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Chapter 1179 - Bonds Deepened at the Tea Party ②

After I had fun conversing with Camellia-san and Rosemary-san, I tried heading for Lillywood-san with the card Camellia-san gave me.

However, as I was heading for the entrance of the venue, I heard an excessively cheerful voice call out to me.

[Master! Master!]


It was Blossom-san. Looking in the direction of her voice, I saw her at a nearby table, looking extremely happy as she waved her hands at me.

How should I say this…… She feels like a big dog wagging its tail upon seeing its master…… Also, just as usual, her voice is very loud.

I have this indescribable feeling at the attention that had gathered because of her loud mouth, but it would be rude to ignore her here, so I walked to the table where Blossom-san was, and at the same table I also saw Lillie-san.

Blossom-san tried to vigorously get up from her chair when I came near the table, but just before she did, Lillie-san quietly spoke.


[! Ah, yes…… Im sitting quietly.]

Although she had only called her name, Blossom-sans shoulders jerked. She then stopped trying to stand up and sat back down in her seat.

I could somehow see the power relationship between the two of them, and it seemed as if Blossom-san couldnt stand against Lillie-san.

[Lillie-san, Blossom-san, hello.]

[Hello, Miyama Kaito-san. Just as back in the Harmonic Symphony, its a pleasure to meet you here.]

[Good day, Master! What a wonderful coincidence to run into each other like this in such a large venue!!! This must be the result of the strong bond between Master and I!!!]

[……Blossom, tone down your voice a bit.]

[Ah, yes. Please excuse me.]

It really was as I thought. Blossom-san tends not to listen to others when her tension is high, but it doesnt feel that way when shes dealing with Lillie-san.

I mean, what kind of relationship do they have that Lillie-san can make the excitable Blossom-san quiet with a single word

As I was thinking about this, Lillie-san, looking as if she had read my surface thoughts and sensed what I was thinking, spoke with a slight smile on her face.

[The answer to Miyama Kaito-sans question is simple. I have been instructing Blossom-san since shortly after she had materialized as a Spirit. In a manner of speaking, we have a relationship that can best be described as that of master and apprentice.]

[I see……]

Blossom-san seemed like the athletic-type, so I guess thats why she was obedient to her master Lillie-san huh

[Yes, Lillie-sama has given me a lot of useful guidance. Sometimes gently, sometimes strictly, sometimes very strictly, sometimes unreasonably strictly……]


Ah, that wasnt it. It seems that she was obedient to Lillie-sans words more due to fear.

At any rate, since she emphasized the word “strictly” three times, she must have been having a rough time.

However, I was a little surprised. I thought Lillie-san seemed rather gentle, but she might actually be a spartan teacher.

As I was thinking this, Lillie-san spoke as she let out a sigh.

[No, as for me, I did want to teach her gently, and I did teach her that way in the beginning. However, Blossom-san had the tendency to be very conceited and get carried away, so it was inevitable that I had to teach her more and more strictly.]

[……Ahh, I see.]

Her words were very convincing. Blossom-san certainly does make a tremendous subjective impression, and when her tension is high, she doesnt listen to others and seems to get carried away easily.

Shes basically an optimist, a forward-thinking person, and if those around her dont act as her brake, shes the type that would keep on charging forward.

[At any rate, its no exaggeration to say that I am the person I am today thanks to Lillie-samas guidance, so even though she was strict, it was wonderful guidance that made me feel her affection!]

[……Unfortunately, I couldnt correct her personality. It seems like being too positive is also puzzling.]

Seeing Blossom-san, her trembling from a few minutes ago completely gone, clenching her fist in a tight grip as if somewhat overcome with emotion, Lillie-san let out a sigh, looking somewhat astounded.

But well, I personally know someone who was more optimistic than Blossom-san.

[……Even more than Blossom-san, who in the world could that be]

[Its Tre-san from Kuros place.]

[Fumu, I know of her name, but I havent talked to her myself.]

[That persons quite the amazing one too.]

I mean, Im feeling kinda doubtful if Tre-san even thought of anything negative. After all, even though Tre-san is also strictly scolded by Ein-san and Zwei-san…… Not only did she not feel afraid of the two of them, it didnt feel like she learned her lesson at all.

Well, that bottomless optimism can also be said to be Tre-sans charm, so generally speaking, I cant really say that part of her is a bad thing……

~ ~ Extra : Stories Passed Down in the Demon Realm ~ ~

【Dark Forests Monster】

The Dark Forest is a very frightening place, where hungry monsters, Confusion Trees, Magic-eating Flowers, and all manner of things lure those who wander into it to their deaths.

Once you enter the Dark Forest, its difficult to escape on your own. The fog created by the Confusion Trees will soon make it impossible for one to know which way is left or right.

The fate that awaits you is either to be eaten by a ferocious monster or to have your magic power siphoned away by the forests dreadful vegetation……

However, if you are lost in the Dark Forest, but still desire to live…… Risky it may be, shout loudly for help.

Call out for help so desperately that your voice dies.

If you are lucky, a huge Lamia will appear before you, and if you tell the Lamia that you are lost, it will take you to the entrance of the forest.

However, you must never become friends with this Lamia.

No matter what question the Lamia asks you, you must always answer with “I can never get along with you” or “I will never be friends with you”.

If you do not abide by these words and become friends with the Lamia, at that moment, that Lamia…… will turn into the “Dark Forests most terrifying monster”……

※ This is a story passed down in the Demon Realm to teach people to avoid carelessly approaching the Dark Forest. A different version of this story had also been told in legends about how the Martyr of Death would capture those who were lost in the forest and used as research materials.

※ In reality, they dont touch ordinary people because of Alices teachings.

※ Its because of this story that Caraway and the twins Eta and Theta referred to Tiamat as “Dark Forests Monster”.-

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