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 straight and coughed lightly, "This Cuju is really boring, it's better to sleep in the house." 


    Luo Shuyu knew that his sleep was wrong: "If you say it again, I will ignore you." 


    Li Mingjin felt regretful: "Well, let's continue with the question we just said." 


    "Do you still remember my question" Luo Shuyu glanced at him, and it all went a thousand miles away. 


    Li Mingjin just wanted to tease his serious wife, and he was in a good mood when he saw his blushing face. 


    But when the wife was angry, he had to coax him: "I have a good memory, remember, remember." 


    Luo Shuyu asked him: "Then tell me, what is the reason" 


    Li Mingjin thought for a while, and said, "It's not sick , that's another reason." 


    Luo Shuyu added: "Are all women in Zhou Guo very tall I'm taller among the gers, she's half a head taller than me, maybe even taller, It's almost as tall as you." 


    Thinking that in the book, Luo Shuyu didn't even see Princess Zhou appearing, whether because of what Shen Mingyun did in his previous life, he directly squeezed out Princess Jiaming's appearance, she had no chance to appear in front of others, maybe she died on the way. 


    Li Mingjin's mind flashed: "What do you mean" 


    Luo Shuyu looked at him: "Yeah." 


The two approached again after talking, and Li Mingjin lowered his voice: "you suspect that he may be a ger or a man." 


    If he hadn't entered the man's gongfang habitually, he wouldn't have gone wrong, and when Shen Mingyun found out, Princess Jiayang wouldn't be flushed red because of being caught. 


    Luo Shuyu: "This is just my guess." 


    Li Mingjin stared at him thinking, very cute, and wanted to kiss him, who said that a serious man was the most handsome, and his wife was also very handsome, and wanted to  do shameful thing with him. 


    Whether it was outside, Li Mingjin still tried his best to suppress his desires, and turned to think about Luo Shuyu's speculation, which must be carefully considered. 


    Li Mingjin: "I sent people to watch at night.

Zhou Guo sent a man who pretended to be a woman to come and have a marriage.

When the father emperor knew about it, he would definitely use it to raise the troops.

Now I see that the country is prosperous and the people were strong, but the harvest hasn't been very good in the past two years.

Or there is some ulterior secret here." 


    Luo Shuyu nodded: "Do you want to check it quietly" 


    Seeing the eunuch coming over, Luo Shuyu and Li Mingjin stopped chatting, and there was no need to say anything else, they both knew very well.


    No matter how rich the country was and the people were strong, it couldn’t stand the consumption of infighting and war, let alone natural disasters, which were problems that need to be solved urgently. 


    The game on the ice rink continued. 


    The Emperor Tiansheng was very happy to see it, and everyone was also happy. 


    The Cuju on ice competition was originally an opportunity for those with high military values ​​to show off.

Li Mingjin's team rushed to the end and pushed the crown Prince's team to the second place.

After all, Li Mingjin didn't compete with him for the throne, so he quickly accepted that he lost.

In reality, his force was indeed inferior to that of the third brother. 


    The Emperor Tiansheng gave Li Mingjin's team a bunch of things, and The Emperor Tiansheng also gave Li Mingjin a very thick fur coat. 


    Li Mingjin was extremely satisfied, the things that The Emperor Tiansheng gave were not bad, and a thick fur coat could be used as a quilt in winter. 





    At the end of the game, it was lunch time.

Everyone was eating barbecue in the shed, and they could play ice skating here in the afternoon. 


    Li Mingjin personally went to the shelf to roast mutton for Luo Shuyu.

It was oily and fragrant, and it was delicious with some seasoning. 


    Li Mingjin said to Luo Shuyu: "If you feel greasy, eat less." 


    Luo Shuyu shook his head: "Your Highness, I have been eating meat with you all this time, and I am not afraid of being greasy." 


    Li Mingjin: "Then two more " 


Luo Shuyu: "Okay, add some chili powder for me."     


Li Mingjin: "How come the taste  become heavier"     


Luo Shuyu: "It's cold, eat something spicy and warm."     


Li Mingjin himself liked it, so he wouldn't talk about him.

The two were eating when they suddenly heard the sound from the ice rink! The strange things you didn't know yet.


    Luo Shuyu and Li Mingjin looked at the ice rink together. 


    They saw a red figure sliding on the ice rink.

The gestures and movements were extremely beautiful, the sliding speed was extremely fast, and every movement was very elegant, like a colorful butterfly dancing on the ice. 


    Luo Shuyu knew who it was just by looking at it. 


    Li Mingjin commented pertinently: "Although your cousin is useless, this skating is good." 


    Luo Shuyu was not surprised, Shen Mingyun must have exchanged the "Prince on Ice" card from the system for a quarter of an hour, he raised his eyebrows, chuckled: "Your Highness, believe it or not, he will come down in a quarter of an hour, and he will not go up to skate again." 


    He remembered the content of Cuju on Ice in the book, the points redeemed for this "Prince on Ice" card were not low, there was only one in the system. 


    Shen Mingyun grew up in a city where there was not much snow.

He couldn't skate at all, and he couldn't do the most basic skating.

Now that he was so prominent, it was also because he wanted to get more attention and get to know more people, so he would have more advanced tasks, and staying in the back house would really affect his performance. 


    Li Mingjin said with emotion: "He's really weird." 


    Luo Shuyu nodded: "Well, it's weird." 


    Li Mingjin took a big bite of meat: "Weird things happen every year, especially this year." 


    Everyone's attention was attracted by Shen Mingyun, but Luo Shuyu and Li Mingjin were eating barbecued meat calmly like no one else. 


    A quarter of an hour later, Shen Mingyun really returned to the fourth prince's side, his face flushed red, and the fourth prince put on a fur coat on him very lovingly. 


    Although Shen Mingyun's skills on ice were the best, there was not a single person who wanted to come over to ask him about his skills on ice, because his identity was a very real issue, and no matter how powerful he was, he was only a concubine. 


    An unmarried ger or woman would never ask a concubine for advice, and even Luo Shuyao and Luo Shuyue brought by Luo Shangshu wished to stay away from him.

Everyone who had a bit of etiquette knew that they would rather marry a lowly than became a concubine, but Shen Mingyun had sex with people before marriage, and had private meetings with people in the middle of the night.

He had no sense of shame.

He became a typical negative teaching material in the Luo family.

The old lady who loved him the most was so angry that he was carried into the Fourth Prince's Mansion for several days. 


    Shen Mingyun didn't achieve the goal he wanted, and it was extremely painful.

He was so outstanding, and he still couldn't receive compliment Were these people blind 


    As for the fourth prince, he didn't care about Shen Mingyun showing off his ice skills on the ice.

He knew that Shen Mingyun was very special, and the better and the more special he was, the more proof that his original idea was right. 


    Just as the fourth prince, Li Mingchun, was thinking, Concubine Lin sent someone to pass a message.

He didn't see enough of the dance on ice just now.

Asking him if he could let Shen Mingyun go for another round, and enjoying the beauty while eating was also a great pleasure today. 


    Li Mingchun only thought that Shen Mingyun was extremely powerful, and said to him: "Concubine Lin sent someone to ask you to go up and skate for another quarter of an hour, is it possible" 


    Shen Mingyun shook his head decisively: "That's not possible, I'm very tired from skating just now, and now I have a little strength.

No more, can't get on." 


    Li Mingchun frowned slightly, and he said a little displeased: "Mingyun, now you and I are one, and you know my current situation.

Didn't you say that we should understand each other Concubine Lin has treated me well these years, if I can’t meet the requirements, she will definitely attack me in the future, she is a more careful person.” 


    Shen Mingyun raised his teacup, as if it had nothing to do with himself: “That’s really impossible, I can’t do it, and now my whole body is collapsed." He could only sit on the chair like a rogue, and fell straight down, not dignified at all.


    Although Li Mingchun was angry, he couldn't force him if he didn't want to go.

He could only go to Concubine Lin to refuse.

When he came back, the smile on his face was a little lighter.

Shen Mingyun talked to him, and he ignore him. 


    Compared with the husband and wife of Luo Shuyu who were eating happily next door, there was a world of difference. 


    Luo Shuyu and Li Mingjin also found out that Concubine Lin wanted Shen Mingyun to go up and perform for a while, but she was rejected, so the fourth prince went to apologize in person. 


    Luo Shuyu said: "Look, I said he won't go up again." 


    Li Mingjin: "Fourth brother really lost his face this time.

He has always been the most concerned about image." 


Not much to say. 


    After eating and drinking, Li Mingjin asked Luo Shuyu if he wanted to go down and play for a while. 


    Luo Shuyu looked at Li Mingjin's eyes very brightly: "Then let's go." 


    Speaking of skating, Li Mingjin was a master, Luo Shuyu had never touched it, and he seldom played in the snow, otherwise on the day it just snowed, he wouldn't be more enjoyable than Li Mingjin, after all, there were still some children's hearts in it. 


    Luo Shuyu was the first imperial concubine to go skating, and he was led by Li Mingjin, which quickly attracted everyone' s attention.


    they heard that the third prince was afraid of his wife, now it seemed that it was not a rumor either. 


    Seeing that the third prince carefully helped Luo Shuyu on the ice rink, he was simply a model of a good husband. 


    For a time, the wives beside the officials and the Imperial concubines were all sore, and they clearly hinted at their husbands. 


    An old middle-aged woman: "Master, look at the third prince, he is very affectionate to the third prince's imperial concubine." 


    The young wife who had been married for more than two years: "Husband, would you take me to the ice rink to teach me how to skate " 


    The newlywed wife who was a bit arrogant and spoiled: "Official, I want to skate too!"


    Even Concubine Lin showed an envious look: "Your Majesty is right, the husband and wife of the third prince are really loving, and they liked to play when they were young."


The Emperor Tiansheng laughed: "I know, I know, if you like it, you'll also go for a ride with me." 


    Concubine Lin said in a coquettish tone, "Come on, it's all young people's world, so let's give others a chance." 


    Shen Mingyun on the side was so angry that his face turned green, why Luo Shuyu could attract everyone's attention, and a group of people talked to him intentionally or unintentionally, but he was only suppressed by the imperial power of Concubine Lin.


    Thinking of his unfinished tasks, he looked at Princess Jiayang sitting in the shed. 


    It was a wonderful task to get Li Mingjin and Princess Jiayang to fight against each other. 


    Who made Luo Shuyu opposed him everywhere! 


    While everyone was having a good time, there was a movement from the crown Prince's side.

He heard that the crown princess suddenly passed out in the shed.

Now the crown Prince was very nervous and had already sent someone to invite the accompanying imperial doctor! 


    Li Mingjin and Luo Shuyu were not interested in playing either.

The two returned to the shed, and the others stopped playing. 


    The crown princess fainted, who would dare to continue playing without heart. 


    However, good news soon came.

According to the diagnosis of the imperial doctor who was waiting at the scene, the Crown Princess was a happy pulse (pregnant). 


    For a time, several families were happy and some were sad. 


    Luo Shuyu and Li Mingjin, who got off the ice rink, returned to the shed for a fire. 


    After taking off the ice boots, Luo Shuyu roasted his cold feet on the fire and asked Li Mingjin tentatively, "Does Your Highness like children 


    " it's okay ." 


    Luo Shuyu turned his ankle and found that Li Mingjin stuttered a little in answer, and then looked up again, his eyes were still dodging. 


    Does Li Mingjin not like children 



The author has something to say: 

The Third Prince: wife, I like the process of making children the most! Are you feeling it now 

Luo Shuyu: … 



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