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With the addition of Tre-san and Fors-san to the group, we headed for the middle-level. Though I say that, its not like we headed straight for the middle-level, but rather visited some stalls along the way.

Even at the moment, all of us have currently stopped by one of the stalls…… an attraction that seems like those free throw basketball games back on Earth.



It looked more like a small hut than a stall, but the inside seemed to have been expanded through Spatial Magic and was about the size of a basketball court.

It may look like a game where your score depends on the five free throws you shot, but your score apparently also depends on the distance of your shot, and the furthest distance…… in the position that you can say that its on the edge of the court earns you a hundred points each successful shot, but that was just too far.

Currently, Hina-chan was trying from the normal free throw position, and she was quite successful with four out of five throws.



[Ohh~~ Hinas good at this.]

[Ehehe, Im pretty good at basketball after all. Would you like to try it too, Tre-san]

[Well then, Ill give it a try.]



The great communiwarrior Tre-san quickly made friends with everyone, and she seemed to be enjoying herself. Taking turns with Hina-chan, she entered the court and prepared to shoot the ball.



[……Whoa, Tre-sans form looks kinda amazing.]

[Indeed, she got that vibe around her.]



Aoi-chan agreed with Hina-chans comment. Indeed, Tre-san is over 180cm tall, and with her slender figure, she looks like a professional when she holds the ball.

(T/N: close to 511”)

The looks and atmosphere is 100 points…… Seriously, the looks and atmosphere is……



And there, right before everyones eyes, Tre-sans casual jump shot…… much less touch the ring, it flew in a completely wrong direction.

And just like that, after shooting five balls that betrayed everyones expectations, Tre-san returned with a somewhat satisfied expression on her face.



[……With the other worlds words, you describe this as a “paper-thin difference from the goal”, isnt it]

[No, no, those shots arent even close, you know!]

[Mnhhh. Then, lets see you try it out, Kaito. Your results will definitely end up just like mine.]

[……Please dont underestimate me. Ive played basketball when its being taught in class after all……]



Firing back at Tre-sans provocation, I also tried challenging the free throw game…… but I dont know if I had been too eager to get at least a single score in, or perhaps the ring just really hates me…… I scored a zero.

When I returned, feeling indescribably embarrassed, Tre-san, just like before, looked really triumphant.



[Kaito, I believed in you!]

[……M- My ball hit the ring so……]

[Well, dont be discouraged. We all have our weaknesses. Lets not worry about it.]

[……No, why the heck are you trying to comfort me with a triumphant look on your face, Tre-san! You had zero points too!!!]

[……No, I mean, its difficult…… Its not something a first-timer would be able to get a score in……]



Seeing Tre-san look like she had won against me for some reason, I threw a tsukkomi. How should I say this…… Even though admitting this feels frustrating…… but since Tre-san and I were on the same level, its fun to compete with each other in this kind of atmosphere.

Just as my mental state was becoming slightly complicated…… Luna-san spoke to the nearby Lilia-san.



[Milady, I want their prize for the highest score…… so please get it for me.]

[Eh Ive never played this game before……]

[No, you dont have to be that modest. Watching Miyama-sama and the others, you already learned how to shoot, right And thus, please get it for me.]

[……Dont blame me if I miss then.]



Looking rather astounded at Luna-sans request, Lilia-san entered the court…… and walked towards the farthest shooting area.

Thereupon, readying the ball and shooting it, it flew in a beautiful parabola and entered the goal without touching the ring…… She just calmly pulled off a swish shot.

Thereupon, she continued shooting with the exact same trajectory and accuracy, as if its just a video playing on repeat, all five of her shots cleanly entered the goal without touching the ring.



[Fuuu, I somehow managed to do it.]

[……Lilia-san, this is the first time youve done this, right Your shots were so perfect that I was surprised.]

[Ahh, Ive been watching Kaito-san and the others play after all. I had some previous information I could refer to, so it was easy to get them in.]

[……I- Is that so]



When I called out to Lilia-san, who came back after receiving the prize for the highest score, she smiled and responded.

I somehow thought that this would happen, but Lilia-san really did easily got the highest score. Well, I dont know if shes really just too much of a genius or not, but being able to make five perfect shots in a row from that distance just from seeing us play, she really is awesome.



[……Kaito, Lilias saying some ridiculous stuff there.]

[Tre-san, please get used to it. Lilia-san is someone who can basically do things almost perfectly with just a glance.]

[……Isnt that cheating]

[I think so too.]



As a matter of fact, Lilia-san is considered as just behind the Six Kings and the others who stand at the pinnacle of the world, and someone Alice describes as a bug-level genius.

She can do most things almost perfectly once she has seen it done, so I guess she really is just as Tre-san said, her talents could already be considered a cheat.

Well, its just…… I wonder why Even though shes that amazing, for some reason, when you gather all her traits together, her delicate clumsiness kinda stands out, which is one of the cute things about Lilia-san but…….




















Serious-senpai : [In fact, Lilia is a miraculous character which is supposed to have outrageously high specs, but for some reason, her clumsiness really stands out.]

: [Well, shes still competent, so I guess shes a nice mix of clumsiness and competence. Shes not a bundle of clumsiness like Serious-senpai.]

Serious-senpai : [……Huh No, Im the incarnation of the extremely capable seriousness though]

: [Why are you sleep talking when youre not asleep]


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