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My date with Fate-san started amidst an unexpected nervousness. I was strangely embarrassed, so I didnt hold hands with her, and although we walked side by side, there was a little space between us.

However, this subtle distance between us makes it feel like its our first date again, making me strangely conscious of it…… Well, this is actually my second date with Fate-san……

[……Ummm, Fate-san.]

[U- Unnn! What is it]

A nervous, innocent-like reaction, it looks really dangerous. How should I say this…… Its that kind of reaction that cascades like a chain, making one increasingly nervous with time.

[E- Errr…… Is there a place youd like to go]

[Ahh, s- sorry. I actually wasnt able to prepare for this date at all. I was so preoccupied with the thought of going on a date today that I didnt have the composure to think about it……]

Wait, Fate-san…… Id like it if you please stop blushing. It almost makes me writhe in embarrassment.

[No, please dont worry about it. Well then, lets just look around without thinking too much about it.]

[Unnn. Thanks…… Kai-chan.]



What should I do! The conversation wont continue at all! Seriously, Fate-sans gestures are just so different from the usual her that each of her gestures makes me nervous, and strange pauses appear when I try to continue our conversation.

H- However, the longer the silence between us, the harder it is to continue our conversation, so even if we force it, I need to continue the conversation here……

[……Ahh, errr…… I- Its a little hot, isnt it]

[Y- Youre right! With the incoming season, it would have been better if its a bit more cooler, isnt it]



And…… were stuck again. I really cant find the next words to say. T- This is strange Ive already gone on several dates with Kuro and others, so I should be able to lead a date for a bit…… but I feel so embarrassed that I couldnt look at Fate-sans face at all.

D*mn it, s- staying like this wont do…… I mean, I still feel embarrassed thinking about turning my face away from my date. Alright, lets nonchalantly face Fate-san and make small talk with her.

I guess we could talk about our mutual acquaintance, Alice, or any other thing that had nothing to do with the current situation so that we could change this atmosphere……

[ [ ! ] ]

Thereupon, Fate-san and I turned to each other at the exact same time, and as a result, our eyes met and both of us completely stiffened.

Ahh, this is bad. All the things I thought about just now just leaped out of my mind. Errr, what was it again What was I  going to say Errr, errr……

[……F- Fate-san! H- How about we buy a drink!]

[Y- Y- Y- Youre right! Its hot, so well get thirsty! Lets do it!]

[T- Then, lets check out that store!]

[A- Alrighty!]

Even though theres a strange nervousness around us, the situation still isnt that bad. If we have something to drink, we should be able to calm ourselves and it would give me something to talk about.

Thinking about this, I quietly walked to the stall and bought two juices for Fate-san and I. Then, since we cant stand around the shop, we walked to a small plaza nearby and sat down next to each other on a bench before we started drinking.



Kuhh…… Theres this silence again…… Fate-san seemed to be bewildered by this too. Im the man here, so I think I should somehow lead her. Lets take a deep breath…… Alright.

[……It might be because Im pretty thirsty, but this is delicious.]


[How should I say this…… I guess being laid back like this isnt so bad huh.]

[……Thats right. Unnn. This is also good.]

Thanks to my efforts to calm things down, Fate-sans voice gradually began to calm down.

Just as I was thinking that the nervousness within our hearts would gradually disappear like that…… Fate-san muttered to herself.

[……Kai-chan, Im sorry.]

[Eh For what]

[I thought we were going to have a decent date but…… Im no good at all. Im all flustered and cant keep my composure at all. I have no idea what to do at all. My mind kept on drawing blanks and words wont come out of my mouth.]

[…..Thats actually the same case for me too.]

[……Kai-chan too]

Seeing Fate-san talking with an apologetic expression on her face, I felt my heart somewhat calm down. How should I say this…… Im relieved to know that Fate-san felt the same way I did.

[Pathetic it may be, Ive been unable to speak my mind at all since a while ago…… and was feeling troubled how to say it.]

[Were the same then.]

[Yes, thats right.]



Fate-san and I looked at each other and laughed. Yes, thats right. This is a date, theres no point in me worrying about it all by myself.

Since neither of us wasnt in a situation where we could lead well, we should just discuss it with each other.

Feeling a little less tense, I stood up, juice in hand, and smiled at Fate-san.

[Fate-san…… Where do you think we should go next]

[……I want to see the ocean.]

[Then, lets go to the harbor.]


Hearing my words, Fate-san finally stands and stands up. We dont really have to hurry ourselves, we still have plenty of time.

Lets put these “I need to calm down” and “I need to lead” thoughts somewhere in the corner of my mind. For now, the best thing I can do is to enjoy my date with Fate-san as much as I can.

Dear Mom, Dad————- I was nervously grinding my gears, thinking of what to say, and wasnt able to talk well…… But even if thats so, I still feel that this isnt so bad. As if were exploring the distance between us, little by little, and even though it might be a bit pathetic————– I still feel that the distance between Fate-san and I were getting closer.

Serious-senpai : [Aaaaahhhhhhh! Uwaaaaahhhhh!!!]

: [……Hmmm, Fate-san is amazing, isnt she Looking at this nervousness that is unlike when Kaito-san was within his lovers, I feel like writhing in embarrassment.]

Serious-senpai : [No moooooooooore! Im going hoooooooooome!!!]

: [This is your home, you know]

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