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Chapter 14: A Dangerous Journey (Part 2)

Everyone was still in the festive mood, most of the men stayed up until dusk settled in, and they finally see the sun rise again. Ed and Martha are sitting at their dining table, with a cup of Rose tea in their hands, waiting for their daughter. Anne is getting ready to leave Viora village, a carriage will take them as far as the next town, and from there, she needs to ride another carriage. The journey will be exhausting, but Anne feels so excited.

She packed everything that she need just in one travel bag, and when she goes outside her room, her parents already waiting for her, with a forlorn expression on their faces.

“Oh... please, could you send me with a much more gleeful expression”

“Oh, just let us be sad, for once, dearie, youre going away, and we never know when you will be visiting us.” Said Martha, sniffling and wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

Anne smiled at her mother, she wipe her tears and embrace her, “Oh, mother, Ill be back, after all, Viora village is my home, now. You and father, both of you are my home, now.”

Both Ed and Martha shed their tears and together they gave a warm embrace to their daughter. For seven years, they have raised her, and also loved her, like a parent to their children. They accompany her to the carriage station, when her carriage arrived, Martha handed Anne a pouch with flowers embroidered.

“What is this”


“Its for... protection, do not open it, until you have arrived at your dorm, alright”

Anne tried to feel the pouch, but just nodded to her mother, she put the pouch in her pocket and go inside the carriage. Ed and Martha see her from the road until the carriage that brought Anne, was gone from their view. Both of them cried, but prayed for the best results, for their daughter, the one that gives color to their life.

Anne sniffled inside the carriage, there was only her and the old man, who was sleeping comfortably on the seat. This is her first trip in this new world, for seven years, the only places that she had gone to, were vacationing places, near her village, or gathering herbs in the valley and the forest. She feels scared but excited at the same time.

The trip to the next stop is thirty hours, which means they will be stopping at an inn to get a rest. Anne is so glad when she knows that the time stayed the same as in the old world. The only differences are some of the irregularities like the moon solstice. Hours passed by, and it was almost midnight when the carriage finally reached the inn. The place is small but clean, the driver gave her the key to the room.

“When are we going, tomorrow”

“At eight oclock, miss, please do not be late, breakfast will be served from six oclock.” Said the carriage driver, politely at her.

Anne said her thanks to the driver and go inside her room. she jumped directly to her bed for tonight, and regret her decision, the bed is a bit hard. But still, better than a hard rock seater at the carriage. After she refreshes herself, she begins to apply the mentolitus cream to her aching hips. The cream that she mixed herself, worked so much for her aging parents. Now, its time to take a rest, she drops into the bed and lets out a sigh.

“Good night, father, mother.” Said Anne, while her eyes were getting heavier.

At seven oclock in the morning, she was already on the benches of the dining table at the inn, eating her breakfast, not long after, someone took a seat in front of her. it was the old man, the other passenger in the carriage.

“Good morning, young miss.” The old man kindly greeted her.

“Good morning, sir.” Said Anne, smiling.

“What a lovely morning, so, are you going to the Ventopi town”

“Oh no, actually Im going to Valorian, Ventopi is just for transit.”

The old man unexpectedly laughed, “Youre kidding, what are the chances, Im going to the capital as well.”

“Oh, so, we are going to ride the same carriage, again.”

“Im afraid not, my grandson already sending me his carriage.”

Anne is a bit surprised, the old man is high-born, but looking through at his outfit, its just a simple everyday suit for a commoner. Anne thinks, there are two scenarios, he is a noble or a wealthy merchant.

“Your grandson loves you so much, then.”

“Huh... That unfilial grandson! Listen here young miss, even though he is a knight captain already, all he does is play with his friends, hunt, or do more training. He doesnt even have time for his family.”

The old man snorted and look displeased, but the only thing that she could see is how the old mans eyes glinted with excitement when he talks about his grandson. He loves his grandson, so much.

After breakfast, the two of them took their bag and sit inside the carriage, once more. This time, Anne finally has a friend to talk to. She asked the old mans name, while they shared some cookies.

“Horden, my dear, my name is Horden. What about yours”

“Anne, my name is Anne, Nice to meet you, Sir Horden.” Said Anne to Horden.

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Anne. So what brings you to our kingdom capital”

“Im going to take an exam to become a civil servant,” Anne answered Horden a little bit enthusiastic that she intended to.

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“Oh, wow, you must be so eager to become one. ” Laughed Horden, looking at her over-the-top reaction.

Afterward, the journey became harder because of the terrain, the hill was steep and the dark looming sky are waiting for them.

“Its a dangerous road, up ahead, Anne, stay put on your seat, alright”

Anne nodded her head, while Horden took something from his pocket, it was a pin with a blade engraved on it. The carriage suddenly stopped, Horden put his finger on his mouth, preventing Anne to scream.

“Look, Im going to check on our driver, you stay inside, alright” Whispered Horden to her.

“But, Sir, are you going to be alright”

“Yes, dont worry about me, this is a dark mischievous road, there are so many vicious monsters around.”

“Ill stay put, dont worry about me.”

Horden then carefully open the carriage door, he sneaked to the front of the carriage, hoping to see their driver, safe and sound. He curses when all he can see is a pool of red blood on the drivers seat, with whimpering horses. Something already took the driver, possibly feasting on his body.



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