is looking at Vale, she is never aware that he is a captain, a high-rank officer at such a young age. He commands his subordinate with the right precision. Anne saw a man with talent from those emerald eyes, She must admit it impress her. She had her suspicion about the four of them, but not about how they were actually in charge of whatever their job is.

“Some day just to be under a Wismushroom, right” Said Vale while smiling at Anne.

“I know, Im so sorry Vale, but I need to be with them, they insist on coming here.”

“You should ask Henry about it, he may be able to give you the seat number for the Wismushroom in the library.”

“I... I never thought of that.” Anne sighed while smacking her forehead.

“Dont worry, I will keep my promise, Ill safe you some seats for tomorrow at the library.”

Smiling at the green eye Magi, Anne says her thanks to him, “Thank you so much, Vale, I appreciate all of your help, I mean, everything.”

He chuckled, his eyes goes to the branch that is now on the ground, “Gaaram, how do you know that Gaaram plants will be able to ward off Snaillog”

“Gaaram is a plant that we use to purify bacterial infection inside wound or body, bacterial that came from the mucus of Snaillog, and I know Gaaram plants is not an indigenous plant of this area,” Anne continue her explanation, “So, someone planted the Gaaram in the area to prevent something to go out from the forest, I put two and two together.”


“Makes you believe that Snaillogs weaknesses are Gaaram plant,” Muttered Vale, he let out a sigh before he speaks again, “Thats brave of you, Anne, but please never make an assumption next time, okay”

“I know... I just...”

“Please... If it wasnt for you, for your parents then, for Martha and Ed.” Vale pleaded at Anne.

Although she feels reluctant, Anne nods her head at Vale, “Alright.”

“Good.” Smiled Vale, he stare at the girl, even chuckled, “You know when last night Henry told me about you in the capital, this is not the way that I had imagined about meeting you again.”

They have a lovely conversation for the rest of the journey, even Brom is having a good time with Darla, and they laughed and joke around until the front gate of the capital is now in front of them. The Magi carriage brings them back to their dorm on the tenth street.

“Thank you for driving us with your carriage, appreciate everything.” Said Anne to the three Magi.

Darla pulls her away afterward, and waves to the Magi, but before Anne follows her friends a hand grabs her arm, it is Vale.

“I... do you want to go on a date with me”


His request took Anne by surprise, the green eye Magi gave her a bashful smile. He is sincere, but for Anne, the time is too crucial to be used for another thing, she wants to concentrate on her study.

“Vale... Now is not a good time.”

“Wait, I dont mean it for now, after the first exam, theres a festival, and I want you to join me as my date.”

“Oh... well...”

Anne awkwardly looked around, she then smiled and say yes to Vales request. His face is beaming after hearing the answer. Anne waves goodbye to Vale and goes back to her room to freshen up. Her de mon kitten, Chikara is sleeping on his basket.

“Good thing youre not with us, my fur baby.”

She strokes Chikaras fur and goes to take her shower. Anne feels so refreshed and decides to go to bed immediately, after all, tomorrow they finally get a chance to use the Wismushroom.

Meanwhile, in a faraway street, in the dark corner of the capital.

Henry gives Vale his annoyance, “Youre kidding, right”

Tonight, Vale, Henry, Xavier, and Justice have their monthly drinking in their favorite bar. Justice is late for their routine engagement, but the other three are already filling in their beer mug.

In the middle of the conversation, Vale asks a favor from Henry to use his seats in the Wismushroom. Every major donor of the main library has their own set of seatings for them to use whenever they want to.

Although they need to message the librarian a day before to save their seats.

“No, I am not, I need your help to get three seats on Wismushroom, for tomorrow.”

“Dont you know that it was so hard to get on a seat on that d*mn humongous mushroom, and you need three!”

“I know you have special seats there, and dont you dare lie to me, your family is the major donor of the main library.”

“Why dont you ask Justice He never uses those seats anyway, he is too d*mn proud to use his seats anyway.”

In the corner, Xavier chuckles when Henry mentioned Justice, “Oh I will throw my gold coins just to see him studying under that big mushroom.”

“Yeah, in your dream, or have a death wish.” Muttered Henry at Xaviers remark, “Anyway, Vale, I cant give you my seats, Heirim is using it, you have better luck with Justice.”

“What better luck and what happened to that pompous sister of yours”

The three of them turn around to see Justice, a bit weary but still looking fine on his black suits, “Sorry, the admiral and his wives took their d*mn time to speak at the dinner.”

“Something happened at the sea border” Asked Henry, looking wary all of a sudden.

“I guess so, but dont worry, your grandfather will be sure to let you know, after all, the east seaside is your childhood home.” Justice chug his mug of Aggrus, and asked for more details about Vale and Henrys conversation, earlier, “So, enlightened me, what do you need from me”

Vale doesnt know why he doesnt want to ask this favor from Justice, or he actually knows. From the day that Justice carry Anne after being attacked, how gentle he was, and when Justice gave her the silver pass, even though he never mentioned his name. Vale doesnt want Justice to have any contact with Anne, he wanted her for himself, although that might be just his wishful thinking from his end.

“I need three of your seats in the Wismushroom for a week.”

“Why in your right d*mn mine do you want to sit on a humongous and silly-looking mushroom” Justice red eyes, looking at Vale, trying to find his reason.

Vale holds his breath and exhaled abruptly, “Because I offer Anne and her friends some seats on the Wismushroom, tomorrow.”

Henry put his mug on the table and looked agape at Vale, “Wait, River Anne from Viora village Youve met her already”

“Yes, I have met her,” Answered Vale, shortly. He turns his attention then back to Justice, “So, will you give me your seats”

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Justices hands clasp together, his mind is not there with his best friends, until he said, “Yes, you can give my seats to Anne and her friends, they can use them for as long as they want.”

Vale nods at Justice, although he felt insecure about it, he knows what is happening to Justice, the looks on his eyes, and the tiny smile on his face whenever they mentioned Anne in their conversation. Vale knew, that whatever feelings that he has for Anne, Justice is feeling the same.



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