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The Six Kings Festival was hosted in the order of War King, World King, Death King, Dragon King, Phantasmal King and Underworld King. The second day of the festival has just ended, and the next one would be the Festival's third day…… the festival organized by Isis-san.

From what I've heard, Isis-san's festival was going to be like a huge flea market. However, I don't think this festival can be underestimated, for the items would most probably be far different from what's sold in a flea market because the one who arranged this event was extraordinary.

Isis-san, known throughout the world as a collector, possessed rare grimoires, documents regarding lost civilizations, and other items that were coveted by those in the know. She also possesses rare jewels that only exist in a handful of places in the world, mounts of animals that had already become extinct, and many other items that fetch extraordinary prices.

(T/N: Mount here refers to those heads hanging on walls. Isis-san doesn't have mammoths or such things living in her backyard.)

Isis-san had announced that she would be parting with most of these items, and the participants of this festival had prepared a lot of money for tomorrow.

Moreover, it seems that Isis-san wasn't the only one selling items here, as the other members of the Six Kings would also be selling several items. Furthermore, there was also information circulating that Shiro-san would also be releasing a small amount of the legendary wine, Shallow Grande and the finest tea in the God Realm, Glorious Tea.

I heard that such super-luxury goods would be auctioned off in the Central Plaza, but Lilia-san, whom I met at the end of the second day, predicted that some people might get bankrupt if they were to participate in that.

Incidentally, it seems that Lilia-san will also be participating in the auction. However, it seems that she wasn't aiming for the things offered by the Six Kings…… She was talking about something called Limited Edition Dragon King or something like that…… I don't remember what she called it, but I think she wanted to buy a model of Magnawell-san.

Well, I'm going to buy something if I can find something I want, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

But before I could face what's to come tomorrow, I had a big challenge ahead of me.

[……Kaito…… Does it feel itchy]

[Ah, no.]

[……I'll scrub you…… nice and clean, okay]

[Y- You can just scrub normally, okay]

Scrubbing my back with a sponge, Isis-san softly told me. Yes, according to the incomprehensible rule proposed by Ein-san, "the person who goes around with me at the festival the next day gets to have a mixed bath with me", I'm currently taking a bath with Isis-san.

Yesterday's mixed bathing with Lillywood-san was also quite tough but…… Isis-san is even tougher than that.

[……Being together with Kaito tonight…… tomorrow too…… together…… I'm feeling happy.]

[Gufuuu……] (P/R: Best girl ) 

Yes, the pure affection that Isis-san directed at me did tremendous damage to my reasoning.

No matter how I try to explain it, Isis-san is an angel, and her affection is pure and untainted. Even now, she has no shame in expressing her affection towards me, telling me without any hesitation that she was happy to be with me.

Her destructive power was so great that by the time I soaked my body in the onsen, my corrupted mind was emancipated, as if her affection had burned the corruption out of my mind.

[……But…… Kaito…… Tomorrow…… Will being together with me tomorrow…… really be okay ……Will I not…… be a bother]

[You won't be a bother at all. Even now, I'm already looking forward to going around with you, Isis-san.]

[……I'm glad…… Me too…… I've always…… looked forward…… to going around together with you.]

What was this angel I want to hug her right now.

Isis-san's bashfulness was so cute that I had to hastily pull close my arms that had reflexively tried reaching out to hug her before I knew it.

[……Kaito…… Are you not tired]

[I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired at all but…… even greater than that were the experiences I had yesterday and the today, and I'm having a lot of fun.]

[……I see…… I'm glad that…… Kaito is having fun.]

With her aura of love bursting forth, Isis stared at me with a beautiful smile. Even though I wasn't looking at her body, I feel my heart beating absurdly fast.

I mean, Isis-san is really getting cuter and cuter by the day…… and after we have officially become lovers, she's shown me her love even more than before, so I feel strangely nervous when we are alone like this.

[S- Speaking of which, Isis-san. Thank you for the bento today. It was very delicious.]

[……I have put into it…… lots of my love for Kaito after all.]

[A- Ahaha…… Even so, it was really delicious. So much so that I want to eat it everyday.]

[……If Kaito wants to eat…… I can always make one for you…… The next one I will be making…… will have even more…… of my love for Kaito…… and I think that…… it will be even more delicious.]

Saying this, sounding really happy, Isis-san brought her body close and leaned her head on my body, to which I gently hugged her by her shoulders. Seriously…… I'm blessed to have a girlfriend who is cute, has a great personality, and does so much for me.

Of course, being in such close contact with her makes me feel nervous, and I feel like steam is going to start coming out of my ears. But surpassing such emotions…… Was the unbearable happiness I'm feeling right now.

When we go around tomorrow, I hope that Isis-san will truly have fun…… that she will think that it was the happiest day she ever had…… and for that to happen, I will also do my best.

Dear Mom, Dad————- Being with Isis-san and receiving her pure and bountiful love makes me feel really happy. Being with her is my happiness…… Yes, feeling as if receiving her love was natural————– It might be one of Isis-san's charms that are second to none.

From here on, it will now be Archangel Isis' turn!!!

Serious-senpai: [Uwaaaahhhhhh! I'm screwed, it's over……]-

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