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It was the day after Nebula appeared before Kaito as the Spirit of his World Tree. On the first day, things were quite busy since we needed to sort the situation out, but after the night had passed and things had calmed down a little, Kaito decided to verify some things with Nebula.

After greeting him with a smile, Nebula answered Kaito's question.

[……The World Tree has grown bigger, but will this World Tree also bear fruit]

[Fruit, is it Are you talking about this]

Hearing Kaito's words as he looked up at the World Tree that looked different than normal, Nebula extended one of the branches of the World Tree and created a fruit before Kaito's eyes.

Even when her status has been downgraded, Nebula can easily do something like this.

The Fruit of the World Tree created by Nebula was beautiful, looking as if it held the starry sky within it, and receiving it with eyes filled with interest, Kaito spoke.

[……Does this fruit have a different effect than a normal Fruit of the World Tree]

Hearing those words, Nebula's thoughts raced at high speed.

(Effect Well, I could have this fruit have any effect I want though ……In the first place though, I don't know what effect the original Fruit of the World Tree has. The current em doesn't have my Omniscience, so I also can't look into it. Good grief, what an inconvenience this is. But that aside, I can't have Milord———– my manservant waiting.)

Nebula was troubled because she didn't know the effects of the Fruit of the World Tree in the first place, but she gathered her thoughts in a few moments and spoke.

[My apologies, Milord. In the first place, I don't know the effects of the original Fruit of the World Tree……]

[Ahh, I see, sorry about that. Errr, the normal Fruit of the World Tree heals wounds and recovers magic power when eaten.]

Nebula is the type who accepts her current situation, and since she had no way to find out information that she doesn't know without the power of omniscience, she opted to ask someone who does know.

Although she may seem prideful, she is flexible at times like this and is able to admit her faults.

(I see, it's a fruit with recovery effects huh…… I don't really care if this fruit has the same effect as that, but judging from Milord———— my manservant's facial expressions and mouth gestures, he seems to be expecting a different effect. In that case, I must absolutely meet his expectations…… Having the same function of affecting the body and magic power, giving it a different effect……)

Nodding at Kaito's explanation, Nebula bestowed upon the Fruit of the World Tree that she gave to Kaito its effect.

[I see. My Fruit of the World Tree "strengthens the body and magic power for a short time when eaten", so the effect certainly is different from the normal one.]

[Short-term ability enhancement huh, that sounds awesome. Thanks for telling me about it. Is it alright if I ask you for other minor things]

[Yes! If it's something I know, you can ask me!]

After hearing the effects, thinking that he would verify this later, Kaito continued to ask Nebula other questions.

A sudden mutation of the World Tree and the Spirit that dwelled within it, Nebula…… She looked surprised at first, so flabbergasted that she rushed to the scene, but after a night, it seems like Lillywood-san also calmed down to some extent.

It's really fortunate that Nebula was a good and honest girl, obediently cooperating with the verification. I also asked her to make several fruits, and I'll verify their effects later.

According to Kuro and Lillywood-san, Nebula has tremendous talent, so I'm very much looking forward to her future.

At the moment, she can't move far from the World Tree, but according to Lillywood-san, her range of activities will gradually expand as she grows.

If I were to be asked if it was an irregular situation or not, it certainly was quite an irregular one, but I suppose I'll just think that it was peacefully settled this time. While I was brushing Bell though, Nebula approached with a brush in hand.

[Milord, I want to help too.]

[Thank you…… In that case, would you mind brushing the fur on the back of her neck]

[Yes! Leave it to me!]

Nebula, who was clenching her fist and looked as if she was going to do her best, looked very cute and looking at her made me smile.

Moreover, the way she brushed Bell, she's so good that it's hard to believe it was her first time…… I suppose she has a good sense of things like this.

[Bellfreed, lower your head a bit more.]


However, another thing that surprised me a little was the fact that Bell was obediently listening to Nebula's words. This was quite unusual.

The reason why I said this is that Bell is much prouder than Lynn and will not listen to anyone she doesn't like. Moreover, there are only a few people that she's emotionally attached with, which are only Sieg-san, Illness-san, and Alice.

If I tell her to listen to someone's words beforehand, Bell will obey me, but if I don't, the number of people she will obey is very limited.

It seems like she particularly doesn't like to follow the words of those weaker than her, except for me, and she would even sometimes growl at them. When it comes to those who are overwhelmingly superior to her though, she instinctively understands the difference in ability and is rather obedient……


[Ahh, sorry. I was just surprised at how much Nebula's brushing was than I expected.]

[Fufufu, you can rely on me! I'm absolute, so something like this is no problem.]

[I see, I'm counting on you then.]

Seeing Nebula proudly puff out her chest made me smile again, and I gently reached out to pet her head.

Nebula looked surprised for a moment, but immediately afterwards, she happily smiled.

Serious-senpai : [How should I say this…… In a way, it's kinda new…… It's interesting to see how the character looks completely different when seen from the perspective of the person herself and from Kaito's perspective.]-

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