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After Alice gave a brief explanation and disappeared, I took a quick look around. I'm pretty sure that Kuro has sent word to Funf-san, and we've agreed to meet in front of Kuro's gate…… but I can't see anyone who seemed like they'd be Funf-san.

[……It's almost time for the appointment, isn't it]

[Yes. I feel bad to keep her waiting so long, so it's time we……]

[However, it seems like Funf-san hasn't arrived yet huh.]



Hearing my words, Sieg-san tilted her head, really looking like she was wondering what I meant, but it seems like she realized something soon.

[That's right, isn't it Kaito-san hasn't met Funf-sama before. Funf-sama has been here since a while ago. She's waiting for us to finish our conversation.]

[……Errr…… All I see is a gate and that humongous armor though.]

In the direction that Sieg-san pointed, all I could see was the gate of Kuro's house…… and that humongous armor-like object in front of it.

Even so, that humongous armor really is quite intense. It's definitely over 20 meters, looking like a giant robot.

[Even among the Count-ranks, Funf-san is one of the most powerful ones, and being one of the Six Kings' executives, she has a variety of nicknames…… but she was most famous for being the "Portcullis' Giant Soldier".]

[……Which means]

[That giant armor over there is Funf-sama.]

……I see, that giant armor wasn't just there as decoration, but Funf-san huh…… Arehh But if that's the case, I think that that giant armor was there when I arrived at Kuro's home last time too…… and I think Kuro said Funf-san was outside when I came to visit…… Arehh

As I was feeling a little confused, the huge armor that had been immobile until then started walking towards us, each of its steps making a loud sound.

W- What an amazing intensity. But why did it start moving now…… Ahh, it's because it's time for our appointment huh.

Just like that, the giant armor moved to a stop just in front of us. Immediately after, the 20-meter tall armor collapsed into pieces, turning into magic particles before falling to the ground.

Then, when the huge armor completely disappeared…… In its place stands a woman. It was a woman so small in comparison to the armor she was wearing, having the average height for a woman, not even reaching 160cm. A girl with short pink hair and dark brown eyes…… and a tight-fitting bodysuit that clearly shows off her excellent proportions…… Is she Funf-san

[We have been expecting your arrival, Miyama Kaito-sama, Sieglinde-sama. I've heard about you from Kuromu-sama. Nice to meet you, I'm Funf, the gatekeeper of Kuromu-sama's castle. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.]

[Ah, y- yes. I'm Miyama Kaito. It's also a pleasure to make your acquaintance.]

[I'm Sieglinde. It's an honor to meet you.]

With movement as refined as a knight's, Funf-san bowed her head with her hand on her chest. Seeing her greet me like that, I couldn't help but straighten my posture and returned her greeting.

Thereupon, Funf-san stared at me for a moment…… and smiled.

[Well, that should be enough for the formal greetings, right I've heard from Kuromu-sama that it's better if I talk to you in a relaxed manner, but is this tone of voice alright]

[Ah, yes. Of course.]

[Kaito and Sieglinde it is then. I'm glad that I could meet you. Ah, it's alright if you also talk with me casually.]

I'm glad…… How should I say this…… Just from talking with her for a bit, I could tell that she was a kind person. She also had this dependable aura around her…… wait, arehh The color of her hair…… "It changed from pink to blonde"

[……Arehh Funf-san, your hair became blonde]

[Unnn My hair…… Hmmm, could it be that it was pink-colored earlier]


[I see, ahaha. I guess I had been rather nervous earlier huh.]

Saying that, Funf-san wryly smiled, but Sieg-san and I only exchanged glances and tilted our heads. Thereupon, perhaps sensing our doubts, Funf-san explained with a bright smile on her lips.

[Have you two seen Megiddo-san's hair change color]

[We had.]

[I have the same constitution as Megiddo-san. When I'm in battle, or rather, when my body is clad with a lot of magic power, my hair changes color to pink. My hair had originally been blonde.]

[……I see.]

As she explains, Funf-san showed us her hair color actually changing from blonde to pink.

I don't really understand stuff about constitutions, but indeed, when Megiddo-san wants to battle, or if he's angry or excited, his mane would turn black.

It seems like her hair color changes depending on her mental situation and magic power.

[Incidentally, by changing my hair color like this……]

[By changing it]

[Other than color, it doesn't change anything~~]

[……Is that so]

[Unnn, on the contrary, they would know that I'm in a battle stance. Well, it's not that big of a demerit though.]

……She sure is very easy to talk to. She basically had a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, and the tempo of conversation easily advanced.

I think comparing them in itself is rude but…… She's several times easier to talk to than the Ten Demons.

Serious-senpai : [……It's not too late to stop the date, right How about we just finish things up with the monologue "we had a good time sightseeing" You see, it's hard to keep the story going with a date in between……]

: [Author-san's updating daily lately, so I guess it shouldn't be a problem]

Serious-senpai : [D*mn it! I thought for sure they'd go back to a weekly pace or something halfway through, but they've totally become used to it and updated like that for a month straight!]-

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