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I'm going around the stalls with Alice. The plan was to get some food for the fireworks, but also to enjoy the other stalls.

However, something unexpected happened. Paradise-sans wasn't near that stall.

[……They aren't in any of the stalls.]

[Yes, but it seems like the food is already prepared and ready to eat…… It seems like State Preservation Magic has been automatically applied to them, so they're all freshly made.]

[Even the target shooting and stalls like that had that tool with "Feel free to play" written on them.]

[Hmmm, this was probably just a thoughtful gesture. She wanted us to be just us two together……]

In other words, this whole bazaar was reserved for me and Alice huh…… That in itself makes this place have a strange atmosphere, but it might be advantageous for the shy Alice.

But even if that's so, it's not like we're going to be doing anything more lover-like than what we're doing right now. I mean, what's even higher than walking around shoulder to shoulder

[……What about walking around while I'm in a princess carry]

[ ! ]

[No, that's all I could think of when I thought of something higher than walking around shoulder to shoulder. Hmmm, well, for the time being, let's stay like this……]


Arehh I thought I saw a momentary look of disappointment on Alice's face. Speaking of which, Alice was surprisingly a romanticist, or rather, she yearns for those over-the-top situations.

As I was thinking about this, Alice shyly poked her forefingers together and spoke in a quiet, whisper-like volume.

[……U- Ummm…… If Kaito-san is alright with it…… I'd like to try it a bit…… or something like that……]

The heck is with her, isn't she too cute The shy expression, the small voice, the inevitable upward glance due to our height difference, and every other aspect of her is just too cute.

Possessing a beauty that I couldn't refute her words even if she kept on proclaiming herself as a "Transcendental Beauty", after being shown such a sight, there was no way I could refuse her wish.

[I'm not really used to doing this, so keep your hands around my neck so you don't fall.]

[Ah, yes…… Errr, just like this]

[Unnn, it's fine…… Errr.]


As I felt my heart race upon smelling the nice scent wafting out when I held her in my arms, after making sure that Alice had her hands around my neck, I gave her the princess carry as requested.

She's lighter than I imagined, and perhaps, because of her small body, I feel like being like this fits really well.

[……Aren't I heavy]

[You're totally light. Well then, I'll start walking around like this……]

[Hyaaahhh, your face is too close…… Y- Yes, please.]

Thereupon, I started walking, checking my footing to make sure I wouldn't accidentally trip. Meanwhile, Alice was moving her gaze around a little restlessly, as if she didn't know where to look.

I can clearly see her ears are bright red, and although she is quite embarrassed…… She seemed to be enjoying it, just as much or even more than the embarrassment she's feeling.

[How's the ride, oh princess]

[Pfft, the heck are you suddenly saying…… Ahaha, it surprisingly looks really ill-fitting to you.]

[Hmmm, I guess I really am not that kind of character huh……]

I tried acting a bit pompous, but she just laughed out loud at me. Well, it relaxed Alice a bit, so I suppose it ended up with a good result.

As I was trying to conclude that what I did was a plus, Alice looked at me and happily smiled.

[……How's the ride huh…… I feel happy.]

[I'm glad to hear that.]

[Well, the only thing I'm worried about is whether or not Kaito-san's thin arms will be able to withstand the weight of the food that will be accumulating from now on……]

[No, you should put those back in your magic box. It's not just about weight, it's also not visually appealing to keep carrying food while we're like this.]

[I'll handle them carefully.]

[I'd like it if you just don't carry them……]


As a happy smile rose on Alice's lips, I walked along with a smile also on my face. How should I say this…… This kind of atmosphere is really nice…… I suppose this must be happiness.

After securing some food from the stalls, I headed for the shrine grounds with Alice. As expected, it was difficult for me to carry her on the stairs up the shrine, so I asked her to get off once and we walked up the stairs hand in hand.

Alice seemed to have calmed down a bit, as she doesn't look as flustered as earlier and seemed to be having fun the whole time.

After climbing up the stone stairs, we reached the shrine grounds…… where we were greeted by an unexpected sight.

There is indeed that shrine-like building, but in front of it…… the place that would normally be cobblestone or earthen ground…… had been replaced by "a whole lawn".

[……What the heck is with this incredibly mismatched place……]

[Perhaps, it was just to make it easier for us to sit and watch the fireworks…… The combination of a shrine and a lawn is usually a real thing, but they would at least have a main cobblestone path. There are torii gates there, but how should I say this…… It's like all of God's pathways are covered in grass.]

[I really feel this place is cursed.]

[Kaito-san, the one who did this "is the one who usually does the cursing".]

[……Speaking of which, that was the case.]

Exchanging glances with Alice, we wryly smiled, but well…… A lawn like this certainly might be a good place to sit or lie down while watching fireworks.

Serious-senpai : [……This is hell. The sugar level is so high that I feel like dying…… H- However, since it seemed like the fireworks would arrive soon, this hell shouldn't be that long…… It's over after they see the fireworks, right They won't go around the festivals one more time after that, right Right! That's the case, right!!!]-

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