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After a brief chat, Frea-san nodded once before going down to the real issue at hand.

[……Now then, I'll now take you to the site, and I will carry you there. However, I can't speak normally in my dragon form, so if you have any questions, I'll ask them now.]

[No, I don't have any questions……]

Glancing at Lilia-san as I said this, she only shook her head, saying she had no questions. Seeing this, Frea-san nodded once before uncrossing her arms.

[Well then, we'll depart now. You can ride on my back.]

At the same time as I said this, Frea-san's body seemed to glow and she turned into her dragon form. Her scales as red as flames, scars could be seen showing that she had fought many battles, and her arms had become one with her wings.

Except for the color, she looked like a larger version of the wyverns I've seen before, but she had a different level of power and the aura of a powerful person.

As I felt overwhelmed, feeling as if I could see flames burning behind her, I suddenly heard Frea-san's voice echoing in my head.

(If it's just the two of them, it should be a problem for my size.)

[Ahh, that's right. If it's just Lilia-san and I, we can ride behind your back.]

(……Mhmm My comrade, you…… understood what I said)

[Eh Errr, your voice resounded in my head…… so isn't it that you were talking to me through telepathy]

For some reason, Frea-san sounded confused, so tilting my head, I turned towards Lilia-san, who only shook her head in response.

It seems that I'm the only one who can hear Frea-san's voice right now, and Lilia-san can't. And from the way Frea-san reacted, it doesn't seem like she's talking directly into my mind like Shiro-san did.

(……As of now, I'm speaking through a magic wavelength. If I had to describe it, it's a means of communication that many dragons and monsters use.)

[If that's what I had been hearing, could it be because of my Sympathy Magic]

(No, you can certainly hear it…… The magic wavelength…… but you can "recognize it as a language", can't you If you only perceive it with your magic, you would have only perceived it as magic power. Since you recognize it as a language, I think there's some other power you have that's in effect here.)

[……Other power…… Shiro-san's Blessing, perhaps]

Even if I read it with my Sympathy Magic, since I'm neither a dragon or a monster, I shouldn't have been able to recognize it as a language and only hear it exactly as magic wavelengths.

If it wasn't my Sympathy Magic though, the only other thing I could think of was Shiro-san's Blessing. There are still many aspects of Shiro-san's blessing that I don't understand, but it seems to be a Blessing containing a superior version of all Gods Blessings. Thus, if one of the Gods has a Blessing that allows us to recognize magic wavelengths as language……

And I've had other similar experiences with this, more specifically, it's regarding Bell and Lynn.

I could understand what Bell and Lynn were trying to say to a certain extent, and until now, I thought it was because I was reading their emotions through Sympathy Magic…… but thinking about it again, some areas were rather unusual.

More specifically, it's the difference in how Bell and Lynn understand each other.

The emotions I could feel from Bell were rather rough. Most of them were simple things like being happy, liking this, disliking that, and other stuff like that, but I was able to guess what Lynn wanted to say to some extent.

For example, I felt her telling me she wanted a Fruit of the World Tree, to leave things to her, and asking me to praise her later. Perhaps, I had been reading the magic wavelengths.

I think that's the reason why there was a difference in the way of communication between Bell, who is still a baby, and Lynn, who is a child, but older than Bell.

It might be a good idea to verify this again another time. Hopefully, it will be easier to communicate with the two of them than before.

(……I see, it may have been the effect of the God of Thoughts' Blessing or perhaps, a combination of the Blessings of different Gods. However, you could say that this is fortuitous. I'm glad to hear that I can communicate with you even in this form.)

[Well, being able to do this certainly isn't a problem.]

(Umu…… Ahh, I digress. Once again, I'm going to head to the venue now.)

After Frea-san bent down while saying that, I rode on her back with Lilia-san. Lilia-san can't hear Frea-san's voice at the moment, so I have to convey Frea-san's voice for her…… but more than that, it seemed like Lilia-san was so moved by the fact that was riding on Frea-san's back.

She seemed to be trying her best to remain calm, but she couldn't hide her happiness, or rather, she looked deeply moved.

How should I say this…… I invited Lilia-san on a whim, but she seemed to be having more fun than I expected, so I'm really glad that I invited her.

As I have been causing her a lot of trouble on a daily basis, I want her to enjoy herself to the fullest on this occasion.

Serious-senpai : [This is the foreshadowing that the Author has been putting up for quite some time but hasn't been able to recover, right When the Healing Breath was mentioned, it seems like Kaito only recognized Lynn's cries as something like words.]

: [Well, Bell has grown up over the past two years, so it wouldn't be surprising if she's able to communicate with Kaito-san just like Lynn back then. Behemoths possess great talents, but mature late, so their growth rate is rather slow.]-

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