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After the meal with Anima, we finally arrived at the fifth arena.

The arena wasnt so different from the previous ones, but it looked very intimidating to me right now, especially when I realized that Im finally standing before the last and strongest of the War Kings Five Generals.

[……I wonder if Lilia-san and the others are inside]

[I think so. They may have challenged her first.]

I took a quick look around the entrance, but I couldnt see Lilia-san and the others. So, I assumed that they were challenging Agni-san first, and entered the arena with Anima.

As we continued a little further, we heard cheers and what seemed to be the sounds of battle.

As we walked a little faster, I could see everyone near the entrance of the large arena.

[Oya Kaito-san. Good work out there.]

[Sieg-san! Im sorry to keep you waiting…… Is someone challenging Agni-san right now]

When Sieg-san spotted me, she called out to me, so I slightly bowed and met up with everyone.

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[Yes…… Soon, all of us, including My Lady, will have “failed the challenge”.]


When I heard what Lunamaria-san said, I immediately moved my gaze to the center of the arena…… There, I saw Agni-san standing leisurely, and Lilia-san brandishing her large sword above, about to swing it down.

Lilia-san, who boasted tremendous power, struck with all her might from above…… This is a sword strike that had the same power of a strike from a Count-rank High-ranking Demon, but Agni-san didnt move from her spot and easily caught Lilia-sans sword with one hand.

[……Thats a good attack. However, there is still unevenness in the distribution of magic power in your body.]


It was an overwhelming sight.

When Lilia-san unleashed a series of strikes, she caught all of them with one hand without taking a single step, and when Lilia-san unleashed a tornado-like magic, Agni-san dispersed it with just a casual wave of her hand.

Even if Lilia-san was attacking with a speed that I couldnt perceive, Agni-san didnt even consider her strikes as threats and easily dealt with Lilia-sans attacks without any change in her expression.

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It was such an overwhelming difference in ability that even I, an amateur, could understand…… This was the strength of the Head of the War Kings Five Generals……

In the end, Agni-san was able to handle all of Lilia-sans attacks without moving a single step, and Lilia-san failed as her as time had ran out.

[……That wasnt a bad match. I look forward to our next match.]

[Y- Yes…… Thank you…… very much.]

Breathing heavily, Lilia-san came back looking tired.

[Lilia-san, are you alright]

[Kaito-san…… Yes, Agni-san, the Head of the War Kings Five Generals…… Even with a handicap, I still couldnt do anything against her.]

[I mean, we watched the other challengers while waiting for Miyama-sama…… and it seems like “none of them have managed to clear it”.]


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Agni-san, how relentless can you be For no one to manage to clear it……

Shuddering at what Lunamaria-san said, I spoke to Anima who was standing next to me.

[……Anima, are you confident you can win]

[Frustrating as it may be…… I dont see any chance of me winning. Compared to Epsilon-san…… Agni-san is in another dimension.]

[I see……]

It seems that Agni-san was so strong that even Anima said that she couldnt win against her even before trying. Shes definitely the strongest of the Five Generals Ive met so far…… To be honest, if even Lilia-san cant win, then the only ones who I can ask to win on my behalf are Eden-san or Pandora-san……

[If it isnt Miyama-sama. Welcome to my arena.]

[Ah, yes. Hello…… Errr, I will be intruding.]

After Agni-san finished repairing the areas broken after Lilia-sans challenge, she came up to me and greeted me with a deep bow.

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[Thank you for your courteous greeting. I have already received reports from my subordinates that you have already four oversized stamps…… As expected of Miyama-sama.]

[T- Thank you.]

[However, I have also been entrusted with this spot by Megiddo-sama. Please understand that I wont be cutting corners.]

[Y- Yes!]

How should I say this…… It may be rude to say that this was unexpected, but Agni-san seems to be a person who used honorifics when she should.

I mean, most of the Five Generals didnt seem to be muscleheads huh…… Well, Kong-san is a different type of musclehead though……

Then, looking straight into my eyes, Agni-san quietly continued.

[Miyama-sama, please excuse my rudeness but I want to inform you something.]

[Eh Ah, yes. Please tell me……]

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[Im sorry, Miyama-sama, but even with the maximum handicap, you cannot beat me. I recommend that you have a proxy challenge me.]

[I- I understand.]

Well, I was originally planning on doing that but…… What should I do

If I want to beat Agni-san, the only proxies that I could really send were Eden-san and Pandora-san. However, Pandora-san seems to be busy and I didnt want to interrupt her work too much.

That said, asking Eden-san is…… In her case though, Im afraid that she might accidentally kill Agni-san or something. Im worried because Eden-san really thinks of the inhabitants of this world as nothing more than insects.

However, hmmm. If I need to rely on one of them in the end, I guess I can call Eden-san, who I can call right away huh As for asking her to hold back, Im sure I can manage to ask her to do that if I ask hard enough……

Just as I was thinking about it, I heard an unfamiliar voice from behind me.

[……Then, let me be your proxy.]


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Turning around at the sound of the voice, the first thought that popped into my mind was “Who”.

Her semi-short hair was black on the inside and gray on the outside, and her eyes were purple like an amethyst. She was rather short, around 140cm, but the way she walked up to me with her arms crossed was truly imposing.

On the chest of her outfit, which looked like a skirt-type military uniform that had been modified to look like formal wear, was a black badge that indicated that she was my companion.

……Seriously, who the heck is she I dont recognize her at all……

The mysterious woman walked straight up to Agni-san and quietly staring at her, she spoke.

[……I owe this man a great debt that I can never repay. I dont think I can repay even ten percent of it with something like this…… I wont be able to keep my thoughts out of it if I dont at least pay the interest. Therefore, I will act as his proxy…… Do you have any objections]

[E- Errr…… W- Who are you]

[……Mnghh! That idiot…… She didnt explain to you about me huh……]

The woman who had calmly declared that and asked for my confirmation stiffened when she heard my question.

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A little while later, letting out a big sigh with one hand on her head, she astoundedly muttered before turning towards me.

[My name is Iris…… Iris Illuminus. Well, Im sure youd understand who I am if I say “Im that big idiots partner”.]


Dear Mom, Dad————- A mysterious woman suddenly appeared in my challenge with Agni. Im pretty sure Ive never met her before but…… Her name sounded familiar, or rather, if Im not mistaken, this person, Iris-san was———— Alices best friend.

: [What a terrible spoiler you posted there, Author-san. Well, if youre Alice-chans fan, youd have known who it was when you saw the title. Well, it should be easy. This is just a Lv 4 question in the Alice-chan Fanclub test.]

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