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I was sitting on the sofa in a room with the setting sun shining in, thinking. That introduction meeting with my parents and my lovers earlier…… I'd say that the result was generally in the right direction, but there are still a few problems.

Regarding Alice, rather than not having any problems, I knew from the beginning that she wouldn't trust Mom and Dad just after the first meeting. Alice seemed to be feeling a little guilty about that, but her actions at that time was something I had already expected.

From what I've heard so far, Alice has lived for a long time, probably even older than Kuro, second only to Shiro-san among the people I know. I wonder if that could be the reason why She basically doesn't trust people she's never met before.

She's like that not only to Mom and Dad…… That was how she acted even when we first met. From what she told me, at first, Alice was trying to determine if I could save Kuro, and of course, she didn't trust me at first either.

In some cases, I heard that she was even thinking of pulling me away from Kuro…… but such a thought apparently disappeared when we went to the Archlesia Empire together.

It takes Alice a while to become friendly with someone she has never met before. But after a few times of contact with her, her attitude will gradually soften.

When Aoi-chan asked Alice to teach her about Golem Magic back then, she didn't just bluntly refuse her, but offered her an alternative instead, and lately, she even seems to be starting to trust Lilia-san to a certain extent.

Well, anyway, I'm sure Alice will get along with Mom and Dad as time passes, so there isn't a problem in that regard at all.

……The problem was with Fate-san. Fate-san was probably trying to step up for my sake, but she hasn't really been successful. I told Mom and Dad about this too, and they both said that they would also like to be friends with Fate-san if they could.

Fate-san and my parents, mediating their relationship…… I know I should step in here and support them but…… I can't think of a way to do that.

Hmmm, it would be great if the three of them get along if possible, but I don't know if there's anything I can do……

Unnn, that's right. If I just think about this by myself, I may not get a good answer. This is where I should consult other people's opinions.

Thinking of consulting someone, I slowly got up and walked out of the room.

The first people I approached were Eta and Theta, who I happened to meet while they were cleaning.

[I see…… Would this be settled if they "talked with their fists"]

[I think so too…… desu. You can get along with anyone after exchanging fists…… desu.]


I completely forgot, these two used to be War King's subordinates…… members of a group filled with muscleheads. Even the method they proposed feels like it was straight out of a shonen manga.

Speaking of which, whenever they had a disagreement, they would start fighting…… Even though they look different from Megiddo-san's other subordinates, the both of them might be muscleheads too.

Telling Eta and Theta that "I'll use their answers for reference", I walked around the mansion again…… and saw Luna-san leaning against the wall of her hallway, crossing her arms in a strange pose.

Seeing her like that, I ignored her without hesitation and continued down the hallway.

[W- Wait right there, Miyama-sama! Why are you ignoring me!]

[No, I just had a hunch…… So, what do you want]

When Luna-san flusteredly stopped me on my tracks, I responded to her with a slightly astounded expression on my face. Thereupon, Luna-san smiled, pointed at me and declared.

[I've heard the story! I have a great ide———–]

[No, thank you.]


[No, well, I don't think I'd get any constructive feedback from you……]

[Aren't you being too harsh with me lately, Miyama-sama!]

To be honest, I can't really expect much from this person, but even so, there may be a one in a billion chance that she will give a valid opinion.

[……Okay, let me ask you then. What kind of method do you have in mind]

[I suggest doing the historical game of fellowship, passed down from another world, "KIIIIIIIING'S GAAAAAAME"!!!]

[Thank you for your response.]

[Wait, Miyama-sama!]

I just wasted a lot of time. As I realized this, I left Luna-san, who still seems to have something to say, to her own devices and continued on my way.

I then went out into the garden to ask Sieg-san for advice…… For some reason, various acquaintances appeared one after another. Perhaps, no, this definitely is Alice's handiwork.

I'm grateful that she called for more people I could consult with, but I hope she chose the right people.

[Ohh, Kaito! I heard about it! You can count on me!!!]

[……Go home, musclehead.]

The first thing I did was to turn away the gorilla, whose idea I could imagine even without hearing what he had to say……

[Miyama-sama! Incompetent this Pandora may be, I'd like to help Miyama-sama……]

[Go home, pervert.]


The pervert tried saying something with bloodshot eyes, but I had brilliantly avoided her……

[……I heard…… Kaito is in trouble…… so I've come……]

[I- Isis-san Errr, do you have some good idea to……]

[……No…… I don't have any good idea…… rather…… if there's a way to get closer with others…… I'd like to know about that too…… but I heard that Kaito is in trouble…… so I've come.]

[I- I see…… Thank you. It makes me really happy.]

I've been healed by an archangel who came to help me even though this matter is something she isn't good with……

[You need not be anxious, my child. You can count on Mother…… If I just beat up that disrespectful lump of flesh to 90% dead, she should listen to you.]

[Wait, Eden-san! Stoooooooop!!! Kuroooooo!!! Come quickly!!!]

With Kuro's help, I managed to stop the Yandere God who went on a rampage just after she appeared…… and before I knew it, the sun had completely set.

What is this, not only did I not have any good idea, I'm even extremely tired…… Isis-san's appearance healed me, but Eden-san brought a greater burden on my mind, so I was very tired mentally.

[……Master What's the matter You look tired……]

[……Anima, help me.]

[Huh Ah, yes! If you're alright with me, I'll do everything in my power to help you, Master!]

At that moment, Anima came back from her trip…… and her presence really refreshed my mind. Anima seems to have grown a lot lately, so if I ask her about this matter, she might be able to give me a good answer.

I don't know if she's happy that I'm relying on her or not, but looking happy, Anima vigorously nodded her head…… She was supposed to be a Bear beastman, but looking at her like this feels like I'm looking at a happy puppy wagging its tail.

: [As a starting premise, Anima-san's Affection Meters in Kaito-san's eyes are quite high, isn't it In the past, she was quite the dynamite, but around the Six King Festival, she had relatively mellowed out.]

Serious-senpai : [I got the feeling that he realized Anima's feelings before Anima herself did, and if there was a chance, I thought they would get togeth…… This is depressing.]-

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