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A huge mansion built on a low hill. In one of the rooms, Shalltear was looking down at the owner of the mansion who had become a silent slab of flesh with her cold eyes.

This slab of flesh before her…… was the flesh of a power Demon and the boss of the Demons living in this area. And coincidentally, he was a being that is unnecessary for the orderly Demon Realm that Shalltear was trying to create.

Having decided to bring order to the Demon Realm, Shalltear began to move in earnest and was trying to achieve her two priorities.

The first is to get rid of the beings that only fatten their pockets, and those beasts who rage as they will…… to clean up the trash that disturbs the Demon Realm, and the Demon that she had just eliminated this time falls under this category.

This Demon was extremely cruel, attacking and destroying the settlements of weaker species and those species that didn't follow his rule, torturing the inhabitants he had kidnapped in extremely brutal ways until they died.

Therefore, Shalltear killed this Demon and all of his followers without question.

She could have just wiped out the whole place, together with the corpses and all the traces of what happened here…… Before she left, Shalltear went to the basement of the mansion for his other priority.

Her second priority is to gather subordinates that would be her hands and feet. No matter how powerful Shalltear is, it is difficult for a single person to establish her roots in the entirety of the vast Demon Realm.

Loyal subordinates who would work as her eyes and ears…… that's what she's seeking for in the basement.

The basement beneath the mansion is the torture chamber where the Demons that Shalltear had killed torment their preys to their hearts' contents. And that room was filled with the stench of blood.

There were bloody torture victims haphazardly littered here and there, while some battered bodies lay at the edge of the room, reeking of decay. If it were a normal person, they would have gone crazy seeing such a sight, but Shalltear looked unmoved.

[Hmmm, I guess this time's a miss too huh They're all either dead or broken-minded dolls…… I guess these are just idiots who didn't know how to hold back when torturing people huh. Good grief, it ended up being a waste of time———- Oya]


When she couldn't find anyone sane enough for her to pick up, Shalltear almost let out a sigh, but then, she spotted a Demon in one corner of the room.

It was a young girl tied in chains…… Seeing her eyes, which were being dyed in gloominess but hadn't lost their light, Shalltear smiled.

For this girl, this place was hell. One day, the village where she lived was suddenly attacked.

All of those who fought were killed, and those who stayed behind are in this house…… and brought into this hellish room.

There was no one left of her own kind, and all of them died in front of her eyes after being tortured that made her want to cover her eyes. The only reason why she is still alive is because of her beauty.

Of course, she was subjected to many tortures. However, she wasn't tortured to the point of death like the others.

The Demons of this mansion, with their twisted fetishes, couldn't help but love to watch as the beautiful girl's expression turned into despair.

That's why only the girl was kept alive in this hell.

The hell that seemed to go on forever though, was suddenly wiped out one day by a single Demon.

[……Heehhh…… These characteristic shadows beneath your eyes…… You're a Hell Nightmare huh. Oya "One of your eyes" had been gouged out huh. Ahh, come to think of it, I did hear someone say that the eyeball of a Hell Nightmare can be used to make a powerful elixir, didn't I]


When the girl first saw the robed Demon who speaks in a cheerful tone disproportionate to the torture chamber…… "Who in the world is this Demon" was the first thought that popped out in her mind, which was something that was perfectly normal to question.

[Ahh, right, right. I've already killed all the Demons in the mansion.]

[ ! ]

The girl's only remaining eye widened in astonishment at those words, which were said as if she was just making small talk, but her expression quickly changed to one of understanding.

The magic power that Shalltear wears is so powerful that even a girl with no particular combat experience can tell that it is out of the ordinary. She can certainly understand that the robed Demon would be able to easily eliminate those Demons with her power.

[And with that, luck is on your side. You can leave this place and be free, you know]


She's free from this hell…… When she heard those words and understood their meaning, what welled up from within her mind…… was an inexplicable discomfort.

She should have wished for the end of this hell. She should have hoped to be free. But now, the girl felt no relief. All that's left are muddy and dark emotions……

Seeing the girl's reaction, Shalltear deeply smiles from beneath her robe, as if to say that it was just as she had expected.

[……Frustrating, isn't it]


[Do you hate the Demons that did this to you Do you hate your tribe for not protecting you Do you hate me for coming to your rescue after everything has already happened Or perhaps…… Do you hate yourself…… "for not being able to kill that Demon yourself", for being so weak that you don't have any choice but to give in to their unreasonable violence]


When she heard Shalltear's words that seemed to agitate her…… she understood the black emotions that had arisen in her heart.

Yes, the girl was so frustrated that "she couldn't destroy this hell with her own hands" and that "she couldn't kill those abominable Demons".

Just as Shalltear said…… She couldn't help hating her weak self.

[……I hate it.]

[I bet you do.]

[I hate myself for being weak! I hate myself for not being able to fight! I hate myself for not killing him! That f*cking piece of sh*t!!!]

[……Those are good eyes you have. Magnificent.]

……The girl fits Shalltear's criteria. Her mind held madness within it, but clenching her teeth, she doesn't let the madness control her actions.

The less mindful they are, the easier it is to imprint your ideals within them. And it makes it easier for them to be dependent on you.

[……Do you want power]

[…………………..Yes. I want power.]

[Fine, if you wish for power, then I will train you! In exchange……]


Unhooding herself, Shalltear hooks her finger into the collar around the girl's neck, pulling her closer.

The girl screams in pain at the shock, but Shalltear doesn't care, staring into the girl's single eye as she speaks.

[You will be my hand. You will be my feet…… You will by my eyes and ears, and you will serve me with everything you have.]


[If you do so, I will give you the power you desire. From the one being deprived of, you can be the one depriving others. Now, what will you do]


The words of solicitation from an overwhelmingly powerful person spread through the girl's mind like poison. The Absolute, who had so easily shattered the hell she had been placed in…… was telling her "to become hers"……

At that moment, an unbearable feeling of pleasure rushed through the girl's mind. Within the girl's distorted mind…… She was convinced that she was born to be ruled by this person.

[I will do as you will. As your subordinate…… I offer to you my undying loyalty……]

She found herself spontaneously saying those words.

Thereupon, the chains that bound the girl shattered, freeing her limbs. However, the girl didn't move from her spot even a step. After all, her master hadn't given her any instructions yet……

Turning her back on the girl, Shalltear spoke to the girl as she walked out of the room.

[My name is Shalltear…… Remember it. Well then, let's go. You are…… "Pandora". From now on, you are to call yourself that.]

[Yes, everything as Shalltear-sama wills……]

The moment Shalltear gave her a name, the girl readily forgot her past name. As if to show that it was no longer necessary and she would never use it again…… She gave it up as if it was a matter of course.

Then, she stood up and followed Shalltear's instructions.  With intense madness in her eyes, containing bottomless loyalty within it……

At that moment though, Shalltear herself wasn't aware that her actions had led to a complete miscalculation, the awakening of Pandora's sexual fetishes that the person herself had not even realized.

Moreover, her experience in the hell of being tormented by trashy Demons fused together with her natural inclination of tormenting others in the worst way possible…… giving birth to an incredibly perverted person, both being very sadistic and very masochistic, which would greatly perplex Shalltear later.

: [No, to be honest…… I…… I mean, Alice-chan had also regretted soliciting her so coolly and with such vigor. For her to have a fetish where she's very sadistic to most people, and become an extremely horny masochist only around certain people…… As expected, even Alice-chan couldn't have expected that. Well, since that's already happened, I think Alice-chan has done a great job "pushing her fetishes towards Kaito-san"…… Ah, no, I said nothing! Well~~ I wonder why Pandora had fallen in love with Kaito-san~~ What a mystery it is~~]

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