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Arriving at the third arena, It looked more like a dojo rather than a colosseum.

It seems like it takes quite a while to gather ten stamps for the challenge, and there were still no other challengers in sight yet.

Walking into the quiet arena with Anima, I looked at the person sitting in a seiza in the middle of the area.

She was sitting down, so I couldnt see her clearly, but she looked to be about two meters tall. It was a blue-haired woman wearing clothes similar to a kimono.

[……Im glad youve come, Miyama-dono.]

Quietly speaking in a voice that held a hint of coldness, it felt like she was the exact opposite of King from the previous arena.

The woman slowly stood up and turned to me and Anima.

[My name is Epsilon…… I am known as Epsilon of “Absolute Ice”. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.]

[Ah, Im Miyama Kaito. This is my proxy, Anima.]

[Fumu, I understand. Im not one for small talk. Lets just go straight to the main point. Anima-dono, touch this.]

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Saying that, Epsilon-san took out the same crystal ball that I had seen at Bacchus-sans arena.

Stepping in front of me, Anima touched the crystal ball.

[……Fumu, you have a power level of “800,000” huh…… Thats quite something. Id say youre around a viscount-level huh.]

A- Animas strong! Errr, compared to the me whose power level is “3”…… Anima was 200,000 stronger…… Well, there are also those unreasonably strong people in the world that can break that crystal ball……

[Well then, lets establish the rules. If you can hit me with even a single strike, you win. As a handicap, I wont use one of my arms and one of my legs, nor will I make use of magic in my attacks. I will be warning you though, that I will still make use of magic to defend myself. Also, my movements will be restricted but…… Since I have no intention of moving from this spot, that rule doesnt really matter.]


Anima quietly listened to what Epsilon-san was saying. It seems that she will have a considerable handicap, but she doesnt seem to have any complaints about it.

After Anima finished listening to Epsilon-sans explanation, she came to me once and muttered.

[……Im not a fool. Let alone the small forest I used to live in, I understand that there are a lot of people who are stronger than me in this world. Shes also far more superior to me…… I really hate myself for being so weak.]

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[You dont have to be so down on yourself. Youre one of the paltry few who have reached such strength in the world.]

In many ways, she was the opposite of Kong-san. Not making fun of Anima for being weaker than her, Epsilon-san took out a naginata from out of nowhere and held it in one hand.

[Master, I will be off. Ill definitely bring you victory……]

[Anima, do your best…… However, dont push yourself too much, okay……]


Filled with determination, Anima faced Epsilon-san with both of her hands held up. Then, after making sure that I had moved out of the way…… The battle has begun.

To be honest, I may have underestimated the War Kings Five Generals in a corner of my mind.

The two battles so far has ended in overwhelming victories because one of them fought Pandora-san, the strongest of the Count ranks, and Eden-san, one of the strongest beings in the world. I thought I had clearly understood how strong the Generals are…… but seeing the sight in front of me left me astonished.

[……Guhh…… Hahhh…… Hahhh……]

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Epsilon-san, who hadnt moved an inch from his starting point, stood in front of the heavily breathing Anima, who was down on one knee. The difference in ability between them was so obvious that I could see it with my own eyes…… And she was being overwhelmed.

No matter how many attacks Anima made, Epsilon was able to handle them all with the naginata shes holding in just one hand.

She had said she could use magic to defend herself, but Epsilon-san had never used any magic so far. Perhaps, the difference in skill and magic power between them was just too great, as every time Anima lunged at her, she is flung away and tumbled on the ground.

Viscount and Count…… There seems to be just one level difference between them, but it seems like theres a very large difference in strengths……

[Anima! Stop it already……]

[I- Im alright! I can still……]

Epsilon-san did not attack Anima. Even so, it can be said that Anima was already in tatters.

She was flung away and sent crashing to the ground…… This was repeated over and over again, and blood was already flowing down her mouth.

Honestly, rather than winning or losing, I just couldnt stand to see Anima get hurt anymore, so I tried to tell her to stop and that its fine to lose, but her strong voice interrupted me.

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While Anima told me such, Epsilon-san spoke to her with an expression as cold as ice.

[……Going any further is futile. I am already fully aware of your abilities. You are too young, too inexperienced…… In which case, your blade wont reach me at all.]


[Ive been holding back all this time. Even so, damage would still accumulate in your body, wouldnt it In fact, it may already be difficult for you to stand now……]


At Epsilon-sans words, Anima hung her head in frustration. Perhaps acknowledging her movement as acceptance of defeat, Epsilon-san quietly lowered her naginata.

But immediately after, a quiet, yet strong-willed voice was heard.

[……All my days have just been spent stealing, killing and eating……]


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Epsilon-san, who was about to turn her back away from her, stopped moving at her words and turned her gaze to Anima.

[……One day, I fought “a lone human”. Compared to myself, his body was extremely fragile. He had no claws nor fangs, and yet, he challenged me with his weak and fragile body alone.]


I dont even have to think about who those words are referring to. She was talking about the time I encountered Anima and fought.

[Protecting someone on his back, there was a strong light in the eyes of this human, even though he was challenging someone much more powerful than him…… Seeing those eyes, I thought that they were strong. That I couldnt defeat them…… And those eyes…… is something I yearn for…… from the bottom of my heart!]


[I am weak. Even when I serve the person I admire, all that stands out is my weakness. There are many people stronger than me, and many more people smarter than me. And yet! Master told me that I was needed!]

With those words, Anima put all of her strength in her body towards standing up and raised her arms at the ready again.

[To serve Master, to pave the way for Masters path…… Thats something Im proud of! Thats why, theres no way I will ever give up!!!]

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[I hate to say it, but Im not that smart of a fighter…… but if I cant reach you now! I will just keep trying until I do!]

With an unyielding will, Anima took a step forward. Looking at her, Epsilon-san exclaimed in admiration…… but she didnt raise her stance.

A few moments later, Epsilon-san made the naginata in her hand disappear.

[Well done…… You win. Ill give you a stamp.]


The words Epsilon-san suddenly said seems to have caught Anima off guard.

I guess that should be obvious. The atmosphere they had just now felt like this was just where the battle began…… What the heck is going on

[W- What are you talking about! I can still……]

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[……The next attack of yours will reach me. That is something Im sure of.]


[Theres no doubt that your next attack will hit me. But it will be an “attack at the risk of your life”…… I dont think Miyama-dono would want you to be seriously injured. I am not confident that I can handle that blow without hurting you. This is just simply…… because Im not capable enough.]

A- Anyway, does that mean the battle is over In that case……


I immediately ran over to the stunned Anima and took out as much of Fruits of the World Tree as I could from my magic box.

[Anima, we need to treat your injuries!]

[Eh M- Master! I- Im just slightly injured……]

[Just eat it!!!]

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[Y- Yes!]

Overwhelmed by my menacing look, Anima hurriedly ate one of the Fruits of the World Tree. seeing that the small wounds here and there were healing, I breathed out a sigh of relief.

Then, as I was checking Anima again and again to see if she still had any other injuries, a faint smile appeared on Epsilon-sans lips.

It seems like your master cares about you very much…… What a lucky woman you are.]

[……Uuuuu, aauuu……]

[Now then, Miyama-dono. Your stamp card.]

[Ah, yes.]

With Epsilon-san prompting, I took out my card and a stamp was placed on it.

When it was done, Epsilon-san turned to Anima, who was looking down with her face blushing red, and quietly spoke.

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[……If you arent satisfied with the outcome of this battle, “lets have a rematch in a thousand years”. You are young and full of talent. A thousand years from now, I think we should be able to fight each other evenly without me having to give you any handicap.]

[……I understand. Epsilon-san, I will challenge you again in a thousand years.]

[……I will be looking forward to it, future warrior.]

Saying that, Epsilon-san bowed to me once and then went back to the center of the arena, where she sat on a seiza and closed her eyes, just as how she had been when we first entered this place.

How should I say this…… Shes a cool one. Unnn, totally different from Kong-san.

Dear Mom, Dad————- While Anima was fighting, I thought about how Ive always been helped with all these battles. Eden-san, Pandora-san, Anima…… Leaving everything to the proxies, and then facing Megiddo-san like that…… Would something like that really be alright Even though her body was in tatters, Anima still did her best. Then, I should also do the same…… Even if its at least once————- I think I should also fight.

Shes not like that gorilla. I mean, that gorilla is after all…… that……

. The Main Protagonist (The Weakest in this Novel) VS The Fourth of the War Kings Five Generals.

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—– Extra (Last Chapters Continuation) —–

My Relatives Airhead Onee-san : Shiro

Friendly Neighborhood Single Office Lady : Lillywood

Useless Cousin : Fate

Neighborhood Gorilla : Megiddo

Scary : Mama Eden

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