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After finishing her greetings to me and Chronois-san, Isis-san looked around once and finally settled her sight on Lilia-san.

[……The homeowner]

[……Y- Yes. M- My name is Lilia Albert.]

[……Nice to meet you.]

[N- Nice to meet you too.]

Ah, I see. She wants to say her greetings to the homeowner, but she didnt know who the homeowner was, so she looked around for any people that might look like it.

When Isis-san asked so, Lilia-san nodded her head with clear anxiousness on her face.

Even that Lilia-san is so frightened to this extent…… I wonder how dreadful her magic power of death originally is

[No, the pressure shes releasing is considerably lesser today. Her mind greatly influences the magic power of death shes releasing, so she must be in a very good mood today.]

Sensing the doubts that came to my mind, Chronois-san whispered more information.

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It seems that her magic power of death was greatly affected by her emotions, so if Isis-san is in a bad mood, she would look more atrocious, and conversely, if shes in a good mood, she becomes less intimidating.

Perhaps because of that, Lilia-san is also able to properly converse with her even though shes still trembling, so Chronois-san also looks at both of them with a slightly relieved expression on her face.

[……By the way…… theres one thing…… I want to ask you……]

[Eh W- What is it]

[……New Years evening party……Why is it…… that only Kaito didnt attend]


Isis-sans voice clearly becomes lower, and Lilia-san reflexively jumps back.

Perhaps, Isis-san is releasing a rather atrocious magic power of death. Not only Lilia-san, but even Lunamaria-sans legs are trembling now, and seeing the situation, Chronois-san immediately intervenes between Lilia-san and Isis-san.

[Wait, Death King. What are you planning to do when you ask something like that]

[……What Im going to do ……If Kaito…… was being tormented by someone here…… I will “kill” everyone related to it.]

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[Wait a sec…… Isis-san]

[……If the homeowner there…… is tormenting…… Kaito…… Ill kill her.]

[ ! ! ]

I dont know how Isis-san knows about the evening party, but I can tell that the current situation is being caught up regarding this topic.

Chronois-san is clearly about to fight with Isis-san, glaring at her with her sharp eyes, while Isis-san is also looking at her with her freezing gaze.

And also, is it their magic power that was clashing between them I can even hear the air creaking. Doesnt this situation look really bad

[Do you really think Im going to let you do that]

[……If you interfere…… Im also…… going to kill you.]

[Tsk…… I knew it would turn like this!]

[P- Please wait a minute, Isis-san!]

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When I saw Isis-san and Chronois-san look like they would really start fighting, I hurriedly called out to Isis-san.

I dont know where she got that information from, but it seems that Isis-san misunderstands that Im being tormented here, and I, as the person in question, must first of all, tell them the truth.

[Isis-san, even if that were the case, fighting here is no good!]

[Miyama, stop! With the way she is right now, shes in no condition to converse with……]

[……Unnn…… I understand…… If Kaito says so…… I wont fight.]


When I told her not to start fighting here, Isis-san quickly listens to me and the tense atmosphere she previously had dissipates.

Chronois-san looked as if she doesnt understand whats happening, but I think its better if I clear up Isis-sans misunderstanding first, so I ignore Chronois-san for the time being and begin explaining to Isis-san.

[That day I was invited by Kuro…… the Underworld King, so I wasnt able to attend.]

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[……Underworld King…… You know…… Kuromueina]

[Yes, anyway, thats why Im not being tormented by anyone in particular. Lilia-san has been really good to me, and Ive always been in her care.]

[……I- Is that so…… Lilia…… Im sorry.]

[Eh Ah, y- yes.]

As I thought, Isis-san really has an honest personality, as after hearing my words, she understands that what she heard before was just a misunderstanding, and immediately bows her head to Lilia-san and apologizes.

After seeing one of the Six Kings suddenly bowing her head to her, Lilia-san looked dumbfounded as her trembling stopped due to the confusion shes feeling, and nodded her head.

[Besides, Isis-san is an incredibly strong person, so you shouldnt just say youd kill someone without a second thought.]

[……I understand…… I wont just say…… that I will kill someone.]

[Thank you. Im glad you understand.]

[…..If Kaito is happy…… then Im…… also happy.]

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[……Oi, seriously, who the heck is that Its not someone else thats wearing the skin of the Death King, right]

When I thanked Isis-san for listening to what I said, Isis-san nodded with a smile while her cheeks were adorably blushing.

Yep, I think she really is a good, honest person, and the publics perception of Isis-san is probably largely due to the effects of her magic power of death.

Patting my chest after feeling relieved, for some reason, Chronois-san looked confused as she whispered something to me.

[Oi, you…… How in the world did you manage to tame that unreasonable Death King]

[Eh No, its not that I tamed her or anything like that……]

[No, she was originally the kind of person thats so unreasonable that it makes the head of the people around her hurt, and she would even resort to using force when someone disagrees with her…… How did you make her listen to you like a loyal dog. You…… Are you a monster]


For some reason, the Supreme God thinks of me as someone inhuman.

To me though, Isis-san has always been like this since the moment I met her, but it seems to be different from the publics perception of her.

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Hmmm, I think it was the publics perception of her thats wrong though…… I think Isis-san is an honest and kind person, but could it be that the magic power of death she was clad in caused unnecessary misunderstandings

As I was thinking about this, Isis-san turned to Lilia-san again, and with a calm tone, she spoke.

[……Kaito…… said that he had always been in your care…… thats why I…… am also thankful to you…… If theres anything I can do to help…… Just say it.]

[Eh Ah, errr, ummm, i- i- it would be my honor!]

As if she didnt expect those words to come out from her mouth, Lilia-san stutter while she resolutely nodded her head, filled with a mixture of fear and confusion.

[Hohhh… Does that mean……for example, if Lilia says that she wants to procure “Blue Diamonds” and “Ice Crystals” that can be mined from under your home, you would accept]

[B- B- B- Blue Diamond! Ice Crystal! U- U- Ummm, Chronois-sama That should be one of the worlds finest jewelry that only appears on the market a few times a year……]

[……Unnn ……If you want them…… I can give you…… as much as you want, you know]


I still dont understand the cost of living in this world very well, but it seems that in the area where Isis-san lives, an extremely rare jewel can be mined, and Isis-san that its alright for Lilia-san—— for Albert Duchy to procure it.

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[I- Isnt that great…… My Lady. We could even make a fortune as a jeweler with this……]

[N- No, I mean, eh P- Please wait a moment! I cant keep up with whats happening…… Kyyuuu~]

[My Lady!]

Ah, Lilia-san had already reached over her tolerance limit.

Lunamaria-san rushed over as Lilia-sans eyes turned in circles. Its a scene that Ive become rather used to seeing lately…… but in a way, it can be said that its my fault again, so I feel somewhat sorry for it.

[Isis-san, shall we go inside for now]

[……Unnn…… Id like to talk…… with Kaito…… about lots of things.]

[Yeah, we didnt get to talk much last time. Weve got lots of time today, so lets just sit back and have some tea while we talk.]

[……Im looking forward to it.]

Though I said that, since I cant really do anything about it…… Ill just show Isis-san around for the time being.

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Because of her magic power of death, the only people who can properly speak with her are me and Chronois-san, so I was originally supposed to be the one who will be guiding her in the mansion, so theres no problem.

Seeing the sincerely happy smile on Isis-sans face while her cheeks were slightly blushing red, I also smiled at her and headed into the mansion.

[Lilia…… Youre really filled with all sorts of troubles huh. Ill go send you some good stomach medicine next time.]

I heard Chronois-sans voice from behind, sounding like she was really pitying her from the bottom of her heart.

Dear Mom, Dad—— With Isis-sans arrival comes some troubles, and I dont know if you could say that it has become a tradition these days but—— Lilia-san fainted again.


Stop, stop, stop please!

No, seriously, I almost used up all my stacks there.


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