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As I hugged Eden-san, I felt my heart pounding for a reason different from before. The conclusion of this strategy that could be described as all or nothing is……

[……Fufu, my child has become quite spoiled today, aren't you However, seeing my child relying on me like this makes me very happy.]

[……E- Eden-san]

[Unnn What's the matter, my child]

Hearing her voice that doesn't hold any trace of darkness in it, I inwardly raised my knuckles up to the skies. Yes, I had won the bet…… and was able to draw out the really gentle Eden-san that shows up sometimes.

Now, I will be able to stay safe and sound until the end of the trip, which is "tomorrow noon".

Relieved, I slowly pulled myself away from Eden-san and called out to her.

[I'm sorry for getting a little carried away.]

[I don't mind. If you're pleased with my embrace, I would also be happy for you. I had thought it was too much to build a planet but…… seeing you smile like that makes me happy that I did such a thing.]

O- Ohhh…… Amazing! In this state, not only her personality, but even her sense of values has become sensible. I'm really glad…… With her like this, I would also be able to enjoy this trip.

[Well then, how about we get started and head to the beach]

[Ahh, you're right. It's only "10:00 am", and it's too early for lunch.]

[Yes, that's right…… At 12:00 noon, we'll come back here and have lunch.]

Seeing the gentle smile Eden-san was giving me, my heart couldn't help but skip a beat. Eden-san's personality usually is quite intense that it's easy for me to forget that she's a God, and her appearance looks so perfect that it's too unrealistic.

The innocent smile on her face, combined with the feathers on her back, gave her the appearance of an angel. Feeling slightly embarrassed and anticipating the future, I headed to the beach with Eden-san.

Unlike when I'm hanging out with her when she's like usual, this moment I spend with the harmless Eden-san was far more enjoyable than I had expected.

[……Oya What's the matter, my child]

[Ahh, no, ummm…… Your swimsuit looks great on you.]

[Fufu, thank you. You also look charming. I see that you're exercising a lot and living healthily…… As your mother, seeing you grow well makes me smile.]

[T- Thank you.]

[Since we're on a beach, it would be great if we could try out all sorts of beach activities, don't you think I can provide the necessary equipment, but my child, do you have something you'd like]

[Ahh, errr……]

Conversing with Eden-san, who wore a black swimsuit that somewhat gave her an adult vibe, I felt my heart beating fast, and thanks to Eden-san's quick preparation of the necessary tools, we were able to play various games.

Unlike that time I went to the beach with Shiro-san, Eden-san seemed to be taking it easy on me and I was also able to play as normal.

[……Eden-san, are you fine with this much]

[Yes, you did great. Well then, let's lightly fry that one.]

[Yes…… Even so, it's kind of refreshing to see Eden-san cooking.]

[I guess it really would be. If I want to, I can certainly create a finished dish…… but that would be a bit bland, don't you think]

[I guess that's true.]

[The care you took in making it isn't insignificant. Even though they are the same dish, the fact that we took the time and effort to make it ourselves may enhance the taste of food.]

[I see.]

When lunchtime came, Eden-san suggested that we cook together. Eden-san seemed to be a good cook, and seeing her instruct me in cooking while wearing an apron, I could somehow feel motherliness overflowing from her.

[……Also, as a mother, I want to serve my own homemade dishes to my children. Well, since my child is helping me like this, I guess I can't exactly say that this is my own homemade dish.]

Hearing Eden-san say that with an impish giggle, I thought that she was kind of cute.

[……It's a very beautiful starry sky, isn't it]

[This night sky is made to look like the one on Earth. You can even see the constellations you saw back in Japan.]

[Heehhh…… I'm not really into constellations and stuff like that, but there's quite a few of them, right]

[Yes, my children had quite an abundant imagination. For example……]

As Eden-san lightly moved her finger, the starry sky changed slightly and a line connected two stars.

[That's the constellation Canis Minor. It's a winter constellation, but it's quite the interesting one.]

[It's…… only made up of two stars]

[Yes, it apparently looked like the head and torso of a dog.]

When Eden-san said that, a picture of a dog emerged around the two stars. H- Hmmm, how should I say this…… I think it's a bit of a stretch…… No, perhaps, it's just that the imagination of the people of the past was so great that they could see a dog from just those two stars.

[Incidentally, this constellation is called Coma Berenices.]

[Errr, those three stars]

[Those three are just the brightest, as it's actually a cluster of many stars that looked like a lock of hair.]

[It has a lot more stars than the dog huh.]

[Yes. Interesting, isn't it]


After that, Eden-san continued to teach me about various constellations, explaining to me their origins.

The next day, after having breakfast with Eden-san, we walked side by side along the beach, trying to relax until 12:00 noon, when we were to return home.

Somehow, the two-day, one-night trip was so much fun that I felt a little sad to see it end.

I guess that was probably because Eden-san was in her gentle mode. It's not that I don't like the usual Eden-san that much, but I can't help but wish that she was always like this…… though I guess it can't be helped.

However, such a peaceful time came to an abrupt end.

[……Ahhhh…… How preciouuuuus, my beloved chiiiiiiild.]

Sounding more childish than usual…… A voice filled with "more insanity than usual" had called out……

※1 The duration of Holy Mother mode is "24 Hours".

※2 It was said that it was her original personality, but even though she had a decent one when she's with her friend, Alice, it wasn't mentioned how her original personality when she was with her beloved child (Kaito) is decent. Rather, her original personality was actually a dangerous one.

Serious-senpai : [Scary! Especially that last line, isn't that straight out of horror movies!]-

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